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  • Silence had finally found him. No longer could he hear the fluttering of a fly's wings, the crawling of insects, the gulping of little fish. But curse his luck, his rotten luck. Larkpaw's teeth clenched together tightly, the heat biting along his dark fur. He had recognised the progressively heating days that crawled slowly past but the male had expected the weather to subside to a cooler wind. Although the silence had returned to him, the overpowering warmth had taken to him to an irritable mood. He felt sluggish from a draining night, lethargic from the sticking atmosphere that made even scowling difficult. The energy. In fact, for most of the day, he laid under the reaching shade of rocks, hiding in the cooler darkness of the penumbra. Despite all this, the ground was still an unsatisfying temperature. For hours the tom refused to do anything productive, refusing to budge from his spot to even bother to catch prey and eat for himself. To ask Larkpaw to even bother being useful to anyone but himself at this rate was near impossible, and even on normal days it was difficult to make him catch a fish just for an elder or relative. But to see the narcissus sit there and not even feed himself, anyone could tell how run down he happened to be. He was even too lazy to wander towards the freshkill pile, but he could only imagine how off the fish must have been from the sickly heat.



    11 moons &. riverclan &. tags &. played by Grey.
    wonderful art by clandestine!

  • For the first time since she joined, the camp was silent. Not even crickets make noise today. Today it seemed like the world was going to melt. Wildpaw felt like a fire in the unforgiving heat. She couldn't even walk outside. Her dark calico pelt radiated the heat from the sun. Although her fur was on the shorter side, she was still hot inside the den. There was no way she was going to do anything.

    The heat wasn't the only problem. There was a shortage of prey. All land animals burrowed themselves in the earth to find a cooler place. The sky was bare with no birds or clouds. The sun laughed maliciously at the puddle of cats.

    Wildpaw looked at the lazy Larkpaw. She never liked the apprentice much although a terrible conversation would be better than no conversation.

    "Liking the weather Larkpaw?" She laughed.


  • A tired apprentice padded into camp carrying a pair of mice. It was the only two pieces of prey Fallow was able to find while hunting, dropping it into the pile the long furred she panted softly in exhaustion. Moving her gaze to the fellow apprentices, she decided to join up with them carefully making her way beside them. ``No one likes the Weather.`` She dryly stated. The normally joking happy-go-lucky she cat has been letting the heat get to her. Causing blank stares and blunt rude remarks to start becoming her specialty.



    —— played by moondance- | It's laughing in it's face ・゚✦