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  • Elliot jumped to his feet. "I'll drive you. I'll get you a bucket too just in case." He said before rushing out of the room. He grabbed a small bucket from the supply closet and his car keys. Then he remembered the boys. "Right" He mumbled to himself before rushing into the living room. Both the boys were on the floor playing with their toys still. "Wanna go for a ride?" He asked, and they both jumped up with excitement.

  • Tria grinned some and she washed her mouth out and washed her face just to feel a little less like death. She slowly went downstairs and rubbed the twins hair as she helped them into the jeep and buckled them both in. She got in her own seat but didn't buckle herself in just in case she had to puke again "I haven't seen her in such a long time..she was so worried when I had the boys."

  • Elliot got in the drivers seat and set the bucket by Tria's feet. He started the car and pulled out of the driveway onto the main road. "She'll be glad to see you. It's good you haven't been sick enough to go to her though. I feel a little guilty, we should have dinners with friends more often. The boys are just.." He trailed off as he looked at them in the rear view mirror and smiled. "They're a handful." He said with a soft chuckle. "I think we can definitely handle another one or two though."

  • Tria listened to him as she rested her head on the window "I think it would be good practice..I know they aren't five yet..but they need to start learning to behave at dinner times.."She hoped one day they would get along. She breathed deep some "I think we should even find a pack member to babysit..since now we have to go to hospital a few times for scans and such"She held his hand when she could.

  • "Or my parents."Tria added to the list of babysitters, since she hadn't really seen them much. She slowly got out and got he boys out "You behave ok? this is very Important for Mommy.."She went and knocked on the door as she waited.

    I feel like we need some drama..

    I was considering that the little girl might have a health problem..or theres a war with another pack..))

  • -what if there's some drama with a pack and they threaten eli's family and he goes into crazy protective mode and gets himself hurt ??-

    Elliot smiled and jumped out of the car. He picked up Aspen and settled him on top of his shoulders. He didn't figure Leo would cause any trouble, but it was a smart idea to keep a tab on the troublesome Aspen. Aspen giggled, looking around with his new height. Elliot stood behind Tria and Leo as he waited for an answer to the door. The answer soon came and answer when a women their age opened he door, her face immediately lighting up at the sight of them. She immediately pulled Tria into a hug and shouted "It's been forever! How are the boys? Wait, whats the problem?" She asked pulling away and giving everyone a once-over.

  • OOF like they appear to a meeting, Elliot being on edge already with all the other alphas around and maybe one is a rival but makes a remark about Tria's looks and Elliot almost kicks off..Then later on the rival and his buddies can target Elliot as well..Im liking this idea..-

    Tria held Leos hand and she grinned at the medic and hugged her back "Oh the boys.."She rolled her eyes "Tearing my house down piece by piece."She joked some "But we wanted to come say hello and ask if you'd check me over. I think, well im pretty sure I got number three on the way"She was already glowing, she wanted to be a mother from a very young age.

  • Elliot smiled, one hand holding Aspen's foot and the other wrapped around Tria's waist. The medic clapped at her statement. "Of course! Come on in! This wont take long, the kids can play with some of the toys in the waiting room. And if they can be alone Elliot is welcome to sit in on your check up." She said as she stepped into the building

  • Tria walked in and Let Leo go play "I think aspen should be ok for five minutes. Aspen if your good you get a cookie"she told the boy as she went to the examination room and laid down for her "I'm rather anxious..we are supposed to be going to Washington in two months for that stupid meeting"

  • -sorry i totally forgot to respond when i started typing! i like that idea! drama time >:)-

    Elliot set Aspen down and gave him a playful glare as he stepped in behind Tria. "Are you sure you wanna go to that? There are going to be a lot of alphas there.." He trailed off, nervously. He couldn't stand the thought of Tria being anywhere near those barbarians. Eli of course loved Tria and his kids with every last fiber of his heart, and if anyone did something to hurt them he didn't know how he'd react. But he knew it'd be bad.

  • Tria sighed "dear you know we don't have a choice it could be important. I'll be ok I've got you to protect me"she poked his arm right on the muscle "big oath"she teased lovingly and pulled her shirt up some so she could be examined

  • Elliot sighed, wanting to argue but knowing he'd get nowhere. He'd say something more tonight. He grabbed Tria's hand and gave it a soft squeeze. The medic began to squeeze some clear paste onto her stomach. "We could do a test, but it's fun to look for the baby and you seemed sure.." She trailed off, staring at a monitor as she ran a device over Tria's stomach. "Oh! Look" She held the device steady and pointed a finger at a little dot on the screen. "That's definitely probably a baby. About a month along." She said with a bright smile. She clearly loved her job and the people she treated.

  • Tria knew how he felt but she wasn't going to be scared. She was strong and also an alpha she soon snapped out her thoughts as she saw the screen "oh praise the ancestors let it be a girl.."she grinned

    (OOF what if it's another boy but he's real shy and ten the final bab can be a girl )

  • what if it twins AGAIN but its 1 boyyo 1 girl but they think it's only 1 till they're further along cos the girl/boy is really little?-

    Elliot smiled and squeezed her hand again. "It's a little early to tell.. but keep an open mind." She said grinning as she shut the device off and wiped the cold goo off her stomach. "I can give you some prenatal vitamins and then you're good to go!" She said wiping her hands off.

  • Wow even bigger OOF I like. It means the little girl can be even more precious. I love that Tria is this fertile Queen XD))

    Tria flinched at the cold gel and soon sat up "awesome. If it's ok with you I'd like to pop by for scans and a chat I don't see you enough"she slowly stood up and grinned "let's get the monsters home and we can have a lazy day till the pack dinner.."

  • The medic smiled enthusiastically. "Come in whenever you like! No less than once every other week. And if you experience any abnormal pain please contact me immediately." She said waving them out. Elliot followed Tria. Aspen and Leo ran over to them when they noticed. Elliot picked up Aspen again and fluffed Leo's hair with a smile.

    -they're actual litters lmaoo-

  • Tria grinned "Both get cookies."She mused as she took the vitamins and hugged the medic goodbye before getting in the car.

    Lil skip) Tria felt a lot better after some lazy time so she started to mass cook soup, happy that they were bringing everyone together for a meal. She hummed along to the radio as she cooked.

  • Elliot had just stepped out of the shower when he smelled the intoxicating aroma of a home cooked meal. He had put the kids to nap so they could prep, Aspen posed a challenge but after a few stories he was out like a light. Elliot pulled on some dark navy jeans and a royal blue tee that hugged his defined muscles. He towel tried his hair and combed it with his fingers before going downstairs. He saw his mate rushing around the kitchen. Elliot walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. "Can I help?" He asked in a whisper.

  • Tria had been in her own little world but she welcomed the hug and leaned back into him still wearing her jumpsuit "Of course.."She replied "Just stir this while I get the bread out.."She turned around and kissed him deeply. "Can't belive it was that easy to have another baby.."She cooed, already her light skin was starting to glow. She tied up her long curls into a high ponytail as she took out the fresh loaves from her ovens. She had made sure they had at least three since she loved baking. "And I forgot how hard it is to feed a huge pack."