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    A girl with brown gair sat rather boredly on the desk in tge classroom she'd be teaching in. Today, without warning, she'd be meeting and teaching Stein's students about Angels. Sitting with her was a girl with purple hair who was talking to her about the students. The ones that beat the Kishin mainly. "The one, kid, is Lord death's son. His weapons are liz-"she was cut off as a hand clapped over her mouth. "Enough, Alice." The girl nodded and a muffled "sorry" was given. "It's fine.." upon hearing a bell alice hopped off the desk. "And so it begins!"she said, hyrrying to her seat which was in the back.
    The brunette sighed. The students were her age and yet she was to be their teacher. Sure it made sense due to her biological age.. but, she still looled Seventeen. Not to mention none of them knew of what she was. Not even the Reaper's son. They would only know if they took a peak at her soul, well maybe. She crossed her legs one over the other to avoid any student seeing up her skirt- that'd be a memorable first day wouldnt it?

    As she heard voices she gkanced up to the clock. "I dont care where you sit unlike Stein. If i hear any talking you will be scrubbing your blood off thr floor after class."she warned, of course she knew this would be ignored as she didnt exactly look like a teacher.

  • All of the students suddenly turned and glanced at the newcomer. Their eyebrows immediately furrowing as they were unsure of who this person was. They all knew Alice of course, so many were asking her why there was this girl on the desk and if she was a teacher or a student.

    And last to come in as the final bell went perfectly, was Death the Kid. "Perfect timing. How satisfying." The guy said as he glanced over at Melantha, feeling something was off with her from the second his bright golden eyes caught a hold of her form. But he couldn't think about what it could be from gazing on the outside. Her soul then.

    But Kid wasn't intending on doing that. And instead just see what she does anyway. Though hearing that they can sit wherever they want was a trigger to him and he clenched his fist, hoping. Just hoping everyone could sit in a symmetrical manner.

    Though that was never the case.

    And so the OCD individual was soon sat where he usually sat. And by the looks of things, the students still sat in their usual places because that was what they were used to. Thank goodness.

    Gazing at the two who looked as thought hey were meant to be teaching yet looking like they were his age, he crossed his arms to watch. The girl seemingly his age has perfectly symmetrical hair. Separated by the band at the top. And she wore rather neat uniform-looking clothes. Rather tidy overall.

    He at least could respect that being OCD.

  • Alice wouldn't anseer, seeing as they'd find out as Melantha would have ti give an introduction and also start the lesson.. Which would likely include having someone study her soul.

    Melantha waited until everyone was seated before speaking. "I am Melantha Knowles. Obviously none of you were informed that your teacher, Frankenstein, was going to be absent for a while.. three weeks to be exact. Until his return i am going to be your new teacher as ordered by Death." Many of the students seemed confused as she didnt refer to either by their normal titles such as Lord Death or doctor Stein.
    "You all may have sensed an odd wavelength coming from me upon entering the classroom. This is because i am not exactly a weapon nor a Meister. When the kishin Asura revived his madness woke many evils.. in my case he woke and corrupted. I am something known as an Angel. At one point, long before the academy was built, i served and protected Death. But, the madness wavelength affected my mind and drove me to do the unthinkable and swallow the souls of around thirty individuals. A weapon was sent to my location to try and match wavelengths with me. This weapon is Alice, your fellow student." Alice smiles brightly upon bring mentioned.

    "if anyone is able to use soul perception i would take the time to look at my soul. You will see what is different between mine and yours." She said, as got off the desk. This is when many of the students took notice of her eyes. They looked much like the eyes of Asura.

    Being in this room is difficult as i still hunger for souls.. but, its manageable with Alice here..She thought, glancing over the students. Her gaze halted on Kid for a brief moment. Hmm. This must be the one Alice was talking about.. Death's son.

  • Death the kid focused on her for a moment, easily being able to see her soul and depict the difference between hers and other people's. It was peculiar. But being as though an Angel was a being not known of to many, He was expecting the soul to be out of the ordinary.

    But..... Serving and protecting his father? He was not told of this.

    And so THIS was something he was soon to discuss with him.

    Everyone gave an attempt. Many were able to do it and were surprised at what they saw.


  • "The obvious difference between the soul of an Angel and the soul of another is the Wings that are attached to our soul. The second being our wavelength." She glanced between the students for a moment. "My abilities also differ from light angels.. Is there any questions? I can answer anything pertaining to myself and my history." She wanted to answer as many questions now as sbe could, to avoid a storm of them later. Once tbose were answered.. she could start the class.

  • "Yes. I am a Dark Angel. My wavelength is more for corruption and destruction.. and a Light angel has a healing wavelength." She answered. "Any others?" Melantha turned slightly, grabbing a clipboard from her desk, looking over the announcements she would have to give at the end of class. She also marked off who was here.

  • Kid remained silent as he would most likely learn what he needed to when speaking to his father. Though listening to the answers were just as helpful.

    "So, how does a dark angel and a light angel form? Does a dark angel used to be a light angel?" Someone asked.

