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  • ooc: apologies for lame first post i just needed to get this up and i'm tired/sore from work Lightningpaw !

    Today was the day. Her heart filled with dread, Rosefall woke in the familiar starless place recalling what tonight was: Her initiation. She was to find a new cat in the Dark Forest, an unsuspecting apprentice, and turn them to the evil of these cats and train them. It was dreadful and horrible but she had no choice. She feared what would happen if she didn't.



    — trad. darkclan | kit | 3.5 moons | duskroses | played by amy —

  • ----~  //its totally fine omgg - sorry im so late aaahhh

    Lightningpaw hadn't expected to awaken in such...dark place.

    I mean, it wasn't like she expected roses and bunnies or something, but still - DANG!

    Throwing up her paw to cover her nose from the scent, the molly blinked her cobalt eyes rapidly, dispelling any remaining sleep as she examined the terrain. "Stars this place smell like sh-" she mumbled, interrupted by a sneeze as she sat up. Lightningpaw would have bolted off in search of an exit, had the incline feeling in the back of her mind not told her this was a dream.

    A dark, gross, very much weird dream.

    Perking her sharp ears at the sound of approaching pawsteps, the molly hesitated. Though this was a dream, and odd feeling in her gut informed her this wasn't a good time to relax. Her gut also informed her, rather unhelpfully she might add, that her hunger pangs hadn't been left behind. Any hope for a sneak attack on her part was banished the moment her tummy let out it's usual accursed growl.

    Holding her ground, as she didn't know where to run, or even if she COULD run (you know that trippy dream-thing where you run in place? Yep.) so instead she opted for crouching low and eyeing the surrounding clearing, waiting for whatever was out there to hurry up and make her day...night?

  • ooc: aa you're fine <33 i'm literally the worst at responding soo ^^;;

    The scent of a familiar clan touched her nose: ThunderClan. Rosestar suspected this was the cat she would be bringing in to the dark forest. It was accompanied with uncertainty and fear, so the tortoiseshell deduced this feline had not been here before, making her a perfect target (hopefully) for manipulation. Truth be told, she herself wasn't entirely sure she believed in the Dark Forest. And yet, here she was, doing their bidding. Funny how that worked out.

    Shuffling through the undergrowth, eventually she emerged into a tiny clearing, where Lightningpaw would be tucked under some bushes. Though Rosestar's insides trembled in disgust and terror at her own actions, she managed a soft, "You can come out, dear. I'm not going to hurt you." Of course, she had no intentions of that anyways. She'd been forced to recruit a cat, not kill one, thankfully. As such, she would treat Lightningpaw with a bit of care for their first few sessions. She doubted Chervilface wanted her to scare the girl off.



    — trad. darkclan | kit | 3.5 moons | duskroses | played by amy —

  • ----~  //gentle paps its alright my dude! Take your time i don't mind~

    Lightningpaw, upon spotting the tortoiseshell figure through the bush fronds, immediately unsheathed her claws. Dream or no dream, she wasn't going to go down without a fight!

    However, before she could rush forward, the molly spoke. The soft, kind voice was so out of place in this nightmarish environment, that Light had to take pause for a moment. Then she realized - she knew that voice! From the recent gathering she had attended...

    "Rosestar?" she asked, confused enough to lift her head out of the bush. She studied the molly, shocked that it really was the Darkclan leader. Why was an enemy leader in her dream? Then again, when have dreams ever made any sense?

    With it decided that this was now, officially, a dream, Lightningpaw threw away all her inhibitions and padded out of the bush. Why be scared of a dream? Nothing bad ever happened in dreams!

    Walking a circle around the she-cat, Light let out a breath of awe. "Your a lot smaller than I imagined. Which is weird, because this is my imagination, isn't it? Anyways, whats up? What kind of dream wisdom-and-or-nonsense"

  • The echo of her name coming from the jaws of an enemy apprentice caused her to stiffen. Rosestar studied her carefully, parting her maw slightly to answer before Lightningpaw continued, seeming to believe this was all an illusion. Frankly, that would work in her favor. 'I just have to be careful not to actually harm her. If I hurt her, she's going to wake up with wounds and realize it wasn't just a dream,' she reminded herself, deciding to play along. Clearing her throat, the slender tortoiseshell attempted to appear more confident (with little success), nodding to Lightningpaw. "Yes, that's correct. I'm here because, uh, it's come to my attention you may wish to become stronger. Perhaps prove to someone you're worthy?" At this, Rosestar tilted her head, watching carefully to see if she was on the right track. Lightningpaw had been chosen for a reason, after all. The Dark Forest wouldn't have picked just any cat.

