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    genevieve leonidas-arcanium-resurgam — — sunclan


    NAME .genevieve leonidas-arcanium-resurgam
    GENDER .female [♀]
    SEXUALITY .panromantic homosexual (hypersexual)
    in depth: genevieve will grow into a woman who knows her attractions and pursues them as she sees fit, though capable of holding a romantic relationship with anyone of any gender her true attractions clearly lie with the same sex throughout her life. dominant in both personality and mannerisms she will always prefer to be the head of any sort of suiting relationship and may stretch into polyamory later on in life if she meets the right people.
    SPECIES .catsune (¾ cat, ¼ kitsune)
    BELIEFS .full faith in helios
    in depth: from a very young age viv's faith in helios will be stalwart and absolute and getting her to consider any sort of waver in her beliefs will be about the easiest way to offend her. driven by ideals of vengeance, heroism, and justice she will grow to be about as affectionate with her god as she is her own family, often visiting the sunpool to the point she could likely find the path even if blindfolded. as she grows into her adolescence she will begin to take her devotion very seriously and don the task of becoming a sun priestess, giving her clanmates advice and solace as well learning to hone light and fire to her advantage as a pyromancer.


    ANATOMY .feline at first glance genevieve is most definitely a cat overall with a feminine angular face, alert pointed ears, and a slim tapered body. this doesn't mean however her heritage has eluded her, sprouting from hindquarters are two bushy tails that wrap around her hind legs idly when she's nervous or fidgeting, a nod to the kitsune genes that run in her blood.
    in depth: slim and fit viv has long, lanky legs and an incredibly feminine build with lean, hardened muscles that will come into shape beneath her sleek pelt later on in life. her tails are about the same length as a cat's but function individually from one another with each one able to move completely independently. set into her skull are narrow, almond-shaped eyes and a surprising amount of teeth, two rows actually. when hunting a secondary retractable row of teeth becomes apparent to support her dietary habits of ghoulism.
    APPEARANCE .a rich brown in color she sports sable fur that grows faintly darker towards her spine and lighter towards her underside. spattering her cheeks and muzzle are bright orange freckles, that of which match her eyes in color.
    in depth: her fur is medium-long in length and is usually groomed sleek and incredibly well-kept; always taking pride in her appearance genevieve tries to always look her best no matter the situation or place. in detail her fur is mostly dusky brown with a darker nose, lighter inside of her ears, and she sports an orange tongue and paw pads to boot.
    ACCESSORIES .though she will sport none to begin with it is likely viv will acquire some accessories throughout her life including but not limited to piercings, jewelry, and chokers. she will wear these will elegance and pride.
    SCARS .none as of yet.
    in depth: as she ages and encounters more in life genevieve may acquired scars, these will be solely based off of IC interaction and attacks she fails to evade in combat and will grow with her as a character from the very beginning, realistically fading or emboldening with age.


    MUTATIONS .two tails, ghoulism
    POWERS .pyromancy, a type of magic she harnesses from her faith in the patron sun god helios, this allows her to use fire and light to her advantage in every day life
    PRIESTESS OF FIRE: drawn to helios from birth, age will only affirm genevieve's devotion, leading her to oftentimes visit the sunpool and focus her teachings on the god himself. by the time she reaches apprentice age this will root into something more and she will begin her path as a sun priest of helios himself, come adolescence this will act as a catalyst for something more, allowing her to wield fire in combat and use small "mage lights" to light up dark places. as she develops as a character these abilities will develop and grow with her.
    NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY: naivety and compassion aside, war is never pretty. to push forward her development as a character something horrible (i'm not sure what yet oop) will happen to genny that will shift her view on good and bad and light her need to annihilate the evil of the world and, most vitally, her need to heal. this will be a longterm plot where she comes to terms with herself and what happened and grows from it as an individual, for better or worse though remains to be seen...
    MUSE .10/10, i haven't had muse like this since aima oml what is this
    — when feeding or in combat her scleras shift to black leaving nothing but slitted yellow pupils and orange scleras in their wake, a secondary row of teeth also make their appearance
    — when using her pyromancy genevieve doesn't use her powers so much as draws them forward, this means the more worked up and prolonged things become the more intense the results
    — she'll likely have a very strong bond with one of her siblings
    — she absolutely idolizes her parents and will likely development as a mommy or daddy's girl
    — firmly believes she didn't inherit vampirism so that she could more safely pursue a path as a sun priestess, who knows if she's right


