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  • Spell had been having a hard time sending out gift baskets to the allies lately, and a concerned and helpful NPC had reminded him that it was in his job description to recruit some help sending them out. The tom had been reluctant at first; he took pride in his ability to get gift baskets out on his own. However, he was not getting them out on his own, so it was time to swallow his pride. "Hey, Stormclan!" Spell spoke to the camp with an embarrassed shuffle, "Anyone wanna help send out some gift baskets?"

    //clans that need to be tackled:





    Knights of Eden

    The District


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  • The peryton wasn't that interested in helping out; however, this would be a good chance for her to visit someplace else, learn more about the mortal world. She'd been quick to memorize StormClan's politics--any bit of information was useful, after all--and so she knew the basics about their allies. But surely there was so much more to them than the little pieces she knew. "I can take the District," she said finally, after much consideration.

  • // no worries, any that don't get taken Spell will do.

    Oceanus. Spell recalled seeing the aquatic wolf once before, but he didn't think that they had ever had a real conversation. "Thank you, Oceanus. Which ally do you want to do? They're all open for gift sending." he said before turning to Reyes. He felt a sinking feeling as the demon offered to deliver a gift basket-- he hadn't expected her to do that. Could she be trusted to visit allies without supervision? Spell knew he couldn't outright deny the peryton. "Okay, thanks Reyes." he began, "Would you like me to go with you so I can show you the way?"

  • "Okay, I'll cross that off." Spell said and thanked the wolf again. He wasn't worried about her delivering at all-- Oceanus seemed like the energetic, bubbly type. Spell thought she might make a good ambassador someday.

  • She hesitated, considering his offer. It would be nice to have a guide, but... she felt sure that there was another reason for him offering. Why else would he do such a thing? Reyes wasn't used to actions done out of kindness--she figured everything had an ulterior motive to it, if one dug deep enough. Still, she didn't want to run the risk of getting lost, or unknowingly doing something she shouldn't. Mortals could be so odd sometimes, so unpredictable. "Sure," she finally agreed, the word drawn-out and hesitant. "Just this once, alright?"

  • "Okay, cool. Let me know when you're headed put then." Spellpaw told Reyes. He was almost amused by her hesitated reply, it reminded him of a stubborn toddler. The image made Spell less wary of the demon for a second. A second. Demons were still just as mysterious to Spellpaw as mortals were to Reyes; and after that one demon had swept him off and repeatedly beat him back in the Terminus, he really couldn't be too careful.

  • She made a little fluttering motion with her wings--her equivalent of a shrug. "No time like the present, isn't that the saying?" Sure, they needed some time to actually put together a gift basket, but how long could that really take?

  • Blazestar went over as well, thinking a bit. Maybe this system wasn't the most efficient, although when she implemented it she thought that there would be more ambassadors. She made a mental note to keep an eye out for more ambassadors to help the two siblings out. She offered Spellpaw a smile and then said "I can take the Knights of Eden and SkyClan."


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