    "I'm here to offer my services. Train you, if you will. Not only will you be taught in the traditional manner of battle, but you will develop life skills and further become unstoppable. No doubt Foreststar will be impressed." The DarkClan leader was clever to drop the message about Foreststar, recallilng the last meeting in which she had announced that this particular apprentice had been temporarily cast out for disobedience. Rosestar had a sneaking suspicion Lightningpaw would be all too willing to prove Foreststar wrong, much to her dismay.



    — trad. darkclan | kit | 3.5 moons | duskroses | played by amy —

  • ----~  Lightningpaw blinked, tilting her head to the side when dream!Rosestar talked about her wanting to be stronger. "Well duh!" Lightningpaw said with a nod, "but I dunno what a darkclan cat like you, dream or not, could teach me -considering you guys can't seem to fight any of your own battles without some help," Lightningpaw scoffed. It was cool, being able to insult the darkclan leader to her face without any consequences. Her subconscious sure was making this night a fun one!

    "HA!" the molly barked a laugh, "I don't need to prove to anyone im worthy! Im great, and there's no denying that!" she said smugly, waving her tail before pausing to think a moment. "Then again, it would be nice to be a little more stronger, so I could shove Riddle's smug face to the ground the next time we meet..." she tapped her chin, then finally smiled, "alrighty Rosey, what'cha got for me?"

    The dropped comment about Foreststar hit it's intended mark. Lightningpaw didn't so much as pause to consider the fact that this was a dream, or that Rosestar was an enemy, as she jumped to her feet and announced, "I accept! Teach me whatever you can so I can show everyone how much they need me!" she said with glowing cobalt eyes.

  • She tensed as the fiery point she-cat began to rant off about already being fantastic, even pulling out DarkClan's current weakness. It was a low blow, but one Rosestar couldn't truthfully counter. DarkClan was weak at the moment, with Twopaw as their sole medicine cat and her and her deputy as the only active high positions and trained warriors. DarkClan was almost entirely compromised of apprentices, leaving them in a terribly vulnerable position.

    So when Lightningpaw finally halted in her smack-talk to accept her offer, a heavy weight clunked off her shoulders, leaving her with a feeling of weightlessness she didn't think possible. The tortoiseshell managed a faint smile before nibbling at her lower lip, realizing she had no clue what she intended to teach her first. Given that this was the Dark Forest, she supposed she would see what Lightningpaw already knew first. Rosestar told her, "Well, first, I'll need to see what you know before we work on new techniques." As she spoke, without warning, she lunged forward, aiming to sink her teeth into the apprentice's scruff and take her legs out from under her.



    — trad. darkclan | kit | 3.5 moons | duskroses | played by amy —

  • ----~  The whole point of dreams is that they aren't supposed to hurt.

    This - this was kinda trippy.

    Yelping as the leader lunged at her, the molly couldn't avoid the bite in time and thus she was helpless as she was knocked to the ground.

    But hell would Lightningpaw let that defeat her!

    Recovering quickly, she let out a whoop of excitement as she aimed to pummel Rosestar's belly with kicks. "Never fought a leader before! Oh man - best dream EVER!" she cried, huffing with exertion as she struggled to wiggle out of Rosestar's grasp. Hoping to quicken the process, she did her best to try and bat and smack at Rosestar's face, but her moves were clumsy. For all her talk, she wasn't honestly that good of a fighter. She had only just made it through the skin of her teeth during the raid, and with the banishment and all, she never got far in her training.

    Even if Rosestar hadn't been sneaky about it, and told her exactly what she was getting herself into -Lightningpaw would still have agreed to train under her - dark forest and bloody mornings included - if it meant she could last longer in a real fight.