    in the stories of ancient greek mythology, hera was the wife of zeus, and her jealous and competitive spirit carries in taiga. whether it be through coincidence or something that goes much, much deeper than chance, this ancient mythological goddess and girl bear many similarities. hera, or juno, was queen of the gods, goddess of mothering and childbirth, and always jealous of her husband's many affairs with all sorts of different people. it enraged her to think zeus could be with any other. taiga is the same; jealous and dominating. but no matter how similar they are, tai is her own character in many respects that it wouldn't do her justice if we used only hera and aphrodite to describe her. let me weave you a story of this young girl and let me paint you a picture of her features; her character is something worth viewing...


    full name taiga mimi arcanium-leonidas-resurgam

    alias n/a

    nickname(s) tai, mimi

    gender cis female
    species kitsune-feline

    orientation bisexual, biromantic


    overall appearance taiga is like a watercolor painting, each stroke specially made for her and for her alone. each detail intricated in so delicately as if glass. or perhaps she could be imagined as a fragile, porcelain doll. a nearly completely snow white coat spills over her and a feminine figure defines her. dark pink glosses her ears, tails, and paws, yet no other sign of suga's pink accents and patterns stains her fur. a single ribbon of gold orbits around her tails before the pink begins its grand entrance. tai's fur is also quite fluffy, though not necessarily as thick as presumed to be. it often sticks out in every which way and takes a while to completely tame for just a single day. her luminaries are a soft, opaque baby blue pools with black sclera, round except for the defining point at their tips. they are spindled with a thick and smooth gold color as if it was makeup. the young girl also inherits from suga a pair of expansive, illustrious dark pink hinged feathered wings and three tails. however, she does not carry a trace of vampirism or ghoulism in her. tufts of microscopic pink hinted fur surround her ears that angle slightly forward, and her paws are very tiny and small, leading her to often loose her footing and trip, though this could also be due to her terrible balance. the girl is very swift but lacks in strength as the typical naturally fast one does, but is very flexible and can bend at extreme angles. when it comes to what she can choose about how she looks, taiga decorates herself as if she was a canvas. wearing blossoms and a flower headpiece atop her head, she certainly looks like prosperous royalty. to add to her look she often adds excessive amounts of highlight to the bridge of her nose and displays a small white, red, and gold robe. here is a further reference of her outfit. however, she is more often than not limited to this design. she completes more of herself with indian and native american pieces, adding even more to her own internal cultural diversity.

    coat color pure white with dark pink dipped tails, ears, and paws.

    eye color soft opaque baby blue with black sclera

    build feminine

    physical conditions might develop tuberculosis

    outfit/accessories flower blossoms and flower headpiece/clip on her head, small white, red, and gold robe

    powers and abilities taiga bears what is called midas's touch, or the golden touch. anything she touches, if she so chooses, can turn into gold. if she overuses her powers (which doesn't take much), then she will either pass out or be extremely exhausted or even become sick. along with this, she was born with a curse. every time she is harmed in any way, be it mental or physical, she will experience intense and sometimes excruciating pain.


