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  • joining hawkclan had been a complete turn of unexpected events. for quite some time before, the hound had been absolutely rabid. an unknown pack of stronger, more dangerous hounds had taken him from his pack and practically brainwashed him in the process. he had been a pawn used to hurt malkyn alongside talia. for weeks all he knew was the feral state of mind and his entire purpose was to be a mindless weapon. a ticking time bomb set to self destruct for their own amusement. had valor not been able to sever their connection, to pry himself from them and escape he would have not been able to come back from that. while in the process of mentally tearing himself had also scattered his memories like dust, at least he was still capable of recovering them from different people in his life.

    littlestar had helped in that process as well. while not all of his childhood memories were brought back, at least he had one's with her. the hellhound had been heading his way over to the leaders treehouse, stopping short at the base of the stairway that led up to it. this would definitely give out under his weight no doubt, so he rather played it safe. "hey, lil'!" he called up, his dark amber eyes finding a stone and picking it up. should he?

    with a light smirk, valor tossed the stone in the air and batted it with his tail, having it hit against the wall with a loud 'thunk'. "come on loser, let's go have some fun."

    littlesoldier g. d.  

    — no gods

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    valor praelium — played by: venom-mutt

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  • Littlestar would be mad if she knew what they'd done to him. Malkyn and Talia. She didn't know them, at all. But if she knew, she'd force herself to know them and she'd hurt them. They were likely more powerful then her but she'd try. She would always try. She wouldn't let up. Perhaps that was the strongest thing about Littlestar; she just didn't give up. And the one time she had was in Bloodclan, under the pyramid.... she'd nearly died in a pool of her own vomit, shit and drool. Imagine that kind of a death. The only reason she was still alive to this day was because Dimitri had forced her to escape. She didn't know why. The tabby hadn't bothered asking, she didn't know where he was and she wasn't sure if she trusted the strange male or not. Either way- her thoughts were quickly interrupted when she heard Valor's voice. The little greeting followed shortly by a stone hitting the outer wall of her room made her pause and slowly move her head towards the direction of his voice. Then her serious face melted into a smirk and she snorted at his voice. God, it was really good to hear that again. Fun. "Right behind ya." The scarred tabby grunted, limping down the stairs to where the much bigger hellhound stood. She lifted her head and grinned at him.

    "What kinda fun you mean?" Littlestar asked, giving her sliced up shoulders a shrug. "Like, swimming in a pool fun or hurting bad guys fun?" Of course, this was a sort of sick joke and she didn't mean it- she did- but she knew he'd get it.






  • the way she smiled, valor wouldn't have a clue that littlestar hadn't felt genuinely happy in so long. whereas valor could tell from malkyn, her smiles were always half lifted or wary. or smug and rather creepy looking when she was about to attack someone she had been waiting to get her paws on. sola's smiles were always after she said something sarcastic or witty; something in confidence and ensuring she always knew what she was doing. here, though, everything felt... good. good smiles and contentedness.

    "what do you take me for, an amateur? i've been getting in trouble with fun since i could remember, we're gonna burn shit and cook random stuff over it and see what happens." valor smirked, looking over toward the entrance and ducking his head low. "do you wanna escape before any leader-stuff happens?" if there was one thing he picked up from sola, cain, and jericho was that there was always something that could come up, and valor would much prefer smuggling the leader out of camp before that could happen. not exactly waiting for an answer, he nudged her side lightly and would aim to pick her up in his jaws and dash out of camp.

    — no gods

    no masters

    valor praelium — played by: venom-mutt