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  • Hello FeralFronters!

    It's time for the Monthly Spotlight Contest! Each winner will earn 100 credits, a winner’s accolade, as well as an instant notification to spotlight their win (the blue bar at the top of the screen is an instant notification, all art/writing will be linked here)!


    • All art and writing must be 100% yours! Anybody caught plagiarizing in any manner will be disqualified from the current event and ALL FUTURE EVENTS. If the severity is high, one may also be issued a ban for their plagiarism. Please do not plagiarize, we do not take it lightly.
    • Art and writing are their own, separate entry. You can win once in art and once in writing. You can submit both, but you cannot win both. If you happen to be picked as winner for both, staff will pick which was better of the two and let you win that one. The winner for BOTH sections will receive 100 credits. So that means there is one art winner and one writing winner.
    • ALL forms of art/writing are welcome. Poems, short stories, haikus, anything you can think of! All submissions must follow site rules and be, at a maximum, PG-13. This means please limit your gore to very little and no sexual themes. All writing must be 1,000 words or less!

    THIS MONTH'S THEME IS: “Fun in the Sun!”!

    TO SUBMIT WORK: Please just post into this thread! Please put all submissions into a spoiler to prevent making the thread super long. If you’d like to add an author’s/artist’s note please feel free to!

  • Time for the ten second tidy

  • track!

    'Ello one and all!
    -- CHARACTERS --
    Addercloud | Trad. Skyclan
    Sedgekit | Trad. Skyclan  

    Lightningpaw | Trad. Thunderclan

    Dove that flies over moon | Trad. Tribe of Rushing Water

    Primrosepaw | Trad.Darkclan

    Zephyrbee | Trad.Windclan

    Callkit | Trad.Thunderclan

    Morningrose | Trad.Windclan

    //ask me about camp camp...

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  • Could I team up with someone for an art piece? i can't do backgrounds so yeah, they'd split the win with me if we make it to the final though

    Find me on transformice, I'm Spartasil!

  • Using another quote from one of my upcoming stories over on Quotev.
    Like with the quote I used from Dallas and Dakota: Brothers Together, this quote will be modified to fit the story when I make it.

    Quotev Profile: https://www.quotev.com/27683203

    "Remember that no one can tell you who you truly are. You are stronger than you think." -Tai the Charizard, Red's Rescue

    "No matter the bumps, no matter the bruises, no matter the scars, still the truth is the cross has made, the cross has made you flawless!"-MercyMe, Flawless

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    And if you save yourself
    You will make him happy
    He'll keep you in a jar
    And you'll think you're happy
    He'll give you breathing holes
    And you'll think you're happy