    overall personality taiga. the name rolls off the tongue so easily, so much so that it might not do her personality justice. she's a spitfire. a brewing storm. but she's also just a masterpiece in the making. starting from when she was just a small child, she was hot-headed and hard to please. tai would often pout if things did not go her way, and from the beginning could not stand not being the alpha of the group. even still, she is all of these things, but to different degrees. she would turn things into gold when she was mad, leading her to exhaustion and many naps. now that she is more mature, she knows better than to do such things carelessly. however, she is very delusional about her maturity to the point where she believes she is old enough for a serious relationship and can handle anything. speaking of relationships, one of the most iconic aspects about this girl is her knowledge and obsession of love. eros, philos, agape; she knows about all three. taiga surrounds herself in a competitive and jealous lifestyle, making it her goal to be the most beautiful and most charming girl in the clan. scratch that, the most beautiful and most charming in the world. and she's already surprisingly good at it. she sees a lot of other girls as her competitors and will go to extremes to make sure the person she likes stays hers. in this perspective, she can be seen as sly and manipulative, though she honestly hates doing anything such as lying or deceiving someone. taiga likes to win without cheating; a pure and clean game for her. it satisfies her to know she got someone crushing on her, not by default, but because she's simply the best. though she may not realize it, it is actually surprisingly hard to become a true love of hers because of how she generally wishes for everyone's affection. yet she still likes to be close to everyone, whether her love of them is in the sense of agape, philos, or eros. this leads her to have thanatophobia, the fear of losing someone, whether it be through death or a broken heart. when it comes to her activities and skills, taiga has a knack for dancing. and we're talkin' foreign, exotic dancing. forget modern western dances; she's doing twists, turns, and flips to Mambo Italiano. and that's only the start of it. hawaiian, bollywood, and spanish moves are all under her set of skills, and she displays them proudly. as for another favorite activity of hers, tea-making and tea-tasting are a good option to spend her time with. japanese tea ceremonies fascinate her, and it's been a dream of hers to attend a professional tea ceremony. she enjoys collecting ancient chinese dishes, cups, and saucers. in her room, there is a whole wall decorated with these expensive platters. taiga really is something, what with her habits and hobbies, powers and abilities, fur and build. whether she's a living hera or aphrodite or the irreplaceable amorous dancing queen of sunclan, tai is going to be tai. even if all that's waiting for her is a black void.

    positive traits attractive, charismatic, cheerful, cultured, enthusiastic, fun-loving, lovable, romantic, sweet, understanding, vivacious

    neutral traits ambitious, competitive, determined, dominating, high-spirited, outspoken, proud, religious, stubborn, unpredictable, whimsical

    negative traits jealous, argumentative, delicate, dependent, fanatical, flamboyant, foolish, gullible, obsessive, overimaginative, strong-minded

    mental conditions may develop paranoia

    alignment neutral good

    beliefs taiga believes in the clan's main religion, but she has added her own personal style as well as influences from other religions. in her beliefs, all other greek gods exist, but she praises apollo helios the most. in her practice she often participates in meditating so that she can calm herself and think of the deities in a relaxing way. tai often believes each endeavor she partakes in should relate to one of the gods. when wooing someone, for example, keeping aphrodite venus in mind and thanking her for love. when training in brute strength, aries would be appropriate. when training in the strategic parts of warfare, athena would be better than aries. opinion of what is wrong differs throughout each of the gods, so taiga must keep each of their best interest in mind. this is what she translates as karma in her religion, and if she has high karma when she dies, then tai believes her soul will rest peacefully with the power she had given to helios. if not, she will become a restless spirit begging to be reincarnated, though it would be over the course of thousands of years before helios chose her to be brought back to life for a chance to be better.

    phobias traumatophobia, thanatophobia

    V. OTHER 

    roleplayer TANG.

    plots & ideas - because of taiga's midas's touch, people might often try to get her to turn their things into gold. this could be a reason for captures, tortures, depression, and paranoia. this could also push her to learn self-defense.

    - when taiga discovers of her curse, she will develop traumatophobia. she will become very cautious not to let herself get hurt, and might even guard her true personality in fear of getting hurt mentally because of the pounding headaches it will cause. it will be hard for her to express or hold any extreme emotion without excruciating pain trailing behind her her.

    - tai will be very interested in witchcraft, and will be very interested in learning it, despite being fearful because of the salem witch trials she heard about. she'll mostly want to use magic to enhance her beauty, or if she's feeling desperate use it to make someone fall in love with her, if possible.

    - oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones, oh daddy dear you know you're still number one but girls just wanna have fun. yep, that sums taiga's party animal side up in one sentence. tai will want to go to late night parties, flirt with all the people, and then do exotic dances all around the territory to the tune of a foreign instrumental. For this reason, she might finally pass the line for her parents and be scolded. of course, her argumentative side will show and a small argument might take place. it is likely after a while of cooling down, the young girl will make an apology, feeling rather guilty about the misunderstanding, and will try and make a compromise.

