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  • In the sacred meeting place, the full moon cast its gentle glow over the grounds below. Animals from all clans travelled far and near to reach this revered place, to discuss, interact with, and meet other animals of differing clans - friend or foe alike - in peace for a night's time.

    OOC | This Gathering is open to all members of official clans - site realism rules apply


    3/7 of the fisterhood
    site married to tea

  • Enderclaw15 Moons - Male - EnderClan- Warrior (Leader of EnderClan)Enderclaw- ender, endyAGE- 15 moons- 2/22/01GENDER- MaleCHARACTER ORIGIN- Mauled by dogs as a kit. Put monster pelt on wounds to surviveALLIANCE- Bluestar's- Warrior (Leader of Enderclan)Picture- See profile pictureDescription- Strong, Funny, Loyal, Brave, DaringPowers/Abilities (Non-Main Game): Can turn into human and any tank of choice (as well as a cat)Weapons (Non-Main Game): Double bladed purple lightsabers, electrostaff, elemental cannons, arm cannon, Gatling guns, radar, and medical arms Weapons (Main Game): Crossbows, Flaming and regular bolts, bows, regular and fire arrows, med arms are old simple machinesADDOOC: Holy Crap I haven't been on in ages. First!IC: Enderclaw pads into the clearing, surprised that he's the first leader even though he hasn't been to a leader meeting in ages. He sits down in his spot and waits for the others.News: Enderclan has a discord server! is the link! "Speak", 'Think', , ~other~ [sub]TEMPLATE © Enderclaw The Cyborg (Enderclaw8876)

    You don't mess with salad.

    Quotes: "You're on the wrong end of the barrel, mate."

    "Ammo rack!"

    "Get racked son!"





    "Respect the cannon! Respect it!