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  • YES

    I was thinking I'd make the thread where Weri is all depressed and Gareth tells her she's purrrrttttyyyy and tells her whatever else you want Gareth to tell her??

    *wink wonk*


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  • id be up for one becky thread :0

    before suga comes to haunt ang theyd better get all the info they can on ghost physics from The source. or even after sugas death :0 angel could come to beck to try and get becks thoughts on how to get rid of suga or smth

    oooo :0

    late af but yea I need to make that :'')

    also a chance for ang to soak in all the becky knowledge, there's this thread going on ;)

    and anna, I shall get u that gack thread dw

    there are only two things i love in this world: everybody & television

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  • ahhhh i wasn't online today bc i was out but i will be tomorrow!! goodnight everyone <3

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  • hey guys, i'm up now. whatever i had kept getting worst no matter the medicine i took, so i slept til i got home at like 4ish and slept til like 7:30 then cleaned the kitchen n went back to sleep

    though i can finally breath now lol

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  • im feeling a little better, i'm not sure what happened tbh. i had no symptoms of ANYTHING AT ALL

    then like 3-4 days ago, i woke up with a really bad sore throat like those you wake up but they go away- one like that but worst that didn't go away, and it felt so bad it was probably strep then the next day i couldn't even hardly talk so i like drunk a LOT of water to soothe my inflamed tonsils before sleeping on the bus and it felt a little better n i could talk.

    but then later when i got home, i started sneezing and coughing, runny nose then the morning next my throat was hardly hurting but then i was literally dying from this sneezing, coughing and everything

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  • Oof you caught the bug that sucks!!

    If it makes you feel better Ashina has more wereth to be bitter about! Gareth's about to confess hopefully

    I'm such a square

    Four equal sides, that's me!

    I can't even text my friends when they're just high on pot without feeling uncomfortable rip

    Then again I do have a history of trauma because of drugs and am fully aware my mom smoked pot initially and now she relies on methadone to live an anxiety riddled life so


  • my parents did alcohol and drugs, and they never were in my life because my grandparents took me from them

    so i have bad lungs from my mother doing drugs and more while i was still in her womb, and 2nd-hand smoking bc people around me from cigarettes.

    i had friends who smoked, but i dropped most of them bc shit happened btwn me n them; my boyfriend used to do drugs before he met me, but like two months ago when his grandma died and his uncle was staying over there- his uncle gave him a hookah pen which he got high off the fumes and i got so pissed off

    i have like 2 friends who do drugs, but one of them stopped bc his ex-girlfriend (who played him twice) and he knows i hate it, so he doesn't do it lol but he had once during our friendship.

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  • *:・゚✦ GARETH

    —— starry eyed | tags & information *:・゚✦

    Well, my mom wasn't on drugs until I was two, probably. Except for pot, but I'm talking hard drugs. My dad's first drug was lsd with his cousins, and a lot more after. My mother neglected me, mistreated me, allowed me to be abused and be an abusive household, because she was drugged out of her mind an didn't care. My dad was an alcoholic for most of my life. His work now revolves around pot so it's his job, and he's really passionate about it so I don't mind. But my parents were serious fuck ups, especially my mom, when it came to drugs. No need to go into detail, and trust me there's a lot of detail, but ya know.

    And both my friends smoke pot, one used to drink all the time and the other tries to drink every once in awhile now. Thankfully I'm very honest and very set in my ways so they know not to fuck with me when they're smoking or anything. My friend texted me and he was acting dumb so I was just like no thanks. But it sucks because both of them are predisposed to addiction and shit which sucks. Pot ain't really bad for you, it's a miracle for a lot of people really, but I just don't like it very much. I have an extremely addictive personality so I don't go near anything like that. No smoking, no alcohol, no pot. Don't even like to be in contact with people who are dealing with that. Can't really help it with my mom who smokes and drinks, or my dad who's job revolves around reviewing pot.