    - taiga, if she has any sisters, will most likely be ridden with jealousy and will seek competition. she'll try to act like everything is fine, but if a sister shows any sign of being an attractive woman when she grows older or a potential rival, it is very possible tai will burst.

    - open slot for plot idea if thought of

    muse 10/10, i love this chiquita so much; she's based on a character from a game i used to love playing when i was a tiny girl (still love playing it) and im super excited to roleplay a childhood favorite if this smol bby gets picked!

    activity 8/10, i have two other characters, one of which is little miss sola, so i should get to threads pretty quickly. i'll be trying to contribute to the community as much as possible as well :)

    aesthetic board (by the holy sugar water quill) https://www.pinterest.com/quillff/mimi/

    theme song School Flirting Game Music 

    faceclaim n/a

    based upon the main character from school flirting game, or at least from what we know about her

    thank you for reading this application to the very end. creating this child was a lot of fun, and i hope that this form was entertaining!! special thanks to quill for being my not-alone-buddy and for giving me ideas; she really helped me get through the panic of wanting to get a spot and worrying that my character wasn't good enough. good luck to everyone, may the odds be ever in our favor, and may the force be with us <33



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  • eee i told myself i wouldn't make another character but here we are, wip for now!! i should have it finished tomorrow evening


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  • finished with my form / genevieve ! ♥

    5/7 of the fisterhood — community assistant

    1. [size=12] — ☆*:・☽ A NEW JOURNEY TO BE STARTED

    1. BASICS;
    2. ▪ PRESENT NAME Lacekit
    3. ▪ FUTURE NAME Lacepaw, Lacestitching
    4. ▪ SURNAME Leonidas-Arcanium-Resurgam
    5. ▪ NICKNAMES Lacy
    6. ▪ ALIASES n/a
    7. ▪ CURRENT INSPIRATION slightly inspired by Pearl from SU + Sylveon
    8. ▪ GENDER Female, nonbinary
    9. ▪ ACCEPTED PRONOUNS they/them
    10. ▪ PHYSICAL AGE 5 moons
    11. ▪ BIRTHDAY ?
    12. ▪ AGEING RATIO ages realistically
    13. ▪ CURRENT ALLIANCE SunClan
    14. ▪ CURRENT RANK child
    15. ▪ CURRENT TITLES princess
    16. ▪ LOYALTIES SunClan, her family

    2. ▪ REFERENCES boop
    3. ▪ APPEARANCE Lacekit is a 1/4 kitsune and 3/4 domestic cat mix. She has a cartoonishly slender build, with legs so thin that they appear incapable of carrying her small weight. Her paws are small and dainty with retractable claws. Her pelt is pale gray with royal purple accents on her ears and the tips of her five slender tails. She has a small head with an angular face. She has fangs that poke slightly out from her lips due to vampirism. She also has large, almost rabbit like ears. Her eyes are light blue with no pupil.
    4. ▪ POSTURE Straight
    5. ▪ GAIT Long and loping
    6. ▪ SCARS none atm
    7. ▪ MODIFICATIONS 5 tails, telepathy, water elementals, molecule manipulation, vampirism
    8. ▪ ACCESSORIES none atm
    9. ▪ PHYSICAL STRENGTHS Very fast, sharp claws, sharp fangs
    10. ▪ PHYSICAL WEAKNESSES she cannot take hits very well due to her small size, she is also mute
    11. ▪ PHYSICAL HEALTH Excellent

    2. ▪ POSITIVE TRAITS clear-headed, eloquent, sage, polite
    3. ▪ NEUTRAL TRAITS guileless, proud, mellow
    4. ▪ NEGATIVE TRAITS cold, conceited, petty, malicious
    5. ▪ PERSONALITY Lacekit is a soft, dainty, and quiet character. She never speaks out of turn and she puts a conscious effort into how she is perceived. She is extremely intelligent and is proud of it, never missing an opportunity to show it. Lacekit can be naive and tends to ignore things that she doesn't want to see. She can appear to be indifferent to other's problems and is very petty, getting stuck on the most trivial of problems. She can be malicious, getting revenge where she sees fit.
    8. ▪ ENNEAGRAM TYPE type 5
    9. ▪ ALIGNMENT Lawful Neutral
    10. ▪ FEARS + PHOBIAS Afraid of being hurt
    11. ▪ LIKES books, puzzles, challenges
    12. ▪ DISLIKES untidiness, her vampirism, her muteness
    13. ▪ TRIGGERS none
    14. ▪ HABITS transmitting thoughts through her telepathy, freezing dew when nervous
    15. ▪ MENTAL HEALTH Good
    17. ▪ MENTAL STRENGTH Fair

