Camp Bone Willow [rp]

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    The stench of the old bus filled her nose to the brim while dust could be seen through the beams of summer light that shined through the windows. While the vehicle was what others would consider out of date, to her it was comforting. Being the vessel that carried her to and from the camp for many years, it was an object that she could never view with a negative eye until it was time for her to leave the camp. She sat in the same seat she had for the past decade thought this time it was by herself. Normally she would have a certain raven boy by her side, but seeing that he was a reaper, he was at an age where he had other more important duties to address. Her messenger bag kept her company, however, and held several trinkets to keep her entertained. One of which was a 3DS that her pale hands clutched on to. For a guard, she was rather youthful at heart.

    When she was not distracted with the hunt for a shiny creature on her game, she would occasionally glance up at the others near by. Her bus wasn't as packed as it normally would be, but given the fact that is was the last bus to arrive at the "human" spot, Ophi could understand why there were so many empty rows. There was so much room, in fact, that people began to position themselves sideways and stretch their legs out towards the walkway of the bus. She would have done the same, but knowing how long the trip was and the landmarks along the journey, there wasn't that much time left before the bus would finally arrive. Even more, she did not want to risk her bag and sword sliding around by having to place them on the floor of the bus. With this particular bus, the only place to store luggage was in the compartment in the belly of the vehicle (where most had their large suit cases stored), in your lap, or if you didn't have a person next to you, in your seat. Ophi did have her suit case tucked away in the bus' stomach, but she could not leave her sword there as she needed to have easy access to it in the case of an emergency and her messenger bag had all the small things to keep her busy over the four-hour trip.


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    Simon woke with a start, sweat beading his forehead as he looked around his darkened room. His breaths came out in soft, but quick pants. He could barely remember the dream he had woken so furiously from. The only remnants of the dream he could still grasp was quiet hushed giggling in a candlelit closet.. Whatever it was, it sent shivers up his spine.. Simon turned to the window next to his bed and opened the heavy brown curtains just enough to peek through at the bright sunny summer day. It seemed only a few people were up and at it, they were probably finishing up a few loose ends before the campers arrived that afternoon. Simon pushed himself out of bed, wobbling clumsily on his hooves before gripping the bedpost to hold himself steady. After slipping on both his camp shirt, and his green cloak, he gripped his cane from in the corner and steadily made his way out of the room.

    Slowly, Simon passed a few doors before reaching the bathroom at the end of the hall. He was sure to only step on the rug, as to not wake up any others with the clattering of his hooves on hardwood. He reached the bathroom at the end of the hall, and tried his best to keep his hygienic business as quiet as possible.. After he was done in the bathroom, Simon made his way out the front door of the cabin, sure to close the door after him.


  • Even among the plethora of creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors, it wasn't hard for the poor arachnid to feel out of place somehow. Maybe it was her peculiar appearance, or maybe her shy nature was just messing with her thought process. Everything was just one big 'maybe'. Maybe, she should just think about other things, like the small paper clutched in her hands. Yet another maybe. The mandibles attached to the corners of her pale link lips started to rub together, a telltale sign of her growing unease. Even her second pair of mandibles--which were located under her human body--started to rub together. In an attempt to distract herself from the stomach-churning nervousness that caused her body to tremble occasionally, the arachnid decided to open the note and read the words printed on its surface in neat, curly lettering. Reading the note managed to alleviate some of the built-up tension in her body, and it even brought a smile to her lips. This note was one from her mother, who tried her best to write in English, which wasn't her first language. There were some spelling errors and other mistakes, but it was still readable. The note was both heartwarming and heart-wrenching. The arachnid had left her mother alone in order to attend the camp, and their only method of communication were notes tied to the backs of spiders. The spider who brought her the note was perched on one of her many limbs, staring at her with it's eight, unblinking eyes. Unlike most other monsters, the thought of being stared down by a spider didn't unnerve her one bit. She was part spider, after all.