    I feel like a lot of the time they think I'm lame or stupid or whatever because both of their parents don't really care, one of their dad's encourages it even. They both do it together and have a lot of fun, which is great, but I just really hate being around that shit. It even makes me uncomfortable just to think of them doing shit like that when I'm not around. Idk.

    I'm in a mood haha

  • honestly. i hate drugs with a passion because yeah, my life in my grandparent's used to be good til my grandmother had her stroke when i was in like 4-5th grade and my grandpa became more mean and he grew abusive and i used to be an little emo kid and self-harmed because i had no way out. i can rarely leave the house these days, because to this day my grandma still can't walk,talk,etc so i have to be there besides on school days where the nurse is there taking care of her.

    i remember my boyfriend got high once during our relationship and the situation was going OUT of hand, like it was getting where i didn't know what to say or anything so i just like ignored him and the next time my boyfriend knew wtf happened he just apologized like

    i just hate the shit so much, like i understand why some people do it but why do you want to ruin your life that??? i dont understand ppl

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  • Yeah. Drugs. Never actually did it, but at one point in my life I was at a pretty low point. Anxiety, stress, and I was beginning to show real signs something was wrong with me, something I didn't know what it was, or doctors. (Turns out my nervous system's outer lining was being stripped, and years of uncontrollable shaking, to my legs giving out in hallways, and then burning, pins or needles, numbness, or just pain for awhile while it regrew.) Resorted to things I wasn't proud of. I would pick, instead of cutting. I lost most of my hair and have scars still. Some people don't realize how bad stuff like stalking, and being accused of actual crimes by other kids that adminstration was looking at can do to a person who already has a lot on their plate (not that I commited any, but still, apparently rumor is just as good as damning evidence now).

  • *:・゚✦ GARETH

    —— starry eyed | tags & information *:・゚✦

    It just gives me a crawly feeling, or more like a pit in my stomach. I don't hate the people who take drugs, but I do hate the drugs and what they do to people. My mom was such a different person before drugs, and so was my dad. At least with heroine for my dad since he took drugs as a kid... But it's like. Gosh I don't know, it's not gonna help you. If it's for medical reasons then hell yes! Hell Fucking Yes! But if it's recreational and your a teenager? I don't like it. Adults, whatever, I'd rather my mom smoked pot then cigarettes. But with kids it's different. Not them smoking cigarettes of course, I'd rather they smoke pot then cigarettes as well, but smoking pot in general.

    It's just ICKY to me. Like, just gross. I can't help but lose respect for kids who smoke pot or cigarettes or drink or whatever. I still love them and all but it makes me feel so distant from them. Probably because my mom abandoned me for drugs so it's like, well, I associate it with abandonment which scares me. Bleh.

    That sucks dude

    I haven't self harmed except for punching hard stuff until my knuckles hurt bad but that was less of punishing or being anxious and more getting angry energy out.

    I actually have a funny story

    So when I was like four my parents kept telling me I couldn't eat a specific pan of brownies. I just assumed they were regular brownies my parents were hoarding for themselves because I was four years old. I ate half the pan in one shot! Which is pretty intense. I tripped out for a solid chunk of time. I was cracking jokes to the point where I was keeling over crying and giggling at the same time. My parents laughed at me and just kinda followed me around to make sure I was alright. At one point I got out to the yard with heart glasses on and started telling anyone who passed by that life was great and stuff. My mom says I was talking like a grown adult and not like a toddler. I was totally fine, but my parents always say they should have got a video.

  • Wow, starting habits young. Some would approve. Not me though. A couple of my friends, eh. I can kind of understand pot, but the hard drugs, no. I've stayed away from pot and stuff, though.

  • *:・゚✦ GARETH

    —— starry eyed | tags & information *:・゚✦

    Yeah, pots not a big deal and I like know that completely. I grew up with two hippie parents it's like the first thing I learned haha. Still, it just is so... Gah it makes me so uncomfortable to think about. Which is my own issue and all, obviously. I'm just glad my friends don't pressure Mr or anything because uhh they'd lose a friend real fast that's for sure.

    Anyway what's up friends? Having a good morning/time zone whatever

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