    2. ▪ CURRENT STATUS single
    3. ▪ CRUSHES tbd
    4. ▪ "MAYBE" CRUSHES tbd
    5. ▪ GENERATION 2?
    6. ▪ PARENTS sugaredpoison x robin
    7. ▪ LITTERMATES tbd
    8. ▪ BEST FRIEND tbd
    9. ▪ FRIENDS tbd
    10. ▪ ARCHENEMY tbd
    11. ▪ ENEMIES tbd
    12. ▪ 'GROUPS' tbd


    1. fangs °

  • Lapiz Arcanium-Leonidas-Resurgam-Targaryen-Mikaelson


    First name- Lapiz

    Full name - Lapiz Arcanium-Leonidas-Resurgam-Targaryen-Mikaelson

    Reason / Meaning - Lapiz is pronounced and really is Lapis. Lapis lazuli comes from the Latin word 'lapis' meaning 'stone' and the Persian words 'lazhuward' meaning 'blue'. This stone comes in a rich blue tone with golden specks. It symbolizes royalty, spirit, and power.

    Nickname(s) - Laz

    Gender- Female

    Sexuality- Bisexual, it won't set in until she's older.

    Species - Kitsune x Feline hybrid

    Age - 5 months (Birthday is same as everyone else in the litter)

    Rank - Princess of SunClan - no former ranks

    Health - Lapiz is healthy overall with no major problems. She does, although, have a problem with her lungs. They were underdeveloped and tend to hold a lot less air than normal. She has no mental problems.

    Physical Strengths - Fast, agile, excellent hand eye coordination

    Physical Weaknesses - Bad lungs, easily hurt due to her small body


    Lapiz got her name from her striking blue eyes. Her eyes are big compared to her face. They are a rich royal blue color with gold and white flecks.

    She has thick, long, white fur. There are golden spots running down her back and sides in a scattered pattern. None of her spots look exactly alike. Her paws and the tips of her tails are golden as well. There are golden bands running along the length of her tail and her front right leg.

    She was born the smallest of her litter and will continue to be small as she grows. She is light due to her small build and her slender body. Most of her boy mass is made of her thick fur. She was a small head.

    Her wings are unusually large. She has Suga's dark pink wings and three tails. Her tails are fluffy and run on the small side like the rest of her body.

    She has no abnormalities, birth defects, or scars at this point. She also developed vampirism which means her fangs are seen even when her lips are shut.

    Accessories - Lapiz has an anklet made of lapis stones. She also has a headpiece made of silver and lapis as well.


    Lapiz is upbeat and loves crowds. Dispute her small size, she can stand up to any crowd. She is fearless and a social butterfly. Talking is what she does best. When faced with someone or something unfamiliar, she is willing to take the risk and go for it. This attitude can sometimes lead to her getting into trouble. Lapiz also loves attention which is where she gets her talkativeness.

    She also has a huge heart. She hates it when anyone is down and will do anything to make them happy. Lapiz likes to be the leader.

    She is overlooked due to her small size which causes her to want to want to take control of a lot of situations. She doesn't like to be pushed around or anyone around her being pushed around.

    Lapiz is a lot smarter than she looks. Despite her talkative and wild nature, she is a quick learner.

    She isn't as athletic as most of her family but she pushes herself nonetheless. Despite her lung problems, she exercises daily and loves a good run. Just like her family, she pushes herself to be the best she can be. This can lead to problems with being stubborn.

    Likes- Upbeat music, food, books, silly goofy stuff.

    Dislikes- The way her big wings look, anything sad

    Hobbies - She loves flying, reading, eating, being with friends, athletics.

    Additional Info

    Played by - lapiz lazuli  

    Muse - 10/10 (I love her so much. She is so different from anyone else I have rolyplayed.)

