i'm gonna do what i got to do [★] toxicwaste

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  • TAGS ✦ ✧ ✦ — (post capture in the exiles)

    She was standing outside of the temple, Her gaze was flickering around the territory, eye narrowed. Though she was back and The Cartel was strong, territory equipped with all-new defenses, she still expected an Exilers or Westerosi to pop out of a corner at any moment. She felt her body shiver as she recalled what had happened to her while she was in The Exiles (which her role player wouldn't go into detail because it was all still a surprise), all of the blood that had been shed - mostly hers, mind you. The feelings were still thriving inside of her, heart racing and fear picking up when she was alone in her room and something as little as a shadow appeared at in her peripheral vision. She had been getting better, jumping at less and less things, but she was still traumatized - she would be forever.

    The Caera that had come back was different, though. As soon as the child was alright to lead a meeting you could tell. Her gaze was harder, words hiding steel daggers behind them. Her claws were sharper, cutting more flesh in a single meeting than she had in her entire time as leader before she was captured. She was merciless, cold, she just... Wasn't a child anymore. She had learned that the only way to get anywhere in this world was to pile the bodies of others under you. It had been a tough lesson for her, but now she knew how the world really worked. She knew why everyone was so eager for blood, why they would strike whenever they had the chance; and that was the reason she was standing outside, watching the territory. She wouldn't let anyone get the upper hand on her again.

  • Toxicwaste hoped that the brand-new defenses they'd installed would help them out against those bastards from Westeros and the Exiles. He'd helped out a bit with some barbed wire near that minefield, but that was all he'd done to contribute. Oh well. At least he actually worked on it for a bit. Upon going on a brief stroll to soothe himself and discover the territory, he had noticed the figure of Caera in the distance, doing...whatever she happened to be doing. Scouting beyond the boundaries for something, it seemed.

    Come to think of it, the domestic feline had never actually had a conversation with the Cartellian Godmother before. Back at the Rift, he was very familiar with the legatus, Cyrus. The fact that Cyrus was once his mentor during his apprenticeship in the now-collapsed Arcane might have been one of the reasons why that was so. But here, he didn't have private talks with leaders simply because he didn't know how to initiate a conversation. He wasn't naïve or shy or anything, but he was sort of socially awkward due to his deprivation of positive encounters with other people. Not to say he didn't try. "Everything alright, Godmother?" the half-demon inquired softly, eyeing the hybrid curiously. Jesus, what was up with the mixed-species these days?

  • TAGS ✦ ✧ ✦ — Her attention was on the fields that weren't their own, the skies that didn't guard over her territory. She was not interested in small chit chat with her Crew members. She had a one-track mind, and right now she was set on seeking revenge against those who hurt her and The Cartel.

    "For now. But you never know when those bastards might strike..." She grunted in response to Toxicwaste. She turned her head to look at the Tom; Toxicwaste was someone she hadn't interacted with much before her capture. She barely knew anything about him, and that worried her. What secrets was he hiding? "I worry that the other groups might be teaming up against us. I don't know what going on in The Exiles or Westeros or any other clan. How am I supposed to keep The Cartel safe if I don't have any information?" Would Toxicwaste even know what she was talking about? Probably not. Did she care? Not really.