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  • These "clans" were odd.. Their life was odd and how they sometimes did things

    like humans do. Talk and create things. After her visit to her pack to inform

    she wanted to be part of two, she came back. She was surprised they accepted

    it. As that was a rare thing for a feral wolf to do. She was going to most likely

    stay here for a short time because she knew she didn't fit in. And well she was

    mostly here to study them and understand them. How did Alaskapup manage

    this at such a young age? At 6 months and looking nearly like an adult she

    almost didn't understand them at all.

    Hopefully they didn't think of the so called word "weird". And they called

    each other by names? She was called by a howl, even know they named

    her. They just told you your name when you were young if your lucky

    and then they never call you by it.

    The young wolf laid under a tree, watching the creatures communicate.

    Maybe she should learn it, it seemed every species here knew it and used

    it to communicate to all. She tipped her head to the side in thought, would

    she ever know how to say a full sentence?

  • Crank had been looking for Pris, someone who he now hung out with regularly, when he saw an unfamiliar wolf laying under a tree. Confused, the blue boy padded over, a small frown etched on his face. "Hey! Crankgameplays here- you're new on BlizzardClan territory, huh? What's your name?" The small husky asked, wagging his tail softly. Did she even know English?

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  • Blizzardclan territory? Hey! She heard those words when she joined! Maybe she

    could say something about it! She opened her mouth to speak but then closed it.

    Wait, why'd he say that? What did the rest before that mean? "Name?" Ohh,

    something about her name, right?? After a long pause she spoke, hopefully

    she was answering this right.  "Er...Western. Western....Winds?" She

    nearly didn't remember. She was having a mental breakdown, and already

    getting a headache from just trying to interact once.

    Ahh, hopefully she wouldn't scare him away. Or.. look dumb.

    She was trying her best.

  • Pacing around camp looking for some kind of brain stimulation was turning into a habit. Normally, he would of found some type of event going on to satisfy his addiction for attention, but it was turning out to be a slow day. Until his ears picked up on a conversation blooming, and Pad's path was turned. It was that one feral wolf, and another kid he didn't know- Crankgameplays, what the fresh hell? Whatever.

    The shapeshifter had known many feral animals in his long afterlife, many of them sentient prey critters, but the occasional predator did show up. He was mildly surprised at the amount of civilized creatures in BlizzardClan when he first came here. Pad kind of fit in to their human-like culture, partially because he was born human himself. The demon couldn't be considered human anymore, he had lost his claim to humanity when he died. But he did know a good amount of things reserved specifically for humans, all of which he picked up on through various hauntings.

    "Oh, I know you. You just joined, didn't ya?" Feral wolves relied much more heavily on body language, so Pad tried his best to appear friendly and inviting towards Westernwinds, a little rusty on exact meanings, but it was something.

    it feels so good to be replaced

    when the world says that you're a disgrace

    played by tricky / tags

  • Western wagged her tail in a friendly greeting, ears forward in an interested

    look. "Joined? Yes." she attempted to speak, nodding her head once. Although

    she only knew that part of the sentence like Crank. West didn't like humans, they

    were a bit interesting to her but she was afraid after when she saw a lone wolf -

    shooting from this loud and scary flying thing. All for fur... But the things they

    did were just off to her. They rarely spoke in body language and she had to scent

    their feelings if she was ever close to one. She had to do nearly the same with them,

    but it would be creepy if she told them she knew. She didn't know how anyway.

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    "So you're new to BlizzardClan then?" Sweetophelia spoke up with a rhetorical question, her pale lilac eyes friendly as she regarded the young wolf. She would have been very surprised to learn that this one knew of Alaskanpup. "Welcome. I hope you're liking it here so far?" Taking a seat beside Pad, the BlizzardClan leader offered her clanmates a quick nod before refocusing her attention on Westernwinds. "I'm Sweetophelia Targaryen - it's a pleasure."


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