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  • The moon was full. It was traditionally expected for clan medics to meet in peace at every full month, and although the practice had declined in recent time, it was continued faithfully by a select few.

    OOC | This Gathering is reserved for medics of official clans


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  • i helped this old lady

    and she bought me a churro

    so that was nice - tags

    Well, Jacob had never been to one of these things before (he'd actually not even heard of them until recently) but he decided to head out. He supposed it would be a good time to hear what others had to say about healing besides Lottie, since she was usually the one teaching him things. The colt would make his way to the designated area for the medic meeting, hoping that he'd be able to meet a few new people. He didn't really see anyone around yet but perhaps if he stuck around just a little bit longer someone else would show up. In his mind, he tried to plan out what he would say in conversation. He wasn't really sure if he should just be talking about medic-type stuff or other things too. Maybe, he thought, maybe he shouldn't worry about it too much. Maybe someone else would start a conversation and he wouldn't even have to think about it.

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