it goes in one ear [MEETING, 06/17] out ther other

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    Caera was a lot calmer this meeting than she had been the last. She had talked everything over with Blizzardclan, a raid for The Exiles was on the way, and The Cartel was thriving with activity and new faces. It seemed like everything was looking up for the small group. Soon, the divisions would be in full swing and activity would be booming. The Cartel would rise to fame once again. "Cartel, get on over here, it's meeting time!" This time her call was hyper and excited, the child herself springing up in her spot as she called out.

    Once some NPCs had gathered, the Matriarch lets a smile spread across her face. "I'm so proud of all of you. You're getting out to other clans, being active around the group, and not sitting on your asses all day. Great job! We're more active than we've ever been after the Golden Days finished." There was slight shade in her words at Twilightzone but she wouldn't dwell on any hard feelings for long. She didn't want her Crew to be dissing the previous leader, so she wouldn't either. "Now, let's not let this activity to go waste. I want this battle arena up and ready by next meeting, so that means get out there and start capturing people . I want you all signing up and participating in DIVISIONS (link TBA) as well." If they wanted to stay active, they would need their name to spread amongst the other groups. Everyone needed to know The Cartel was back in business and better than ever.

    "Now, I'll let you all in on something - I've got some big things planned for The Cartel. New ranks, traditions, rules, a bunch of fun stuff. But I've still got to think everything over and talk about it with Xael before anything ca be solidified, so make sure to come to next meeting. I don't want to just come back as a dull copy of what we used to be; we need to come back better, stronger, and extra." While she had been giving her speech, the child had been focusing on gathering the powers inside of her. She had been practising this move earlier and had ended up setting the territory on fire, but she was sure of herself now. She picked a match up in her mouth that she had had ready beside her and struck it, lighting it up and letting a small flame start on the end. She felt her power flow up her body and at the flame, making it swirl and growing bigger into the air before popping and spraying little trails of fire all over. It took a lot of concentration (which she tried to disguise), but she managed to kill off each tiny flame before it could grow into something bad. Smiling smugly at the Crew, she let the burnt out match drop to the ground at her paws. "Let's dazzle everyone, shall we?"

    The matriarch took a moment to absorb everyone's reaction after her little trick, eyes dazzling with eagerness. She may not be the most vicious or bloodthirsty in this group, but she ad spirit and determination. She would lead this group to the best pf her ability, even if the others didn't like her. It was something that she admired about Twilightzone and her ability to push on even with everyone hating on her. "But before we go and get out to sell drugs or whatever you want, we need to pay back the Exiles. It ain't just gonna be some sucky raid either, we're gonna DESTROY them. So get your asses over there after the meeting! " Who was to say she didn't have her vicious side, though. "Now, you may notice Pippa hasn't been around since the last meeting. Well, she challenged me after it and was exiled for her disobedience. If you see her on The Cartel's territory, kill her on sight." Her voice faltered at the end, thinking back to the encounter with Pippa. The crew wouldn't ever be seeing the yellow female again - Caera had slit her throat and then left her carcas out int the wild lands for scavengers to feed on. She was disgusted and horrified at what she had done now, but in that moment something had been telling her to kill the child. The same thing that had been telling her to shred prey to bits, and to leave her body without a word of respect. She looked down at her paws, remembering the red colour of her blood on her paws and imagining a faint red stain on them. She shuddered, pushing the thoughts out of her head and returning to the meeting.

    "Since the rest of you aren't disobedient cowards, I've got some promotions to hand out. Champagenepaw, I'd like to promote you to the Capo of the Hitman division, and George, I'd like you to step up to be the Capo of Prostitution. Cecil, I'd be glad to have you as the surgeon apprentice. Shoutout to Alice and all the lovely new faces I'm seeing around, keep up the great work and maybe I'll give you all some cookies. You all like cookies, right? I could probably try to bring in some berries or squirrels or something if you don't." She shrugged casually, not think that anyone would dislike cookies. How could someone possibly not like cookies? They were the best thing in the world!


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  • Nayomi trotted over, taking a seat amongst the others. So they were gonna start capturing enemy clan members now? That sounded like fun. And selling drugs? This was just getting better every second that passed by. She perked her ears as the leader mentioned Pippa but rolled her eyes. She was exiled and she deserved it. But the more important task on hand was getting back at the Exiles. Once the meeting was finished Nayomi got up and bolted to the Exiles.

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  • as much as xael disproved of caera's leadership, she had to admit that she was doing a much better job than twilightzone. in fact, the amount of effort the girl was putting into this was quite extreme. the lilac listened to everything caera had to say, making a mental note to find her after everything had boiled down a bit. "all understood." she called, heading lazily after those heading towards the exiles. she certainly didn't want to be the first one there, she knew that to be a one way ticket to pain.

  • "Hehe, really? oooohhh shall I kill myself then?" she would purr with amusement. She could have easily gotten up there and killed Caera with the knife she was holding in her paws at the moment, but she refused wanting to relish in the glory and come up with a full proof plan. Finally with a small wink and would float up higher in the sky and look down at the small amount of people gathered she would finally yell. "Try me! One day you will all be under my rule and this so called bitch of a leader will be a withering corpse held in my vary own paws. Hey Caera, think you got rid of me? You can never get rid of me. WATCH. YOUR. BACK."

    With that she teleported off, her eyes complete red as if something took her over and she left only fear in her wake.

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    george scoffed at where pippa had been floating, and barked a short laugh. "well that was quite the light show." he snickered, then dipped his heas to caera. his opinion was similar to xael's. george didn't really care for caera's leadership, but she was doing a hell of a lot better than twilightzone. she was proving herself to be an effective leader, he may have misjudged her. the fact that she had beaten pippa was a feat in itself. and she was taking action against the exiles. george turned and followed xael to the group that was fighting, his long tail swishing behind him.


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  • theo daremo-uenm-ongnyen

    Theo gasped as the flames seemingly consumed the air, backing up quickly out of instinct. (track)


    Well, shit. A capo? Well, call him an arse for being smug about it. Of course, Cham would be promoted, he was a goddamn miracle brought to life for the Cartel. Next thing you know, Caera could be down begging for the boy to take reign. As he heard his name being called, the cub could not help but flash a pretty little smile at Xael. One step away from taking your spot, little bitch. But before he could comment a snarky thing to the Underboss and the general public of the Cartel and a falsetto nice thing to Caera, a ghost of what he assumed to be Pippa appeared. She screamed bloody murder and threats, but Cham appeared unfazed by her attempts. It was a stupid ghost, after all, and he had plenty of garlic and crosses should she cross his path.


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    [raid link: hell will always come [CARTEL RAID & TERRITORY DESTRUCTION] ]

    Caera was feeling good. Everyone was charging off to go get the Exiles like she had instructed, and there were faces she hadn't seen in a while or at all showing up. Everyone was accepting her changes, nodding at those promoted, and just all around seeming much cooler with her as the leader. Of course, Caera couldn't see into everyone's thoughts, but she figured she was doing alright. She was about to head off with everyone else when Pippa appeared, floating in the air and mocking her. The feline froze in her spot, eyes going wide and jaw-dropping as she looked up at her. No. No, she was dead. Pippa was dead. She had killed her herself. She wasn't able to shoot back a retort, only staring up at the suddenly alive child. When Pippa disappeared, she remained shocked for a few moments more.

    Finally, she looked around as if walking out of a trance at all the remaining people. "Well, let's go." She said weakly, trotting out after everyone else.


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