said i'd be smthn special && wheat's tags + storage

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  • general information wheatpaw

    previous names: wheatkit

    future name: wheatflower

    male (he/him)

    11 months

    ages real time

    medicine cat apprentice of trad. skyclan

    played by globally

    account created 06-17-17

    appearance reference (90% accurate) a bicolor cream tabby cornish rex with flat, light-brown eyes. average size, with a thin and lanky physique typical to his breed. walks with a spring in his step. a resting niceface that remains in the darkest of situations.

    voice claim: dan mintz

    relations bateyes (npc) xx unknown npc

    born and raised in skyclan

    adopted son of minnownose

    adopted son of addercloud

    distant cousin of nightgaze

    relationships single (open to crushes)


    pm for injury or capture

    friends with oceanpaw and mercypaw

    trusts everyone except those on distrust list

    distrusts no one at the moment

    personality the lights are on, but nobody's home. estp, chaotic neutral.

    + adventurous, outgoing, friendly, self-reliant

    / breezy, impressionable, obedient, unsentimental, forward, absent-minded, unambitious

    - aloof, insensitive, prejudiced, conformist, cowardly, indecisive, tactless, disloyal, socially inept, lazy, manipulative, detached, unintelligent

    interactions physically intermediate

    mentally defenseless

    will start fights

    will run if defeat is imminent

    powerplay peaceful actions

    attack in underline

    @ when attacking or risk being ignored

    playlist bigmouth strikes again - the smiths

  • "he always smiled, and he always chuckled, but inside he did

    not notice anyone, did not care; it was his body that smiled, nodded

    and shook hands. nothing touched his mind, which remained remote."

    - phillip k. dick, ubik


    i understand that i am now condemned to keep his custom title for the rest of

    his days if i want to keep the first quote up here but honestly?? it's worth it

    local boy eats grass? more like local boy eats cats

    next on skyclan chronicles... Wheatpaw eats a d u d e

    also,, poppy might have a conversation with wheatpaw at some point in the very near future and also invite minnow so it'll be like a meeting with the principal, parents, and a misbehaving student. "you have some....concerning habits"