MY BABY DON'T MESS AROUND ++ open, murder

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  • The night sky floated above with the orbiting moon glowing on the territory. It's glow lit up the path in front of the might beast before the Bengal. He was minnow compared to the shark before him. Fragilepast was no match. His experience with any sort of violence was limited ever since he'd been revived from death, so no significant skill gap would fill the void. Even Hell hadn't prepared him for this.

    The panther spoke. "Who dares to step in my way?" His deep and airy voiced boomed across the territory. It remained quiet. With a snarl, the panther lowered their head in front of Fragilepast's face with a narrowed gaze. "I said 'WHO DARES TO STEP IN MY PATH?'" Slobber rolled down the maw of the stranger and every word released more spit. But once again, it stayed silent.

    "I sai-" "Yes, we get it," the Bengal moaned with an eye roll. This fool needed some class to his horrific act. After all, he was the trespasser. Most people would be angry if someone crossed their border, not the other way around.

    "BASTARD," the stranger yelled, his eyes flashing jet black. The big cat slashed at Fragilepast's face. He fell to the grass with his eye cut open and his face pouring blood. Hastily, blood entered his mouth. He spat blood at the panther's paw in response. "You're a class act, darling," the Bengal hissed. A cocky smirk donned his face and his head crooked to the side. "But you're not me."

    Fragilepast's eyes flashed crimson back. The panther backed off with his eyes sprawled open. "You're the king of hell?" he hissed with a loud cackle. "Who knew they were such a pussy." Quite literally and figuratively. With a swipe of the panther's paw, Fragilepast's skull was bashed into pieces. The bright red smoke of his soul floated off into the air.

    But he wouldn't give up. There was no way in hell he would go back to being dead.

    The soul rushed into the panther's body and took possession. The other soul rushed out of the vessel's mouth in a puff of black smoke, hinting that the feline was a demon. Fragilepast looked up as the soul rushed off to find another body and gave an angry huff. This body would do until he found another. Black suited him. Plus it had some sweet ram horns and bat wings like his old tiger body.

    "I killed myself," he whispered with a smirk. Technically, he didn't, but if anyone approached with an aura power, it would look exactly like that. Otherwise, it would look like the panther had killed 'him'.

    ooc: yeet bitch

    still a murder tho

    rip bengal body

    this is basically something to throw my muse into and make an open thread of finding his new body

    i rushed a bit because i had to leave so if there's an error, hmu


    So much for this place being oh so peaceful. The sickening crunch of bone lead Santiago cautiously to the scene of the crime, his jaw tightening as still warm blood coated his paw-pads. He could see a hulking figure through the thick vegetation that crowded their territory, one far larger than he could take on his own, and a lump on the ground. The mutt glanced over his shoulder for any sign of another one of his clanmates, but eventually knew no one would come in ample time. A growl emitted from him as he stepped forward, keeping his distance. "Who are you?"

    Tags (8/1) + Plot + Played by Gadreel

    ( Command me to be well )


    The panther might as play along. He knew what they'd expect and it'd be fun to mess with their heads for a bit. Fragilepast would start to imitate the demon. "Who am I? Who dares to step in my way?" he shot back with his fangs bared and his eyes flashing back into their natural crimson color. So much for seeming 'normal' in Thunderclan... It was a hoot to flash back to the old days though. The demon panther definitely reminded himself of his old self, minus the lack of class and planning.

    Then his mood dropped with his face drooping into a grumpy frown. "I kid, darling. I'm the dead one." Fragilepast gestured towards body with his paw. "Short explanation of what happened: panther-demon didn't like my attitude and killed my body, so I took his. An eye for an eye." Now that he thought of it, he should of poked out the panther's eye... but thank god he didn't. Having vision was better than having a dope eye patch.

  • The game of life is hard to play

    I'm gonna lose it anyway

    The losing card I'll someday lay

    Soap moved forward, growling at the quote. Even though it was Fragilepast who did this, he didn't like that. Even if he didn't have to wear an eyepatch."An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." He warned, standing near Santiago.


  • The rest of the quote was not a mystery to Fragilepast. He knew the risk.

    "Very true,"

    he inquired,

    "but 'I'm' the victim."

    Once again be gestured towards the body. The demon was very much alive, unlike the Bengal's body. A nice slit to the throat would of been pleasing but this whole 'second chances' thing had him tied up. There was no need to make another mistake withinin Thunderclan's borders. He's done that too often.

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  • -------------------------------------------------
    ♦ - What's love? What's love without someone to love?

    She overheard her clanmate's conversation and walked over,

    curious. So, his body was killed. She had experienced that a lot, it sucked

    but all that mattered was that his soul was still here. "Well, atleast you're

    alive." she spoke, looking towards the corpse and then to him.

    Tags + TC & RC + 1 1/2 years

    - J’ai cherché un sens à mon existence

    J’y ai laissé mon innocence

    J’ai fini le cœur sans défense

  • Santiago's muscles tensed as the Panther began to shout, nearly springing until Fragliepast explained himself. The mutt's serious expression dropped, but he remained tense and distanced. The new form he took was just so demonic. It frightened him. It seemed all he saw these days were angels and demons, they had to be haunting him, but what did that mean? He took a deep breath before speaking. "I'm glad you're alright."

    Tags (8/1) + Plot + Played by Gadreel

    ( Command me to be well )

  • The King of Hell let out a sigh. "Yes, I'm glad too." Truly this new body was demonic but only because a demon was possessing it. It looked intimidating though. Fragilepast enjoyed being a little scary but he also liked looking vulnerable as a Bengal and surprising people with his intelligent battle tactics. Despite giving up his life for this body, he could put up a fight. Right now he had to control his angered impulses and seem 'normal'. Killing a demon wouldn't be sufficient right now.