FAIRY LIGHTS — niceclan au

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  • No more were the city cats known BloodClan. They were NiceClan, Clan of the nice band of rogues who went around spreading flowers and daisies. They were the fairy godmothers of the forest clans, the clean up patrol of the twolegs, the spirits of spreading love and kindness. They were located at an abandoned orphanage where the windows were broken but flowering trees reached in and natural light illuminated the floorboards. Inside happened to be Nikolaos who was among other NiceClanners, all sorting out flowers, herbs and the most juiciest of freshkill to give to their most beloved forest clanners. The NiceClanners who disagreed with such acts of selflessness were usually given the naughty corner, a corner which was printed with bright pink and a picture of a crying kitten. From there the badly behaved feline would have to list of several promises to change their ways to reflect the views of their group before returning to continue doing good deeds.

    Nikolaos was plucking the feathers of pigeons, pulling them out to ensure the ones receiving the gift would not choke on the fluffy exterior. "I hope they like this batch of gifts," Nikolaos murmured, "This is probably our best one yet." Yes, they had worked so hard the coming days to gather this much stuff. They had enough to share to all the clans in this respected, alternate universe in which all the prey could not be given to their overworld reality counterparts.

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    you've been hit by - you've been struck by - a smooth criminal

    traditional bloodclan &. healer &. tags &. played by Grey.

  • ★ ★ ★ -- The glory and hospitality of their clan would be known. Taboa in fact, was the leader of them all, the nicest and gayest. She just loved flowers and sunshine, and her delicate heart despised bloodshed.

    The calico's crusty, gay (happy) ass loomed over Nikolaos as he worked.

    "That's so nice of you! Ugu~!" The leader exclaimed, leaning forward to shove a boquet of flowers forward.

    "Send this with the gift! I'm sure they would appreciate it! Nya!" The calico chirped, pristine fur all fluffing up with excitement. Taboa was very cute. Instead of teeth and claws in her collar, there were flowers woven into the twoleg item around her neck. These flowers displayed her love in happiness.

    As the healer worked, Taboa noticed how cute he was. The calico felt her ear tips turn red. Nikolaos was handsome indeed! Not so subtly, the leader aimed to lean forward and inhale his scent.

    It was important that Niceclan would be nice. They had to act as their namesake, and they aimed to make peace with all types of groups! Because peace and allies meant even more friends!

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  • Nikolaos had been working carefully, plucking the final feather of a rather delicious looking pigeon. It was tempting to say no to a bite, but the medic reminded himself that birds were gifts, not food. When he heard Taboa spoke up, he turned around and briefly dodged the flowers before the scent could manage to fly up his nose. Mother always told him not to be rude and he kept the words close to the beating organ they called his heart. He gave her a smile, nodding to his leader and worked on plucking the goose next. It was a little hard to work with Taboa being so close to him, but he could only imagine how excited she was to go around gift giving to the forest cats. The Clanners were quite unfortunate after all, so NiceClan worked hard to make sure they could survive the drought season.

    His fur rose when he heard a sniff, a big waft of his scent being inhaled by another. Was that...was that from Taboa? Although the leader was the most kindest soul he'd met, and rather cute, sniffing him was a little anxiety-inducing. Luckily, Nikolaos had made precautions to ensure he didn't stink of freshkill. "I rolled in roses just for you," the medic said, "Because you deserve all things wonderful, Miss Taboa."

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    you've been hit by - you've been struck by - a smooth criminal

    traditional bloodclan &. healer &. tags &. played by Grey.

  • Ai was working hard, on things for Niceclan only of course. Despite her overwhelming kindness for her clan and it's members. She could never bring herself to actually giving gifts to people who caused her so much pain. But still, she worked tirelessly to make sure others in her clan were healthy and relaxed.

    Sadly, the kitten came in at the wrong time, ending up walking in on the odd, sniffing? of her mentor. A brow was of course raised as she moved off to the side trying to set up her set of herbs, even making a small bundle to give Nik to pass along to the clans, she'll never step her paw into them herself. She refused to cross the lines into those, nightmare filled pits of despair. But that didn't mean she wouldn't help out her clanmates with trying to make them better, who knows. Maybe in the future she'll have enough bravery to step into one herself.

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    (Art by Echo!)




  • ★ ★ ★ -- // rip ai and basically everyone in niceclan ever

    And as always, Nik turned out to be such a lovely person. The leader practically swooned when the other revealed their real reasons for smelling so good. She reveled in the delicious scent, and figuring that sniffing him too... aggressively was probably weird, she stepped back to give the other some space.

    "Nikolaos, that's so lovely! And you're so kind. You deserve the best." Came the calico's high-pitched, tittered words of praise. She really couldn't believe that the other rolled in flowers for her! Such the gentleman...

    The calico was quick to notice an approaching Ai; the young one's presence did not go unnoticed.

    "Oh, Ai. Lovely day isn't it?" The femme continued, seemingly oblivious to Ai's discovery of her weird 'scenting' of Nikolaos. "You've come to help as well?" She asked when she noticed the bundle of herbs the little apprentice healer laid down.