How do I get rid of a linked account??

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  • I've tried deleting it from the settings page but I've forgotten the password

    But when I go to change the password the link that's emailed to me shows up as an error.

    SO now I'm stuck with a linked account that I can't unlink or can't delete or merge.

    Idk how to get rid of it, I may be inactive but it looks ugly and I hate it. I want it gone. It's annoying me.

    Tony Stark

    Inactive memeber.

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  • You should be able to unlink your account without logging into it. Go to Settings >> Linked Accounts >> and it should take you to a page where it has your linked accounts. Go to the account you want gone and look to the far right side and click on the 'x'.

    If you're on mobile the 'x' doesn't show unless you click the three dots that are in the same place.