The Nannies and the Vampires(PAFP)

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  • The world used to be normal, humans used to be the dominant species. But not anymore. Now, it was the Vampires that were dominant. War broke out between humans and Vampires, but the humans ultimately lost.

    A new reign occurred, and Vampires were the high and mighty ones of the world. Some humans were enslaved and served the now dominant species. Others became employed by them instead. It was the new way of the world. Serve and survive, or die.

    Years saw to their reign, new relationships spread between human and Vampire, creating half-bloods. It was the new 'hot' thing.

    But for two girls, their only interest is finally going to college.

    With a free ride, how could they refuse? The two best friends only had to work as nannies in the Bartholomue Manor-the town's highest ranking Vampire family.

    But along with the two children they'll be taking care of, Mr. Bartholomue also has two sons around the girls' age.

    And just like any trend, they want to try it out.

    Thank you for taking an interest in this thread!

    I'm somewhat of a romantic and I got the idea from an app I downloaded, so... Yeah XD

    The idea is I will play one of the girls and one of the vampire boys, and you play the other girl and vampire boy and of course there'll be some kind of love interest thing going on and so forth.

    I will play the other additional characters as they come up(unless you want to play someone in particular then of course you can play them!)

    Now, for the scenery!


    The Town


    The College


    Bartholomue Manor

    (Inside Bartholomue Manor)






    The Main Living Room(In the West Wing)


    The Backyard


    Both of the girls' rooms look like this(though they get their own rooms)


    The children they'll be taking care of. (Lily the girl, and Damian the boy)

    Now just a short bio of my characters!


    Name: Charaphenelia Heartsworn

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human



    Name: Alec Bartholomue

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human


  • One question. Is the son supposed to be a vampire? Kinda confused

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  • Ok. I'll make characters later.

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    Name-drake batholomue




    Other-loves to read and write stories and fanfics


    Name-sion Soaryu

    Age-18 almost 19



    Other-is into comedy and


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  • Sure! Mind starting and I'll reply?

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  • Of course!

    Chara watched as the views outside of the bus windows changed as they passed by towns and buildings. She was excited to finally start college. The world as it was was frustrating, but she knew how it worked now. She was happy she was able to get a job that gave housing, and she could work with her best friend, Sion. The only thing that worried her, was the fact that they would be staying in a vampire household, watching vampire children. Looking over at her best friend, she smiled.

    Alec lounged about in the main living room, watching TV. Lily and Damian were pestering him to play with them, which he continued refusing. He was glad his father had come to his senses and hired a nanny-two, actually. He knew they were supposed to be arriving sometime today, and he was glad his younger siblings would finally leave him alone and be taken care of by someone else.

  • Sion had been grinning taking a sip from her water bottle. She had scored a good job finally after failing many interviews at other places. She even got free housing with it and all she had to do was watch over some kids. So what if they were vampires she couldn't wait to get there. That and she couldn't wait to find a party at the college she was going to attend.

    Drake had been typing on his laptop when he noticed his little siblings pestering his brother. Chuckling some, he got up and walked over. "Hey wanna watch some cartoons?" He asked turning on netflix on his laptop. He had just been typing up a story so he didn't mind letting them get distracted for a bit. The new nannies would be here soon as he knew the kids would be a hassle. But at the same time, he would have more time to write the ultimate fanfic! He looked at his brother and grinned. "Can't wait to see the new help!"

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  • "Looks like our stop is coming up." Chara said to her friend, hiking her bag up on her shoulder. She was glad to finally get off the bus and stretch her legs. She also couldn't wait to see the new town and their new home. And of course the college campus!

    Lily and Damian nodded happily, "Yeah!" running over to the desk, they looked through Netflix to find a show and started watching it.

    "Finally!" Alec muttered. He quirked an eyebrow at his brother, "You're excited? It'll just be a couple of human, college girls... I think they'll be an annoyance more than anything."

  • Soon grinned and got off stretching with her bag. "Alright! I can't wait to see the college parties!" She said laughing some before looking back. "Anyways we should head to the mansion. Were probably needed already."

    Drake looked at his brother and smirked some. "You don't get it so you? We don't have to watch the kids once they get here! I can finally write more fanfics!" He said with a glint in his eye. He was obsessed with fanfics and was the best fanfic writer around.

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  • Chara smiled at her friend. Parties... The highlight of college life, they say. She nodded when her friend mentioned the mansion, "Yeah, I suppose so. We should get set up and whatnot before touring the town and campus."

    Alec cocked an eyebrow, "You really are obsessed brother. Perhaps you should find a new hobby... You know, something a normal, almost college student vampire would be interested in? Maybe meet a nice vampire female and mess around or something."

  • Sion nodded as she started to walk to the mansion. She had a camera around her neck as she was taking pictures of the scenery and all the guys around. She chuckled and saw the mansion and was in awe. She came from a small family and never seen a mansion. "This is where we are staying? Cool!"

    Drake looked at him and scoffed. "How dare you good sir! My fanfics are my art and passion! You wouldn't ask the great *insert a random artist here* to stop painting!" He soon blinked when he looked outside. "Seems like the new help is here. And might I say they look fun." He said and dragged his brother to the window to see them.

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  • Chara chuckled at her friend. She looked at the mansion and took it all in. It was amazing, she had to admit, "I guess this is the place... It is really nice, huh?"

    Alec groaned as his brother drug him away from his comfy spot and to the window to look outside, "That's them, huh? Well, they don't exactly look special... Just normal humans... How boring..."

  • Sion chuckled some and took picks of the mansion. "Looks awesome! Anyways lets get inside before we are caught by security." She said laughing as she started to walk inside.

    Drake looked at his brother and smirked. "Aw your no fun! I think that Red head is kinda cute. She would make a excellent character for my fanfic!" He had the fire in his eye of the fanfic bug and soon went to greet them dragging his brother along.

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  • Shaking her head but following anyways, the two made their way to the front porch. Chara pulled her friend to a stop, "We should knock or ring the doorbell first." She advised.

    "The red head?" Alec repeated, "A fanfic? Seriously? What, is she going to be a pyromaniac Vampire Hunter?" He asked sarcastically as his brother drug him up the stairs and through the halls, heading to the front of the mansion.

  • Soon sighed. "Your no fun." She said as she knocked on the door and waited. Drake had just made it to the door waiting for a servant to answer

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