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  • the stone walls were honestly her favorite part of her new home. there was little she could do - too young to even be adept at fighting or any work in any of the divisions. between short bouts of puppy behaviour, enid would wander the winding hallways, find a relatively empty hall, and count the bricks. when she got bored of counting bricks, she'd move to a busier place, and watch everybody work from an unobtrusive distance, and count them.

    and that's where she was now, head on her paws. not so much counting, but thinking sort of emptily about things. she didn't know how she felt about her adoptive dad, feliks, who she'd had relatively little interaction with.

    one person left the room. four.

    (hey guys!)


    /hello and welcome to the cartel!! i'm yakan and i play this sweet boy here :^))

    ryuu was a busy person. he walked back and forth across the rooms, addressing those who seemed hurt with care. a check-up had been completed for one of the patients and they had been on their way to go about their own business. after he had nodded towards them as they departed, he noticed someone else in the same room he was in and the cartellian surgeon would incline his head towards the puppy that laid across from him. he pushed his glasses up his muzzle and he would flash a tired but warm smile towards the little girl. he had never seen her around camp before, so he assumed that she was new around the cartel. ryuu had a knack for trying to get to know everyone one way or another through kind gestures but as of recently, he had just been trying to distract himself from the stress building upon his shoulders.

    he would approach enid, his little claws clicking on the ground. "kon'nichiwa." the japanese coydog would greet with a small wag of his tail. he would settle himself down, adjusting the red beanie on his head before he resumed speaking, "w-who're you? i'm ryūsaki, the surgeon. y-you... can call me doc." doc. it had a nice ring to it, he guessed. he wouldn't mind being called that.



    ryūsaki ikurusaba // japanese ghoul // cartelian surgeon // tags // penned by yakan

  • // yo i'm hepp and i just joined yesterday! have a good time here

    benny was not fond of children; he didn't hate them or anything, but simply held a slight distrust for them (as per pretty much anything). he would reluctantly introduce himself to the pup. "i'm benny, the benny. you can call me benny." the pit bull guessed that this was probably how everyone introduced themselves here.

    in the billows or even over the sun

    every end of a time is another begun

    benny + paranoid + violent + male + thug

  • / welcome to the clan! i'm vexxy, hope you like it here c:

    Benny the Benny, who can be called Benny.... giving an understandably confused glance towards the newcomer, Feliks would try his hardest to prevent his head imploding from trying to wrap it around what he had said, not realising that it had been a potential follow up to the way Ryuu introduced himself. "I'm Feliks the Feliks but you can call me Feliks?" he tried to be cool, imitate what Benny had said but the Eurasian Wolf sounded more confused than confident, and instead just shook his head and moved on. The Vanguard stared at the newest member of his adoptive family, smiling weakly as he approached closer. It'd be hard to justify being nicer to kids he'd picked up from God knows where than his own blood daughters, but he could try. After all, he wasn't too keen on having a stranger from Westeros snatch up and corrupt his family like what had happened with George's son, if he spent time with them at least it wasn't his fault if they were swayed to the dark side. "Hey kid, how's it hanging?" he rasped, tail wagging as he settled down lose to the Surgeon. "Everyone treating you well enough?". He had a bit of sway in this place, if anyone was rude he could easily make them disappear for a bit so they could think about what they'd done.

  • had enid had a tail, she'd have probably wagged it off by now. people usually were turned away by the staring tat went hand-in-hand with the counting but not only did she have the audience of the soft-spoken, smiling surgeon and the cool pitbull who introduced himself in a sort of confusing manner, but also her dad. "hi guys, i'm enid!" she said, a sort of lopsided smile on her face. "it's real great to meet you, doc and benny the benny." and then turning to her father she cocked her head in a puppy-like manner and said, "dad, you're not that cool." in a mock-serious tone.

    /thanks for the warm welcomes guys :-)


    Trailing her dad, the deaf pup would look over the sibling she had. Head tilting with curiosity, she would take a seat. Her bat fluttering forward to hang from her chest. It looked at them all and then spoke. "This is Disturbia. She can't hear you." The bat offered calmly.




    — disturbia | cartel | vanguard | wolf | tags —

  • "can't hear me?" enid asked, sitting up a bit. her head was tilted in confusion. did she talk through the bat? was the bat her ears? was anyone aware of the irony that bats were blind and disturbia couldn't hear? enid settled, after a few seconds on a simple, "hi disturbia and friend. i'm enid."

  • ★★★ kosti was the next to make her way over, a relaxed grin on her features. this was her... semi-sister, right? the wolf pup wasn't sure whether or not that was even a word, but it sounded fun. besides, she'd planned to give everyone she met a nickname, and "enid" was a little too short for one, so "semi-sister" would do well. "ey there! i'm kosti. your semi-sister." she greeted casually, wagging her tail.


  • "well damn, feliks." the underboss would hum, head tilting as she observed the newest addition. she had no love for children, though it seemed that the wolf was hellbent on having as many as possible. this one didn't quite look like him, however, and putting kosti's words together she decided that it must have been an adopted child. she didn't exactly see the reasoning behind this, but eventually the little canine would grow up to be a big canine, the notably more useful type. "i'm xael. it's lovely to have you." she greeted, voice slightly cold as she offered a tight smile to accompany it. she didn't bother adding her rank, as holding it above a child's head wouldn't do anything of use.

  • Semi-sister? That was something she could get behind. "heyo kosti, xael, it's nice to meet you two too... to.
    " enid was silently wary of xael despite her friendly greeting. her cool tone and the way she wielded herself was sort of off-putting for enid.