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  • She smiled gently and cuddled up to him more before sipping her tea "How was pack business?"She asked gently (You can take Aspen if you want!) Leo crawled over and made his way to them, Tria picked him up and set him on her lap as she ran her fingers through his blondish hair.

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    Elliot's mind rendered her question as Aspen soon followed his brother up the steps, but the cub had a hands full of mud and a menacing expression. "As per usual- Aspen wash your hands off!- There was a rogue that came in from the eastern boarder, but he was taken care of." Elliot said standing up and grabbing a wipe to clean off Aspen before he got mud even more everywhere than he already had.

  • Tria laughed at him before she picked up Leo and headed inside since it was getting dark. She set him on the table with some tools to draw so she could start on dinner for them. Which she had preped for all day. She had learnt her mothers recipes. "Now can you draw me what you think Mommy and daddy and bro look like?"She hummed as she put her chicken in the oven. Leo got to it with his crayons and paper.

  • Tria was soon done "times up"she told the boys as Leo grinned. "I done it!"he handed his paper over. "Leo there's two other wolves here"she pointed out "sibings"he said shyly and tria ruffled his hair "aspen can I see yours?"

  • Elliot smiled softly as his wife interacted with Leo, and then turned his attention towards his little troublemaker Aspen, who held up a piece of paper, a proud grin on his face. On the paper was a stick figure drawing of four people, two tall ones and two shorter ones. Though the tall ones, which he assumed to be himself and Tria, were hugging one of the kids who was given the same color hair and eyes as Aspen had, while the second one was on the other side of the paper. This one had Leo's features and was drawn to be crying. Elliot furrowed his brow and picked up the small Aspen. "Aspen.." He said looking up at Tria, unsure how to handle the situation.

  • Tria frowned gently before glscibg at Aspen "why is that baby crying?"she asked gently. "Why are they not with us?"she sat at the table to be eye level with him. "Why would they cry?" She asked. Leo frowned st the stupid drawing and crawled to his moms lap

  • "Why do you think we have as favorite?"tria raised a brow trying her best to stay calm and patient like any mother. "What if mommy and daddy love both of you the same?"she knew he was showing signs of being a true alpha. But she didn't want her son to be cruel with his power. Leo stayed buried in her chest holding back tears.

  • Elliot knelt down to be more eye-level with his son. "I'm better." Aspen said matter-of-factly. Elliot looked back and fourth between his wife and son. "Aspen, that's not nice." He said sternly, still as lost as he was before. He knew that someday Aspen would probably take over the pack, and he could tell that Leo had no interest in being a leader anyway. "You have to be nice to your brother, because someday you might need him, and no one wants to help or be nice to someone that's not nice to them." He said with a light smile, feeling like he might have finally said something useful.

  • Tria distracted Leo while Elliot dealt with Aspen "Look we can make dinner for them."She murmured gently and Leo sniffled and paid attention "Stir that for mommy.."She wanted him to feel important after Aspen had done that. "Yes."The boy croaked and Tria ruffled his hair and soon the dinner was finally served. She had thought of a punishment just in time "Because of..that horrible drawing. Aspen you don't get an hour outside tomorrow..Leo will go outside. Because you need to learn that siblings are blessings. And you can't put them down. Your the older brother, Leo looks up to you. And your setting him a bad example."She sat down after that speech, rather triumphant.

  • Elliot watched Aspen, arms crossed and lip turned down into a pout. "Your mother's right Aspen. Siblings are very much so blessings. You and Leo wont always going to get along, but you're always going to be siblings and no matter what, you'll always be family. There for each other when no one else will be. Treat Leo how you want to be treated. Do you want to be treated like you're less than him?" Aspen looked up at his parents in defeat. "Fine, Leo, I'm sowwy." He said still holding onto an angry pout. Elliot smiled at Tria, feeling like he finally got this whole dad thing. Controlling pack of adults was one thing, raising a kid was a whole different thing.

  • Tria got everyone water and pecked Elliot's cheek to confirm he did a good job. She sat down "everyone eat up"she hummed. Leo stayed close to triad chair and looked at Aspen. He didn't quite believe him so stayed quiet and ate what he coul

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    Elliot sat next to Aspen, across from his wife. Aspen sipped at his water, looking at Leo with an angry face. "Aspen, what's the matter?" He asked in a whisper. "Why doesn't Leo fink I'm willy sorry?" He asked, looking up at his father. Elliot sighed softly before making his response. "You hurt his feelings, and he wont just let that slide because of a half-hearted apology. Give him some time and try to be nice to him and he'll forgive you." He said before giving his son a pat on his back. Aspen nodded and started picking at his food.

  • I hate that feeling. The concept of time scares me and freaks me out.

    Tria could hear but she kept quiet since she was content with Elliot's words. Once they had finished tria cleaned up for them. "Bedtime "she cooed gently and helped aspen bathe and get into bed. Even telling him a story before Shen pecked his head and stood "night love"She left him too

  • Elliot cleared the tables and washed the dishes. He didn't mind it at all. They were menial tasks that in the moment were maybe a bit inconvenient but in the long run they would be memories forgotten. He finished the last dish and dried off his hands before going to say a quick goodnight to his sons.

    -everything scares me if i let myself analyze it enough, but especially time, language and just the thought that there are ~8 billion people out there and X percentage are lower class, starving, and overall less fortunate. it's also crazy to think there are ~8 billion human beings who all have a past and memories and emotions and we pass by them on the streets and they're just background noise o o f-