    If the clues weren't enough to reveal the identity of the creature, her name is Hayami Kaneko. Hayami is a hybrid of two creatures: her mother is a Jorogumo, and her father was a Centaur. She never met him, and highly doubted she ever would. Thinking about how she came to be would only result in a very confusing headache, so she decided to ignore the thought and focus on other, more important matters, like replying to her mother's note. So, fishing a pen out of her bag, Hayami flipped the note over and started to write. Her words weren't in English: instead of letters, intricate characters decorated the small sheet of white paper like small doodles. When the reply was finished, Hayami untied a small red string from around her forefinger and rolled up the note, using the string to fasten it to the spider's abdomen. She wouldn't be able to release it now--it would go flying out the window--so she would have to wait until they arrived at the camp. The smaller arachnid crawled into her welcoming palm and settled in its center, showing no sign of aggression when the Jorogumo-hybrid wrapped their fingers around it's puny body. It knew her intentions weren't meant to harm: if anyone saw the spider they'd probably crush it without a second thought, so holding it in her palm seemed like the best way to protect the small arthropod. That would devastate Hayami: she couldn't control spiders yet, so she'd have no way to contact her mother. The very thought of being separated snuffed out her cheerful attitude. So, directing her attention to the blurred scenery outside of her window, Hayami tried to take her mind off of those things.

    Bringing her legs closer to her form, a small sigh escaped Hayami's lips.

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  • After she boarded the bus, Claudia found the sear farthest from everyone else in the back. She ignored any looks or stares she received, keeping her gaze decidedly down as she shuffled into the corner seat next to the window. Her bag was already stored in the bus, though she carried a smaller, drawstring backpack that she kept close to her, wrapping her long, slender fingers around the top. Her nails with long and pointed, painted deep scarlet as if to resemble blood. She had hoped it might be dissuading.

    Claudia turned out the window, a frown twisting her face as she started out at the 'human's domain'. It would be the last she saw of it for a while, at least until she may be enabled to live among them normally and not as a corpse devouring freak. Never, something hissed in her thoughts. Claudia ignored it and shifted uncomfortably, crossing her legs and hunching her shoulders. She glanced at the other seat, frowning rather angrily at the space as if it had done her personal harm. In reality, she was simply trying to decide whether she would set her bag there, a place which it could easily be taken, or if she should leave the seat available, thus opening it to the possibility of someone sitting next to her.

    She hoped her stormy looks and her sharpened nails would be enough to unnerve anyone who considered sitting beside her. Claudia had kept herself mostly isolated after her parents were killed, going to camp wasn't about to change that.

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    All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost, The old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring, Renewed shall be blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king.
    All that is gold does not glitter, all that is long does not last, All that is old does not wither, all that is over is not past.
    Not all that have fallen are vanquished, a king may yet be without crown, A blade that was broken be brandished, and towers that were strong may fall down

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    "Little baked things, like bread, but sweet and crumbly." / "Cookies?" / "Yes! We have no such things in our lands. This should be remedied."




    Simon smiled softly as the morning sunlight hit his face, he hoped today would be a good one. Sure to step over the dusty old bones left on the steps of the cabin, Simon made his way over to his makeshift garden. The soil in the Boneyard was perfect for gardening, as there were so many old bones and so much decaying matter lying about. To be completely honest, the amount of death in this one part of camp used to unnerve him, but he's managed to look at the bones only as fertilizer and nothing more. Reaching the tiny garden, Simon knelt down and began picking at the soil beneath the seedlings, sure to pick out any oversized leaves or trash wrappers or harmful insects. The tiny area was on the side of the cabin, relatively out of sight and out of mind, but yet even then some seedlings would be found desecrated and stomped on. It annoyed Simon to no end at how easily some campers here could kill innocent seedlings so mindlessly. His ear twitched with anger just thinking about it. After watering the plants, Simon managed to surround the small area with large rocks in order to section it off from the rest of the Boneyard. Simon then picked up his watering can, strung it on the tip of his walking stick, and lumbered out of the Boneyard.

