I'm stuck with this.. War boy??? (Mad Max war boy needed pafp)

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  • So I wanna do an rp where my girl Soree (Sore-Ay) is wandering the wasteland and finds a half dead war boy who was just left to rot in the sun. Everything is still the same as in mad max. Everything is dead, post apocalypse, life isn't livable type thing. Soree basically saves your charrie (war boy) and does her best to keep him from going back to Immortan Joe, hoping that she can make him realise he's worth more then just dying for some angry old man.

  • well it's basically post apocalypse desert type thing and this dude Immortan Joe is worshipped as a god alongside cars and mechanics. He treats people like crap and war boys are young men that follow him ruthlessly, believing he will lead them to Valhalla, or heaven I presume. You can look them up on Google to see how they look, and if you wanna jump in you totally can.

  • (okay, I'll get started.)


    Riding through the wasteland in her small buggy, out on a mission to find food and anything else that could possibly be useful in this hell of a world, Soree slowed as she neared a wrecked car. The vehicle was still smoking and a young man lay dead in the sand only a few feet off. Slowly she crept up to it, searching for extra parts or anything she could possibly use. As she collected what she could, her eyes caught sight of a second body, half buried in the scorching sand and sun. She made her way over to it, gently moving him until she had him on his back, checking to see if he was still alive.

  • The boy was unconscious, laying down on the sun and dirt, one of the war boys his name was Max, and he survived their crash a,nd groaned when Soree moved him. He was covered in war paint and was shirtless. He was build and lean he was around the same age as Soree.

    Ooc: if that's okay with you I think Max was one of the war boys

  • Soree moved him slowly, trying her best not to hurt him. It took her awhile but she finally got him into her buggy and started on her way back to her sanctuary. It took almost an hour before they reached the broken shack, and even longer for her to get him out of the buggy, into the shack, down the ladder and into the small room at the bottom. Now out of the heat and sun, Soree wet his lips with a damp cloth, hoping to bring him back to conciousness.

  • (lol it's okay)

    Jumping back as he reached for her, Soree stared at him suspiciously. "Calm down.." She hissed, inching her way closer to him, offerimg a canteen of water in her outstretched hand. "I won't hurt you...." the words came out as barely a whisper. He was much larger then her and could easily over power her, it was almost a laughable thought of her harming him.

  • Allowing him a few moments to settle himself, Soree pushed through a shade made of wore and rusty nuts and bolts, barely hiding the room it connected to. "You can call me Soree.." She said from the next room, before she returned with long strips of cloth and a needle with thread. "Let me fix you up" She said softly, sitting besides him and gentle touching his side where a large gash was. Her emerald eyes locked with his for a second as she tried to reassure that she wouldn't hurt him.

  • Gently she starting cleaning his wounds, being extra careful as she did. She knew that war boys were often mean and violent, but he seemed different. He seemed terrified for a second, maybe he didn't realise who he was. "Can you talk?" She asked, curious as he had barely made a sound this entire time.

  • It wasn't long before she had finished patching him up, but the sun was now far below the horizon and the stars were fitting the navy sky. From Soree's hideaway you could only see the sky through the small vent in the ceiling, but it was enough to see that it was growing later.

    "Are you going back?" She asked Max, shuffling between the two rooms as she wasted time away. She knew war boys lived for only one thing, but it was a sad life that's they didn't seem to realise.