you're born to live [MEETING, 12/07] and fight it all the way

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    (Retro to Exiles raid!)

    The only thought going through her head was how late she was on this as she scampered to where she usually held meetings, a large and comfortable room in the Aztec temple. had she been a human, she would have brushed off her overly-professional suit and tightened her ponytail. Instead, she settled for flipping over her right ear and calling for everyone together. "Aight, everyone get over here! Time for the meeting and I don't think anyone wants to wait any longer!"

    Per usual, she'd wait for a few member of her Crew to gather before talking about the new changes. "The Knights of Eden, lead by our very own George, have been promoted to neutrals, as have The Skulls." George had recently told her about him leading The Knights of Eden, and after some discussion, they decided to work together. Selfdestruction had come to The Cartel not much later after that, requesting to be neutrals. "The Knights of Eden are also being bumped up to our first associates. I want everyone to deal on the down low with every Clan - many clans don't like what we do, so word getting out that a clan is an associate could ruin their reputation. If they're dealing with us, we don't that; if they aren't, we have some blackmail." She sat down, lifting a paw up to tap her maw thoughtfully. "Someone from the Currency division needs to go over there and give them some Carets. Enough to support the entire group for a month."

    The Divisions were just starting to get up and going. They needed to put their full attention towards them so tat they didn't flail and die right off the bat. To do that, they'd have to stop something that had already seemed to flail and die. "The Battle Arena's over. We're just not ready for it. I wanna focus our efforts of the Divisions and getting out name out there. Once those are able to stand on their own, maybe we can go back to the Battle Arena." To be honest, Caera wasn't really sure if that was very... Cartel. The Divisions were something that definitely yelled out "MAFIA! THE CARTEL!" but the Battle Arena was more of a "VIOLENCE! NO MERCY!" Against popular belief, The Cartel wasn't all about violence and destroying others. Perhaps something like The Gang Wars, that had once been a thing under previous leaders, would suit them better than a battle arena. She'd have to talk about it later with Xael.

    "Now, I wanna welcome everyone new to the crew! Make sure to sign up for a division by talking to the Capos, check out the billboard with all the Divisions info on it, and get around to knowing everyone. Some people bite though, so watch out." Well gosh, now she really did sound like an old grandma. Guess she was living up to her title, eh? "Arcane has been demoted from his position as Surgeon, and both Cecil and Angelo receive a warning. I like to be lax with activity, but you need to step it up, guys. We gotta represent, ya know? Speaking of representing, Ryuksaki and Somebody are doing great at that! They're both promoted to Vanguards. Trevor, you're doing great so you get a shout out. keep it up and you'll get a promotion, as well." Well, that was all she had to say. She shifted into a more comfortable position as she hunkered down for the oncoming questions. "That's all I have to say, so meeting's over."



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  • somebody?

    So, this was a meeting. Somebody had never been to one before. He trotted over, slight curiousity finding its way into his mind, likely from the reactions of some nearby npcs who wanted to know what was going on. He took a seat, listening. A some alliance stuff. Some business stuff. Something about a Battle Arena, which they knew nothing about. Welcoming new members... was he still new? He had signed up for multiple divisions, so he didn't think so. Some demotions - who the hell were those guys? - and... promotions. He had a rank now. A rank other than just a normal old member, anyways.

    Should... should he feel proud? He kind of did, as a response to the way Caera spoke. But the emotion wasn't very powerful. Just powerful enough to bring a small smile to his face. "Noted, congratulations, and... thanks." He guessed that was really all there was for him to say.



    Ryūsaki came as quickly as he could when he heard Caera's call for the meeting. It seemed he was one of the first to show up, surprisingly! Well, that was good since he'd be able to pick a spot from the front. Quickly settling down with his stuffed badger Chi between his paws, the ghoul lifted his head to watch Caera as the meeting commenced. He began jotting down mental notes in his mind, nodding his head occasionally as the Godmother gave out all of her announcements.

    The Knights of Eden was now one of their associates, huh? Well, that was rather good! It was beneficial to them both as they supported each other. Drugs, weapons, and armor were probably what they wanted the most out of the Cartel, but it was business all the same. The coydog would nod his head slowly. The next thing that came up was about the Battle Arena being canceled. He was more or less happy to hear about that. Ryūsaki wasn't very good with capturing (not that he would in the first place) and had previously thought the idea was a little much. He was glad that Caera was now taking the time to develop the Divisions more. After all, that was the foundation of their group and the Divisions that made up the Cartel was an integral part of their functioning. Without them, they wouldn't be very mafia-themed, now would they?

    The mention of signing up for divisions was something he was sure would be brought up every meeting, so Ryuu hadn't paid very close attention to it, though he did nod showing that he understood. He had already signed up for a couple divisions himself, with those being the Currency and the Arms division. He might hop on board with the Drugs division too. And while he didn't necessarily sell cocaine and other harmful drugs, the "good" types of drugs like medicine also wagered pretty well too for clans that needed them urgently.

    And promotions and demotions were the final things Caera brought up. Of course, the coydog didn't expect himself to be promoted. It had come as a shock to him at first. Godmother Caera was promoting him? Him? No way. No way! She had promoted him and Somebody to Vanguard. It was a semi-high position, but it was a promotion nonetheless. The coydog's blue eyes widened, his tail wagging furiously behind him as he smiled up at their leader. "W-W-Whoa, thanks, Godmother! I won't l-let you down! Arigatou gozaimasu!" He yipped, dipping his head towards Caera. Oh, and before he forgot- "I can go over to KoE and deliver those Carets for y-you, Godmother Caera." He was a member of the Currency division, after all. He should be able to pull his own weight around for once. "Congratulations, S-Somebody." He barked towards the other who had gotten promoted alongside him. Wait until Sollux heard about this... He was going to be proud of him, right? For actually doing something right for once?



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  • He got a shoutout. A gold star. Wasn't that fuckin' dandy. Trevor squints, just a little, at Somebody - more or less, he's annoyed that his subordinates were recognized before him. He wasn't aiming for recognition or ranks here, but the thought of his own crew member standing above him in authority made his hackles rise nonetheless.

    Rather than comment on the promotions or give so much as a flicker of acknowledgement towards Somebody for his hard work, Trevor sat back and cast a glare across the crowd. A damn sore loser, he was.

  • xael would attend the meeting in a track post. "i can take the carets over there if no one else volunteers." she'd offer herself, seeing as she was one of the few members of the currency division.