ic/ooc opinions on Finn?

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  • aaa i really like finn!! you write him so well, i can literally taste overwhelming amounts of salt radiating out of his posts

    but in all seriousness, finn is such a great character. i'm really excited to see what you have in store for him in the future!

    pfft, glasspaw and finnegan still need a thread together. they could be suffering buddies™ ;0



    glasspaw | info | ext. shadowclan | duskreacher | played by twelve

  • ooc// okay words literally can't describe how much i love finn. the way you write him is so real and i can feel the salt irl. he's actually perfect :) mic and him are the cutest bros 5evr

    ic// "finn? he's like the big brother i never had! he's really nice and funny, but sometimes he's a bit- what's the word everyone uses? (long pause bc mic is dumb) oh- salty! yeah he's a salty one but it's okay because he's my best friend"


    — micah | 5 moons | shadowclan | nightwatcher | possessed | tags

  • ooc; i really love finnegan. i appreciate the fact that you've given him flaws; he's not always rational and isn't always kind, and it adds a lot of depth to him. it's also realistic, because people irl aren't perfect. that being said, he has enough positive traits, like his protectiveness over micah or his wittiness, that he's still a likeable character! also, plus, i love that he is completely made out of salt. cx

    ic; "what do i think of finnegan? i think he can be kinda annoying, but he's a pretty good brother. y'know, he hasn't betrayed me or tried to murder me or anything dramatic like that. he's too salty for his own good, though. one day that's gonna bite him right in the ass. don't tell him i said that, alright?"

    ★ - just a young gun

    with a quick fuse - ★

    sango x radioactiveplague | roleplayed by tropics

  • okay well it's obvious that i adore fin. when i returned, im not gonna lie, i was fearful that xia's new siblings would be in and out of the picture, causing multitudes of problems for plots and stuff. but you stuck around, as did he, and we made an interesting plot together, which always gives a starting plus in my book. plus, i love his design, physically and personality wise. like tropics said, you have the perfect mix of flaws and strengths, and you also have fun with him. i think he's a great character and im excited for what he has in store for the future <3

    "No. I don't want to talk about that smartass as there is nothing redeemable within him. He's set off by the smallest things and takes ages to cool down. He's a literal salt block and I have wished for him to simply fuck off on several occasions. Good bye."

  • Aaaaaaaa omg thank you it means so much !!

    I've always had a problem with balancing my characters out enough with both good and bad traits, so I'm soooo glad that I've improved on that!

    I'm really glad you guys love my salt block as much as I do lol <3

    I love how Calina considers him a decent brother because he hasn't tried to murder her omg

    But I'm really looking forward to the plot we have! And the many more to come! C:

    hahaha ice queen vs salt king

    is never a good thing whoops

  • would calina be the fire queen

    glasspaw is gonna be the meme king. just you wait.

    as for the thread, could you make? i've been busy this entire weekend, and it'll be hard for me to get on until tomorrow.



    glasspaw | info | ext. shadowclan | duskreacher | played by twelve

  • salt, ice, fire, memes

    long ago, the four tropes lived together in harmony

    but everything changed when the memelords attacked

    only the avatar, master of all four tropes could stop them

    but when the world needed him most, he vanished

    a hundred years passed and shadowclan discovered the new avatar

    a memelord named sango

    although her memeing skills are great

    she still has a lot to learn before she's ready to save anyone

    but i believe sango can save the world.

    edit: sorry just wanted to add that im so r ry this was funn ier in my h ea d

  • OMG I can imagine Glass just showing everyone memes all the time oml

    Like everything he says, he's secretly referring to a meme

    But yes, I can make! C: I'll try to get around to it in a bit!!

    Omg yes that needs an AU!!! Please make It because that is like