what should i buy?? suggestions/reviews needed for digital art mediums

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  • so i've been meaning for a new digital art medium for a while. i've had an intuos pro large for about a year now and, well, i'm not very happy with it. although it works so much better than my old bamboo tablet i find that it's just inconvenient for me to constantly have to make space for my tablet and reacquaint myself with drawing while looking at a screen since i tend to have shaky hands when it comes to drawing like this. along with that, my keyboard's been switched out with a bigger and clunkier one because of battery issues from my last one meaning that i have less desk space for my tablet that's basically the size of an A3 sheet of paper. i feel like switching to something such as a monitor that allows touch or a touchscreen (pen-usable) laptop is a lot better for space and productivity for me.

    i've been juggling between 3 different things.

    - Huion KAMVAS GT-191

    - Microsoft Surface Pro
    - Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Pro
    - Microsoft Surface Book

    my issues is mainly price, of course the huion being the cheapest (though it is only a monitor with a touchable screen). I'm looking more for something that i can work with as a PC as well as a touchscreen, hence why I've been looking at the surface and thinkpad. I want something flexible and adjustable like the 2-in-1 laptops, something where I can fold the monitor completely over like a tablet just for drawing. I'm also looking for something in which the pen doesn't cause jiggle problems and doesn't need to have its screen stabbed. high resolution and performance is good, and preferably something that can function well with all different art programs such as firealpaca (i'm going to say that i'd prefer windows over android since most programs are made for windows users)

    so uh, any suggestions or reviews? i don't have heaps of money so i'd be looking at value and productivity.


    nikolaos / larkpaw / wolfpaw / dA

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  • owner of the intuous pro medium tablet and I have a hard time finding space for it, I can't imagine a large! I'm not sure how much the price varies, but I've heard and seen how great the drawing can be on the Microsoft surface book. Given how good that was, I assume the surface pro would be a good choice as well. Coupled with one of those detachable keyboards and youd be set with a good laptop as well!

    I have the 13" baseline Lenovo yoga and I would not recommend that, the colors are dim like they're through a tinted screen. Great for everything but drawing and gaming imo. Of course I have no idea on the specs of the yoga you mentioned, so the color of the display may be wonderful on it. If so, that is also a solid choice (:

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  • In terms of my intuos large, i technically do have space on my desk when i put my keyboard on the side but since i have to use an old, wired keyboard now, it's near impossible to have the right space.

    Ah, I've been looking at reviews for the lenovo and read comments about the hardware and materials being below satisfactory. i think my main reason for wanting it would be the fact that it seems more portable, it's cheaper, claims to have longer battery life to the surface, and the pen can be stored in the laptop. Even then i'm not so willing to buy it if it becomes an inconvenience like you said.

    I've also been looking at the lenovo products that feature the monitor being adjustable until it's folded nicely the other way round so any feedback on experiences of previous products are useful too.

    And thank you! I'm a bit shifty about getting a surface pro since they're so expensive (but it is quite similar to the price range of a newer version of a lenovo so idk what i'm talking about) but it definitely makes trying to make a decision feel a bit better. I guess my main problem is having to buy the pen separately for the newest version?


    nikolaos / larkpaw / wolfpaw / dA

  • I have the lenovo yoga and i use it for everything lmao (from drawing on sai to gaming).

    Honestly it just sucks ass just because its so delicate. I take real good care of my my electronic devices but somehow the backlight for the monitor broke and i had to get that fixed rip. Thankfully my school paid it for me lol. Also, it randomly freezes which is annoying but all you gotta do to fix that is flip the top of the laptop down(locking it) and then opening it again after it locks.

    But i love it for drawing and its pretty good for playing video games too. I had no problems with color or anything and the pens stable. Then again, i hate coloring and avoid it a lot so i cant speak for the color department much lol.

    As for gaming, it runs league of legends like a champ, 60+ fps all the way. Its the best I ever ran tbh. Skyrims a different story though, i need it on the lowest quality settings and such.

    All in all, this is a good tablet if you are careful with it. Also, you will probably need to get an external fan for it, mine heats up a lot.


  • The pen is very thin but easy to get used to! Everytime you stick it back in the computer it recharges, but i never managed to use all its battery life.

    The pressure is adjustable, i still use the default setting and im not the type to press hard on my screen. Im sure that if you do press hard on such a thin screen itll cause problems. No scratches so far too ^^

    Not sure what you mean by jiggle though, you mean like line stability? If so, my lines turn out really smooth bc all that depends on the art program you use, i use sai and put mine on 8.

    Lol yeah go to bed dude, cries bc i only got 4 hrs


  • The freezing deal with the yoga is across the board, my Bros fiance has issues like that with hers, and mine has done it too. I could play games on mine but I have the small baseline, I don't know much about the pros,I didn't even know they had a pen xD

    If the price is comparable I'd go with the surface pro over the Lenovo if your primary use was drawing, I feel it'd withstand more before having issues, but yoga's are awesome so you can't really go wrong

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  • Screams i thought the freezing was just me lol

    But here is an example of the quality of art i produce on the yoga



  • i've been trying to sleep for two hours now but keep giving up after an hour

    and i have school starting tomorrow? rip me

    my primary use would be both a portable pc for uni and something that supports me doing art since i find it much easier to draw straight onto something rather than a tablet

    ah and yes i meant jiggle as in overall stability without correction

    and yes v nice art ;w;

    and how about battery? how long does it last? i have had sessions where i've worked on one image for up to eight hours.

    also does the lenovo work well when its folded all the way (provided you guys have that)?


    nikolaos / larkpaw / wolfpaw / dA

  • Nooooo

    That sucks tho :^((

    But i hope school isnt too disgusting for you tomorrow !

