Clanwide Famine Plot (info inside, also contains info on current events)

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  • Three more days until full famine!!


  • omg hey the prey are coming back now and there's gonna be rain in a few days! :D Welcome back Persephone lol

    *~Foreststar, formerly Iceforest *~* (traditional) Thunderclan Leader #7 *~* cisfemale *~* white with cool pale gray stripes here and there, dark blue boots, and dark forest green eyes; scars on nose, cheeks, thigh, and underbelly *~* approx. 46 moons old *~* lives: 7/9 *~* currently mentor to Lightningpaw *~* calm and thoughtful mom-friend *~* has a Russian-esque loner accent *~* PM for any questions at all! <3 ~*

    (played by GreenTealiger~)

    (in college, but probably online too much anyway)(pixel art by echo . on ff)

  • Yay!!