    Simon managed to make his way down out of the Boneyard and into the camp, pulling his cloak over him a bit more. He headed over to the kitchen for some early breakfast. He went over in his mind what exactly he could make.



    He shrugged any ideas off and just decided to go with whatever he found first. The deathly silence of the camp unnerved him.. He didn't like how silent the area had gotten.. He hobbled towards the dining hall with a bit more vigor than before.

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  • Harvey had originally been picked up in an area far off from any large human civilization. Though humanoid-looking, he didn't have a convincing form he could keep to board at one of the "human" stops. He was almost surprised at the group of colorful characters he saw when he boarded. Sure, he had seen other monsters before, but it was mostly with more "human" looking ones. Those that could retain humanoid form. Harvey wasn't nervous-- that's the one thing he was sure of. What was there to be afraid of? At most, maybe a scare or two that would send them into panic for an hour before it's resolved. He didn't expect too much.

    Harvey gave a quick glance to the top of the bus for a suitable perch to hang from. The tendency came naturally to him. He preferred it, to be honest. It felt safer to him. Plus, it's harder for people to bother you when you're hanging from the ceiling. He tightened his backpack to secure it and grabbed the top edge of a window while hoisting himself up onto the back of a seat. Harvey gave a light push upward and grabbed onto a metal bar near the ceiling, swinging his feet up to take hold. He briefly wondered if he was even allowed to do this. Then again, who was here to stop him? He bent his knees and hung down from the perch, wrapping the leathery wings around him and tucking his head in, feeling much more comfortable in the makeshift darkness. This seemed like it was going to be a long ride.

    Harvey hung above a couple other of the campers, finding entertainment in mindlessly eavesdropping on some other hushed conversation. Everybody was pretty quiet for the most part, not much talking emerging between one another. Harvey didn't mind. He wasn't going to be the one to break the silence, that was for sure.

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    The morning chill forced Oliver to curl up in bed, snuggling under several heavy blankets and snoring softly against his crumpled pillow. Late last night he'd arrived at the hotel, reserving this room after having traveled ten hours straight; he'd be damned if he didn't get enough sleep now.

    When Oliver's phone first buzzed an alarm, he hit snooze, incoherently grumbling something nonsensical but undoubtedly dry with displeasure. Cordial sunlight peeked in through the semi-drawn curtains, but hardly roused interest or additional awareness. Lagging exhaustion kept Oliver grounded firmly to the old mattress, his fatigued body indifferent about said mattress's lackluster spring frame. He could sleep on anything at this point, it wouldn't matter.

    The second alarm was shut off with far more conscious vigor, Oliver's brain stirred awake just enough to be annoyed by it's unforgiving pursuit. He spitefully threw it across the beige carpet as he slowly sat up, stretching out his stiff muscles.

    Vermilion eyes adjusted their vision, muddled but becoming clear given three or four blinks. Oliver lazily untangled himself from the covers and slipped a shirt (set aside earlier) over his head of white, unlawful hair before sliding out of bed.

    His feet felt heavy as he shuffled forward. Reaching the narrow closet on the far wall, he craned his neck to look for and grab a large, camo-pattern duffel bag from the top shelf. Everything was already packed, and he had already showered last night for the sake of today's convenience. He would, fingers crossed, reach Bone Willow on time or early.

    Oliver knew that a large percentage of Bone Willow's campers journeyed via bus, but he didn't quite feel comfortable in public motorized vehicles. Neither did his canine companion, so they'd been traveling alone by foot, bike, or car rental depending on whatever seemed most logical at present. (Hiding Lefty limited their options.)

    Oliver gathered eveything and checked out. He left the hotel, heading to where Lefty patiently waited by the treeline. His ahuizotl friend waved it's "tail" once in greeting, while shifting its odd paws impatiently.