    Activity - 9/10 (mostly depends on the day. I am on this site a lot but some days I might be a bit busy)


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    name: leviathan arcanium-leonidas-resurgam

    meaning: a sea monster referred in the bible. leviathan is one of the seven princes of hell and its gatekeeper. in hebrew, it means "whale". if allowed with the permission of the roleplayer of the mother, he was named leviathan to give hope that he would survive birth due to being so pathetically small and weak.

    nickname(s): levi or shortstack ( a name he dislikes )

    inspiration: based off levi ackerman from shingeki no kyojin

    gender orientation: cis male (he/him pronouns)

    sexual preference: asexual aromantic

    species: kitsune-feline hybrid

    biological traits: vampirism and wings



    short height - ebony straight fur - steel gray eyes - heavy built

    in the beginning of his time on the world, leviathan was nothing like what he was named after. a leviathan is a beast, lumbering, and towering. despite, the intimidating name that he was placed under, leviathan is the polar opposite. miniature and scrawny, the rich onyx black fur that covers the hybrid clings to his petite form, perfectly fitting the palm of a human being. this will change in the future as time ticks away. even with time leviathan is certainly not the most impressive beauty candidate. he is dull and dark like a worn-out shadow, nothing exotic or brightly eye-catching. his fur is the color of settled charcoal, heavy and sharp, the tips slightly pointing in different directions which he desperately tries to maintain. his straight fur length is in the mixture of short and long, the longer tufts in the upper layer of his entire body while the shorter fur remains in the lower part, clinging to his rough skin and hardly covering it. pristine and crisp, levi's maintenance with his fur is certainly impressive, appearing effortlessly well kept. nonetheless, there is one thing that he can never change to his style or form of liking; which is his pathetic height measurements. he will perhaps be the shortest of the siblings, reaching the shoulders of regular sized members. this, despite this, it should not be viewed as a sign of weakness especially when one locks their gaze onto the thorns known as his eyes. they are the color of hardened gunmetal, dull and unwavering. they seem to hold a distant stoic flicker to them as if he is in some other place yet a single movement can cause the reverie dazed glare to suddenly snap to one of extreme concentration. they are usually half-lidded or narrowed out of suspicion, concentration, anger, etc. (basically has a resting bitch face). he rarely follows a decent generic sleeping schedule which causes a small set of dark bags under his piercing titanium optics. in his vampirism mode, the eyes turn to become a pair of onyx jet black pools which flicker crimson scarlet red when he is extremely hungry, his pupils not even visible. his jaw is usually a monotone frown or a disgusted sinking frown or snarl, the tips of his fangs slightly protruding out of his upper jaw's protection. Yet, even though he holds ancient features, he contains a youthful figure. the mix of feline and kitsune causes his ears and face to appear slightly elongated though not to a full way of a pure-bred kitsune. the rest of his body is rippling with hardened muscle underneath his fur which he keeps due to his intense training to remain strong so he can be prepared for anything, he holds a certain strength that surprises many. he is incredibly lithe and nimble touch to his form which allows him to not appear too bulky for swiftness. instead of having multiple tails like his father, he will only have one. and unlike his mother's long tail, his will be one of a stump (however this will be due to a heavy fight in his childhood). he holds a pair of raven-looking wings that are medium-sized, light, and sleek which is mostly meant for speed and not for extreme weather guiding. this will be the peak of his physical performance.



