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  • Cheetahwind had been running, trying to Catch a hare. He had stumbled but rushed to get up again. His leg looked awfully twisted but he inspected the leg carefully and put it back into Place with a Quick motion. Cheetah was unable to feel pain. He knew the leg was broken but he just had to get that cocky Little hare that had dared to show up in his face without an invite. He started running again and finally catched up to the hare and killed in in a Swift bite. His leg had twisted back and he sighed. Stop twisting you Little shit of a leg! He tried to force it by raw willpower to repair itself but gave up. He limped his way back to the camp, last time he had gotten some nasty comments from the medicine cat from Walking on it the way back.

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    Played by Silverhawk

  • "oh no, you should really relax.." like father like daughter, yeah? the apprentice frowned with concern as she watched the warrior limp into camp, leg looking like a twisted tree branch. bluepaw gazed at it, becoming a bit nervous. it was not a pretty sight.

  • "Do you need help? I could carry you if you want...", the maine coon meowed, obviously with a loud voice. He tilted his head slightly as he watched the warrior limp into camp. That paw didn't look good at all, and it was a miracle he didn't show any emotion that went with pain. Did he not feel pain? It had to be, or the guy had an incredible pain limit. Either way, he would have to go and see the medicine cat, whose name he had (once again) forgotten. "I think we need some help over here!"

    Bearstorm yelling, that could ony end with painful ears. But at least Bumblefoot would hear him.

  • bumblefoot ○ ○ ○

    He should start using Bearstorm as a personal megaphone to yell at his patients, Bumblefoot thought as he nudges his way out of the nursery after helping some squealing kits.

    Immediately his eyes landed on the nastily twisted leg of Cheetahwind. "Again!?" He yowls in frustration, grabbing some bindweed from his den and trotting towards the group. His daughter had already arrived, and he appreciated her attempts to get his returning patient to relax.

    The amount of times Bumblefoot had had to stop Cheetahwind going somewhere because he'd managed to get hurt again, was reaching a concerning number. But he never seemed affected by it. "My favorite regular. Right, you know the drill. Lie down, I'll get this sorted for you."

  • Cheetah just smirked with a half bored half amused expression. He shaked his twisted Paw and tried to put it back into Place again, his expression was still bored like he didnt really care. "Im fine honestly, just a twisted Paw... Or broken?" He nosed at the Paw. "Yeah, I Think its broken." He sighed and flattened his hears, now he would be stuck in camp for no other reason that his Paw was twisted. He didnt even feel the pain! He rolled iwht his Eyes but limped towards the medicine den where Bumblefoot hopefully was.

    Cheetahwind laughed quietly. It wasnt fun to get his leg broken or healed but Bumblefoot sure was amusing. "Why hello there Bumblefoot, what brings you here with such hurry?" He couldnt help but poke Bumble with this comment but laid down to get his Paw sorted out. The good thing with his... Condition?, was that he didnt need poppy seeds or anything.

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    Played by Silverhawk

  • "That doesn't look too good." Cedarpaw commented, green eyes on Cheetahwind, trying to ignore Bearstorm's screeching in the background. He honestly found it fascinating how Cheetahwind didn't seem to notice how messed up his leg was, making it seem as if he didn't even feel the pain. Cedarpaw didn't know if that was creepy or cool. "Just let Bumblefoot work his magic, then I'm sure he'll be satisfied." Cedarpaw said, licking one paw and drawing it over his ears.



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  • bumblefoot ○ ○ ○

    "Well, there's this certain tom that keeps breaking his leg." Bumblefoot sasses the tom, without any heat behind his words, glad that Cheetahwind was not fading out of pain like some of his patients would. It was better for them to be awake. He sensed Cedarpaw appear behind him, making smart comments and felt a bristle of aggitation fire up his spine.

    This was the tom that Bluepaw had told him was hanging around Paperpaw. He'd already heard word that the tom could be unfairly harsh, but he could deal with that emotion later. Patients came first. "Brace." He ordered Cheetahwind needlessly, using his paws and jaw to make a mock-sling for the tom. "Alright. I always give you these instructions - that you ignore - but, keep resting it and only gentle exercises."

  • Bearstorm watched the scene with interest, curious as to see that the cat didn't need anything at all to ease the pain. He guessed he really didn't feel anything, which was interesting... but also worrying. That also meant he could die from an injury he didn't even knew existed, right? What if he had an internal bleeding or something? Oh well, he guessed that Bumblefoot had everything under control, and surely there were other symptoms besides pain that would be noticeable if anything bad happened.