    It is very light and thats perf for a portable pc for schoolwork/art but its delicate, so if you trust yourself to be gentle with it, it will last you a long time.

    And the jiggle thing, i think its pretty smooth honestly. If youre in a program designed for drawing the lines will be very nice(ms paint is smooth af). It might get wobbly if you draw through a browser though or a program designed for something else.

    When i first got it, the battery was really long lasting. As long as you dont have random background programs running it should last about as long as the battery icon says. Gradually, the battery gets shittier but thats p normal.

    And the folding thing is pretty reliable in my opinion. If you flip it all the way to just use the screen it automatically locks the keyboard so you dont press random keys with your knees or table lol. I think its pretty solid when folded but the only down side is that i like to ctrl+z on the keyboard a lot so i dont usally fold it.


  • My battery lasts a long time, but that probably means nothing because my screen is the size of an iPad xD I'd just look up reviews for your specific model as far as battery life goes.

    Other than that Des hit it on the head

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  • In terms of the questions I'm really looking at the reliability of its products compared to what they claim aha

    But thank you both (i somehow slept oh my gosh)! The lenovo sounds a lot more powerful and smooth than I first thought and insight of the sturdiness of its hardware along with reviews online match up p well. the freezing is a shame but it's good to hear how well the smoothness of the pen goes. thank you very much!


    nikolaos / larkpaw / wolfpaw / dA

  • I have a Surface Pro 4 and it works great for drawing. I wouldn't really recommend it for every day use though. I attempted to do that and I don't even do that much with it. It was laggy and just...really slow and hard to handle. I had mine docked to a monitor and keyboard and mouse and everything with the special Surface Dock. That seemed to make it worse. Also the keyboards that you can buy for it, since it's a tablet, are harder to use. It just doesn't balance right. So while I love the machine for drawing, it's a poor choice for every day use.

    The Surface Book is much better for an every day use, but I don't know how it compares for drawing. Dynamo had one briefly but it wasn't suiting his needs. It's also more expensive than the Surface Pro 4.

  • Huion KAMVAS GT-191

    • You already seem to acknowledge that this isn't a great option. To keep my complaints brief: 1) No-name brand 2) it's only a monitor 3) drawing on a fatty monitor is more difficult than you might think 4) still somehow a bit pricey

    Microsoft Surface Pro

    • I liked my Surface Pro, but it's not the best every day use machine. While the detachable keyboard is pretty decent, it's still pretty insecure on anything but a solid surface. It's also rather more difficult to adjust to an angle of your liking because of the kickstand instead of a traditional laptop hinge.

    Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Pro

    • I'd need a specific model number to confirm or deny this one. Some of the Yoga series have nice screens that are good for drawing, while others don't (mine doesn't). If the screen on the Thinkpad in question has pressure sensitivity, it's probably all right.

    Microsoft Surface Book

    • The Surface Book is quite nearly the Surface Pro but with a better keyboard. The keyboard houses some extra battery (in the higher end models it has a secondary discrete GPU as well, if I recall correctly). The Surface Pro is pretty much a laptop that you can pull the screen off of to use as a tablet. This is mighty handy when you want to draw, as it's pretty nice to have as little as possible in your hand as your drawing.

    In my opinion you have only two choices: The Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Pro and the Microsoft Surface Book.

    Without question the Microsoft Surface Book will cost you more based on pure hardware specs. However, the screen is very nice, both visually and with how well it works with the pen. This isn't something that'll reflect in the specs, but it's a very nice drawing device. That said, my experience is that, given the same hardware, the Surface Book is slower. This could come from many places, but the screen being awesomely high resolution and it having such a high sensitivity in the screen are likely at least part of it.

    I can't speak to drawing with the Thinkpad. If it has a pressure sensitive screen and looks decent, it'll probably do all right.

    At the end of it, two things are likely going to determine your choice (not necessarily in this order): 1) price 2) primary use. If you can afford either of them, and you truly mean to have it primarily as a drawing device, I think the Surface Book is going to do better for you. If you're going to draw with it sometimes but normally just use it for Facebook or other normal stuff, the Thinkpad is likely the better choice as it'll do that at least as well or better for a little less money.

  • Thank you so much that was extremely helpful!

    Can I ask if you know what lenovo device would be best out of your own experience? (i can google this myself i'm just at school right now)


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  • Not as in depth, but the surface book screen is pretty awesome and beautiful to view images and pictures and graphics on. My boyfriend loves drawing on it. If you want me to ask him specifics on the feel I can. He also uses it for gaming, he does not have the better graphics card that some surface books have but he can still play overwatch and league of legends and other games on low graphics.

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  • For the screen, you'll have to look at them in person. As a very vague rule of thumb, a higher resolution will look better. However, viewing angle is also a big consideration, but *most* laptop screens have a very good viewing angle these days. Given equal resolution (or acceptable resolution) the viewing angle can make a big difference. In your case with drawing, it may be more important, as even a few degrees can cause colors to look different on a mediocre screen.

    I'd continue to push you at the Surface series if your primary intent is drawing. It's going to be unquestionably better at that. If your primary intent is anything else, the Lenovo's should be just as good.