    stoic - clean-freak - cruel sense of humor - blunt - independent

    one shouldn't attempt to pinpoint what levi is and how he behaves. there are general settings to his behavior yet he does not allow this to be a general idea that people have on him. his manners are on the pessimistic darkened side of personality. his calm apathetic appearance tends to push people away, his silent demeanor causing him to be a difficult challenge of being approached. in addition, he holds a very insensitive blunt form of speaking that revolves on insulting and sounding coarse, lacking general politeness. his jokes tend to lean to a vulgar profane sense of humor, twisted and tending to frighten many. however, this does not deter his steely nerves, barely caring whatever insults are thrown at him for having such an indecent form of speaking (there will be times where he will get physical if insulted). he holds a small attitude to people that he does not know or is comfortable with, tending to become standoffish and prickly. intertwined with this are his limited obedience, which causes him to be quite rebellious as a child and a teen before eventually simmering down to as an adult. he is never afraid to speak his mind, flashing out his unfiltered thoughts about personal views when the time is right. when his placid temper snaps, he tends to use spitting threats and ruthless violence to get people to listen or focus on him although it's very rare for him to reach such extreme pressures. he swears quite a lot, mostly mumbling it or snapping at others with long strings that make a sailor's mouth appear like a church's door. he does not entirely mind barking out order although he does not care much about being at the top of the hierarchy as long as he is respected. he absolutely enjoys cleaning, so much that it can almost appear obsessive, cleaning himself up even during battle if he feels too filthy to continue his work. albeit, leviathan is not entirely made up of bad habits. underneath the heavy armor of intense brashness, there is a tenacious sense of morality and empathy that he expresses to his comrades and allies, especially when they are struggling. this causes him to place preservation of life at his highest importance which is why he despises unnecessary deaths or casualties. in the beginning, he will tend to doubt himself and the meaning of life but as time goes, he will learn that not everything can be under his control and that simply, "shit happens". due to not wanting any more deaths on his blame, he tends to focus on independent work and prefers to remain by himself so he does not have to worry about losing others. he is highly determined and fierce in battle, his emotions well-contained and balanced although there are moments where he will slip up and lose control (mainly if there is a great loss in lives). levi is very intelligent in strategic ways, able to analyze tough situations to create deliberate decisions and choices that can give him advantages or ways to succeed. incredibly introverted, levi will perhaps have little to no friends although he is not afraid to admit he cares for others. he enjoys the outdoors, especially the sky. he will grow a strong desire of flying for it gives him a refreshing sense of freedom. altogether, leviathan is a unique specimen.



    tear you to pieces - on his first night relaxing into sunclan, levi can't sleep and decides to explore the area where as he heads towards the border or another desolate area, is attacked by a rabid feline who fights him and tears off most of his tail (or bite idk) which leaves levi to struggle back home and healed which embarrasses him and he becomes desolate and bitter, feeling weak and pathetic which creates him to become determined to become incredibly strong.

    hellbent - during apprenticeship, he will probably grow to have at least two friends who will either end up dying or being badly injured which causes him to become independent and disconnects from those friends for he fears he will hurt them or is bad luck. however, he gets captured and escapes, coming to realize that there are things aren't always expected to turn out in what he sees.

    temporary roses - someone may develop a crush on levi which he does not notice until the person confronts him in front of people and not wanting to break their heart, levi agrees to a relationship although he is unhappy and uncomfortable, eventually breaking it apart. this may either cause static with the lover or just end up becoming friends.

    big bro - when patrolling, he may find a child that is abandoned or lost which he will decide to take under his wing. the child grows close and views him as his big brother which opens levi a bit more to people although after this can either lead them to betrayal or a healthy sibling relationship.

    slipping hands - he may go to other clans or anticlans to snatch items for his pleasure, seeking advantages in weapons or ways to improve his abilities until one day he gets caught and has to either secretly join in or just admit he was wrong in front of a clan which eventually causes him to not steal anymore.

    a cup of tea - levi tries black tea for the first time and is obsessed, which causes him to open up a tea shop although perhaps during a battle or a storm, is destroyed which causes him to believe life is out to get him and will become even more lonesome.

    unbeliever - levi will not believe in the popular religion and will think it's foolish to think of it. he will probably be confronted by his siblings or parents and when he admits it that it's just a pile of fairy bullshit, this may cause friction with the family. this could lead to levi to slightly resent his family and will ignore them for a while until eventually apologizing and admitting that it was not his right to question their choice of beliefs. he will attempt to open up to the idea but end up faking it until admitting, he just doesn't know what to believe in.


    TRIVIA & MISC. ⋆

    - has a high tolerance for alcohol which means he can't get drunk

    - sleeps only for about 2-3 hours per day

    - suffers from bouts of insomnia

    - doesn't enjoy beds and prefers chairs

    - favorite tea is black tea

    - pinterest board 

    - selfmade 8track playlist | main theme song

    - voice reference


    returned | formerly cheeters | salty

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