  • Cheetah just snorted and flicked a bit with his tail. "Atleast I have the wonderful Company of Bumblefoot here. Bumblefoot the magician who cant fix my broken nerves." He thought for a moment and added a more serious comment. "But I dont know if I want him to either..." Cheetahwind had been born without any trace of pain or temperature. Everything was just Always okay, hows the weather? Are you Cold? His only answer had Always been 'Okay...'. But now he liked to joke about it. His mama noticed one day that he had twisted his Paw for the first time and he thought the Paw was all right and she was amazed that he didnt feel anything. He had felt weird at the moment because he thought everyone was like him but he learned that his condition could be a strength and a weakness to him and that he should be careful. He ignerd her and everyone else as Always, like he had Always done. You tell him that he was a cheeky arrogant bastard and he'd totally say Of course! and then shrug and walk away. "I Think I'll try and go gentle this time," He said like he Always did but never ended up doing it. Always rushing off to do Another dangerous activity, you could say he was addicted to the feeling of getting hurt even though it not hurt. He liked the adventure and the boost it gave him and his heartbeat.

    CheetahWind was completely reckless with himself.

    Female * (I tend to forget .-.)

    Played by Silverhawk

  • ☄ ----~ //you should make Cheetah gender-fluid or nonbinary! That way if you mess up with the pronouns, it'll still work cus the kiddo would switch or not care ?

    "Bearstorm, have I ever told you that your louder than a broken monster?" Zephyrbee sighed, padding into camp and dropping a small, skinny hare on the prey pile. He hadn't been far from camp when he heard Bearstorm's howling. Seriously, the guy had some impressive lungs! Wonder why he didn't become a Riverclanner.

    Coming over to sit beside the large maine coon, the lanky windclanner asked, "So whats going on?" he spotted a flash of tell-tell ginger inside the den and sighed, "Did Cheetahwind break something again?" The tabby was notorious in Windclan for his lack of sensitivity to touch and pain. More often than not she returned to camp with a rabbit and a twisted jaw and still managed to smile.

    Zeph would be lying if he said he didn't envy Cheetah's ability to not feel anything. Imagine how many fights Zeph could win if he didn't feel his opponent's blows? Or how long he could run after prey if he didn't have to worry about his paws burning? He'd be more efficient than ever!

  • [ love it when I fall for that ]

    "Doesn't that hurt?" The soft voice of Daisykit would pipe up, her eyes wide with shock as she watched the scene unfold. Cheetahwind had just broken his paw, and he didn't even seem to care. It was startling.


    [ windclan - 3 months - suffers from anxiety; insomnia; and mild anorexia ]

  • bumblefoot ○ ○ ○

    "Go gentle on it, she says." Bumblefoot mocks with humour, "Then she comes back the next day with another twisted leg." While it was humorous to see some of Cheetahwinds' injuries, he was getting concerned about how many herbs and bind weed he had used on the clan-mate. He didn't want to freak any of the clan mates out - he'd go and hunt for some more in the dried up moors later.

    Catching Zephs' interested look at Cheetahwinds' lack of reaction to the pain, Bumblefoot snorts and nudges his shoulder lightly to get his attention. "Nu-uh mister! I don't know how Cheetah does it but I certainly don't need to chase you around more than I already do!" He gave the workaholic warrior a warm, but warning, smile before turning to Daisykit.

    "Cheetahwind is .... she reacts differently to pain. These injuries would hurt the average cat a lot, and it causes the same damage on Cheetahwind. We just need to keep a closer eye on her - she's like a clumsy apprentice sometimes!"

  • "I don't think you ever did, Zephyrbee", he replied calmly, not really sure if it had been meant as a simple remark or some sort of insult. Deciding to go with the former, he simply decided not to push it. He wasn't one for fights anyway. As for Cheetah, he pretty much only saw the negative points. How could you win a fight if you could fall dead any second? Pushing those horrifying thoughts away, the warrior silently listened to Bumblefoot's explanation. "Any idea what caused this?", he was genuinely interested, as he wanted to know whether something had happened to the femme or if she had been born with it. Maybe it was some kind of disease that would have other effects as one grew older?

  • bumblefoot ○ ○ ○

    Bumblefoot pondered on Bearstorms' question, tail swishing side to side, making some final adjustments to the femmes 'sling'. "As a warrior, I notice on patrols she could go loner without complaint of aching but ... as far as I know, it's always been this way."

  • CheetahWind snorted. "Yes, I did break my leg but I got this Bunny!" She nodded towards the hare beside her. "But stop talking about me like im not here! And yes, I was born with it but at first I thought everyone was like me." The cheetoh was Young for being a warrior, merely 10 months, but she had shown great promise as an apprentice. She still has a lot to learn and her recklesness needed to be dealt with Before she got hur- ahem - more hurt. She grumbled quietly for herself as she laid still with her bad leg carefully away from her body.

    Female * (I tend to forget .-.)

    Played by Silverhawk