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  • Alexander was smiling brightly as he got out and walked inside with him. A happy hum escaped his lips as they went inside. “I love this place so much.” He admitted. He leaned into him a little bit as they walked. They soon were led to a table. “I don’t think we have been this happy in years.”

  • Leslie leaned down to press a quick kiss to top of Alexander's head before humming in agreement. "It's nice. I'm just sorry it took so long, but, I'm so glad we get to be like this again." He confessed as they were sat down.

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  • “It is okay. I don’t care how long it took. All that matters is that we ended up getting back to that state. It is just in time for my birthday too.” Alexander realized with a smile. He actually seemed to be really excited for it this year. He took a seat across for Leslie when they finally got to their table.

  • "Yeah. Your birthday is very close." Leslie was still running a thousand gift ideas through his mind but had no clue what to land on. "You excited for it?" He asked, shifting to get comfortable in his seat.

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  • “Yeah I really am. I don’t know why, maybe because of how happy I am. I can’t believe it is already tomorrow. I can’t wait to find out what you got me as presents. You have been so secretive about it.” Alexander guessed a little bit. He was leaning forward as he gazed at the other man.

  • "You never tell me anything, so, I'm not telling you." Leslie reached out to lightly poke at Alexander's nose. "I'm not saying anything, so, hush. You'll just have to wait." His smile never once dropped as he spoke, completely affectionate.

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  • Alexander could still feel the pout on his face. It didn’t feel like it was leaving it anytime soon. “Fine. It better be super good though.” He raised a finger jokingly as he spoke. He was smiling as he did so. His happiness was clearly radiating off of him at the current moment in time.

  • “I would never doubt you! I am just super curious and you aren’t allowing me to know any details.” Alexander kept the childish pout on his face. It soon broke out into a smile. “I can’t even be mad at you because I love you too much.” He admitted.