    But for now, thinking this was still a dream with no consequences, Lightningpaw continued to laugh.

  • Rosestar was by no means an experienced fighter. She had spent moons on moons hiding alone in cave tunnels, with no interactions and only eating and drinking enough to keep herself alive. The slender she-cat had an impressive level of stamina, but in terms of brute strength and battle skill, next to nothing. The Dark Forest, for all its faults, had most likely saved her multiple times in recent wars.

    Considering this, she flicked an ear at Lightningpaw's howls of glee, rearing backwards as paws came towards her belly. A true clan cat, the apprentice had left her claws sheathed (ooc: correct me if I'm wrong), leaving no damage. Unfortunately, that wouldn't help her in this scenario. The backward movement allowing Lightningpaw to slip out of her grip, Rosestar easily evaded the facial blows directed towards her, aiming to counter with a nasty slash of her claws across the point's cheek. If that succeeded, she would aim to take advantage of any wincing and smack Lightningpaw's shoulder, hoping to knock her down to the ground again where she could place a paw over the apprentice's neck.



    — trad. darkclan | kit | 3.5 moons | duskroses | played by amy —

  • ----~  //hey, would you be alright if we could time skip soon so that my now-grieving-hateful-girl can find out that rose is training her under the df and just be totally fine with it? ;v;

    Dreams, normally, weren't supposed to hurt. We already discussed that. So, of course, Lightningpaw was taken aback when Rosestar smacked her cheek and a piercing pain similar to that of actually getting clawed seared through her face. Crying out more from surprise, the molly was, indeed, unprepared when Rosestar then smacked her shoulder, sending her tumbling to the ground. Before she could get up, her neck was pressed down by the tortishell's dark colored paw.

    Lightningpaw panted softly, looking up at the leader with wide, cobalt eyes. Awed. Seemed her dream knew to incorporate bad ass moves to the bad ass memory she had of a bad ass Rosestar standing stoic and strong at the gathering. Weird how crazy real this felt though. "I take back what I said earlier, you're pretty freakin cool, Dream Rosestar!" she purred.

  • ooc: totally! i feel like light will demand to explore and then - bang, other df cats xD if that's alright with you c:

    Contrary to Lightningpaw's seemingly-prideful memory of her, Rosestar was typically unsettled and fidgety at gatherings, known for being the awkward leader, along with Doestar. However, in the Dark Forest... Well, this was the one place she felt at home. Despite how sickening it was, what they did, Rosestar truly felt like they cared about her. She needed someone to care about her so badly that she was willing to accept affection from anyone, no matter how dark.

    So seeing Lightningpaw, eyes gleaming with the fuel of battle and eager to learn to kill, Rosestar pondered if she would actually be okay if she truly knew where she was.

    [cue timeskip]



    — trad. darkclan | kit | 3.5 moons | duskroses | played by amy —

  • ----~  //nicee

    It wasn't every night, but it was often enough to become a familiar sight for Lightningpaw to wake up in a forest that smelled of mold and mildew. The molly blinked open her eyes, finding herself in said forest once more. This was an odd dream - how it was so similar, yet vastly diff rent every time. Like a reoccurring dream that was never the same dream, which made it rather redundant on the reoccurring part.

    Rising to her feet, the molly looked around with narrowed cobalt oculars. Surveying the ugly forest with new-found suspicion. Lately, her dreams had been filled with nightmares. Creambounce's death, over and over again until it drove her mad. But through those dreams, whenever she tripped and fell, she came out fine - or she woke up after falling from a great height. Here, in this dream, she felt that pain. She woke up with odd bumps and bruises that, before, she hadn't minded because she never gave much thought to it...but now...

    Waiting for Rose to appear, the molly sheathed and unsheathed her claws. She was still healing from the recent raid, and her body burned with more than just pain from the wounds. She hated so many things. She hated Nightstar, Shadowclan. She hated how weak she was, fragile. She hated that she was either crying her eyes out, her getting beaten down by nightmares. She hated this world, and all it's unfairness.

    And she wanted, so badly, to be strong enough to stand against it.

    And so today, she had a new idea on how to take their training. And she wouldn't take no for an answer.