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    She was partially surprised that question was asked. "Well, angels in general are descendents of an old race known as a Seraph."she began, soon continuing with, "A seraph is much like us in the aspect they have wings but.. they didn't possess anything to really protect death gods.. However, they began to evolve with each generation and soon, a Seraph was born with some abilities of a death god and also their own abilities.. This seraph was the first Light Angel." She then thought back to the other part of their question. "Light Angels are created the same way you all are basically though some are created with tge soul of someone who has died." She then answered the second, "A dark angel can only be created if they are exposed to a Madness wavelength. Additionally, A Dark angel can return to being a Light but it takes some time.. As the angel must be converted back. This can be done in quite a few ways. Angels, in the past, have been known to switch sides because they have taken a romantic interest in a Kishin or a death god. Another way is that angel being hit by a Madness wavelength or by a Healing wavelength from that of an Angel." She explained.

    "So, each dark angel at one point was a Light angel. Myself included."She finished .

  • "The area where i fell... asleep i suppose you could say.. was one of the areas a Beacon was erected by Arachne's forces.. The Madness was amplified and it woke me from a very long sleep. My soul was vulnerable as i had been in a dead sleep for so many years. As a result, i became a Dark Angel."she responded. "Now.. i believe that's all for questions.. You're going to be learning about Light angels this week.." she informed. Deciding to save the lesson about her was better in her opinion as it would mean if any of them thought it was wise to challenge her beforechand would quiclly underatand why it was an ill-made decision after.

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    And those included who thought they could fight was..... None other than Black star. Who was grinning at the sight of a new challenge. She didn't seem like much. To beat her may make his fame levels rise!

    However, despite his unusual yet predictable antics, Kid kept listening on what the teacher was saying, rather curious about the topic for once.

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    ic - "Light Angels are angels that protect Reapers. Light angels have some abilities that you may have seen beong used once or twice by Lord Death. Such as Shields. Most angels use their wings to shield themselves but some tend to prefer to use the ability which is fueled by their wavelength. If used too much, they will likely faint.."she stated and leaned back agaonst the desk.
    "A light angel's abilities vary on the angel as we vary in strength like any meister and weapon do. However all angels can use their Wavelength in some way. A light angel can use it to push evil out of a Vessel or body. They can also use that very same wavelength to place souls back into a vessel or a person. This is only possible because of the abilities they share woth reapers." She added soon after.

    Alice glanced toward Blackstar. She didnt need to look at him to know what he was thinking.. She just hoped some common sense would come to him- though she highly doubted it.

  • Kid continued to listen with curiosity still lingering in his mind. Angels were rather peculiar yet astonishingly powerful beings then. However. Since he was in no way going to interrupt, he remained silent as he should be.

    Blackstar was listening and noticed her glanced. Something behind it making him wonder if she knew about his intentions.

  • She glanced to the clock, apparently she'd gave to continue tomorrow. "Before the bell rings.. The following students are going to be staying behind and doing a extra class with me.. Those students are Maka and Soul, BlackStar and Tsubaki, Kid, Liz and Patty."she recalled the names from her clip board reminding herself 2hat they liked to be called which Alice had told her.

    Alice stood as the bell ring. She made her way down. "Did lord death team us up with them..?"she asked in a low tone. "Yes.."she answered. "So does that mean...?" A mere nod was given from the Angel causing her weapon to sigh. Alice knew her meister did not like meeting new people as she didnt like people getting close to her..

  • The following students walked down the seating rows and stood at the bottom to talk with their current teachers.

    "So, what is this about?" Maka asked. "Hm. I'm keen to know." Soul continued.

    "Better be worth my time of fame!" Blackstar commented. Only to have Tsubaki sigh.

    "This must have to do with my father's decisions I suppose.." Kid said with his weapon meisters either side of him.

  • "Because you're some of the strongest students, Lord Death thought it best we join your team as he believes you all wont be affected by my wavelength."Melantha stated. "Because you havent exactly linked resonances before with an Angel, Lord Death and Stein thought it best if we practiced.. as it can be quite difficult.."Alice added.

  • "Tch, some? I AM the strongest!" Blackstar huffed. But Maka merely shook her head as she glared at the student before returning her gaze to Melantha.

    "I agree. It'd be interesting to learn. Pleased to make your aquaintance." Maka stated. "Wow.. So formal Maka. Ease up a little." Soul nudged her, only to get a familiar irritated glance.

    "If my father decided this would be useful... Then I suppose I better to as he wishes to." Kid replied.

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    ic - "Right.." She glanced toward Blackstar. Is it bad i hope he challenges me just because i want to deflate that ego? Melantha thought. "Nice to meet you as well.."she responded to Maka. "We should begin.. We will go outside to avoid anything getting destroyed in here.." Melantha stated, turning on her heel. Alice followed her out. "I would warn blackstar about a fight between you two.." Alice suggested to her Meister. "Why?" The question made Alice stare at her meister with wide eyes. "Because I'd like to pop that ego of his."Melantha responded earning a sigh from Alice.

    Once outside Melantha sighed. The wings of her Soul stretched out. As the students came out they'd see her wings push out from her back. The black wings would flap a couple of times before stretching out.

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    Kid's eyes widened. Such beautiful symmetry of the wings. They were perfect.

    Maka was amazed. To think a humane-looking being had wings.

    Blackstar narrowed his eyes as he looked.

    Looking like she can gain fame...