aren't you a sharp tack? [Open/Meet and Greet]

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  • [center][img][/img] [size=14][color=black]OLIVER[/color][/size] [color=black][fancypost=bgcolor=none; bordercolor=transparent; text-align:justify; borderwidth=0px; width: 500px; font-size:8; line-height:120%;] [i][/i][/color] [align=center][/align][align=center][color=black][size=9][i][color=#000000][b] ❝ OH, SHUT UP❞[/b][/i][/size][/color][/align][size=8] [color=black][center] ________________________________________________________ Everything I knew about the clans was theoretical. Or rather, it was stuff I'd heard from other people. I'd lived with my family for most of my life, until recent events had seen me on my own in an area with a few friends to socialize with. But after that wave had swept me off the beach had washed me up on The Rifts beach, there was nothing else to do but make the best of it. I didn't know how to get back, after all, and I really wasn't in the mood to get back in the water or take my chances boating to shore. So, as I stepped out of the small stone house they'd given me, I considered myself extremely lucky to have been welcomed by the people living here rather than skewered by them. One of the reasons my family and I had always lived onour own was because it was dangerous to mess with the clans- even the nice ones had too many problems to worry about, and overall it was just safer to try to survive on your own. Then again, not even that works out all the time. As I stepped out of the house and into the light of day I found myself bnlinking rapidly as my eyes fought to adjust. I'd finally cleaned myself up, and my calico fur was now groomed sleek against my body instead of stuck in clumps from the saltwater. I was feeling better too, and after a good nights sleep the strength had returned to my muscles. I no longer trembled from exhaustion when I moved, and while I no doubt looked a little uncertain as I stood there looking around, I didmy best to appear confident and at ease, even though I was silently panicing about being in a group I knew nothing about. Well, almost nothing. As I mentioned before I did know [i]some[/i] things, but they were all word of mouth things that I couldn't really say for sure were true. Fortunately though, meet an greets were something I'd glimpsed on my way into camp the night prior, and I knew they were easy enough to conduct. In all honesty I was kind of excited to be here, as I'd always wondered what the clans were like and had always been kind of social despite my uncertainty with strangers. But I was nervous, because I hated being noticing me and I knew that I soon as I called out all eyes would be on me. It was always like this, though. Whenever I was looking forward to something there was always that outline of anxiety there to ruin things, no matter how optimistic I tried to be. In the end it always came down to me trying to rationalize things though, and right then I was rationalizing that the longer I just stood there without doing anything, the weirder I was going to seem. So, I gathered up my courage and finally called out, [b]"Meet and greet!"[/b], hoping that I wouldn't be stared at too much for being so riculously adorable. ________________________________________________________ [/color] [align=center] [align=center][color=black][i][size=9][color=#000000][b]❝ AND KISS ME ❞[/b][/size][/i][/color][/align][size=11][i][/i][/size]
    [center][size=8] [b]KINK[/b] noun - a sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight."a kink in the road" -a writer that enjoys adding unexpected twists and turns to their stories/characters [b]FOURTH WALL[/b] noun - the conceptual barrier between any fictional work and its viewers or readers - a canine-cat hybrid that is aware if the fact that he is just a character in someones story. is known for being aggressive, social, capricious, and for doing what he wants, as he knows that nothing in his world is real and therefore there are no real consequences
  • [center][fancypost=border-width:0px; width: 450px; text-align: justify; font-size: 8pt; line-height: 125%][font='Georgia, serif'][color=#0070BB]OH NOSTALGIA — alex — the rift — she/her — [url=][color=#0070BB]tags[/color][/url][/color][/font][/fancypost][fancypost=border-width:0px; width: 450px; text-align: justify; font-size: 8pt; line-height: 125%][font=georgia]It seemed like she hadn’t been wrong about there being a lot of new members, and due to that there was bound to be many meet and greets. Why they couldn’t all just have one big meet and greet she wasn’t sure, but she wouldn’t hold it against them. Assuming that the Rift was as big as it was a month ago, it was a bit hard to keep track of which events had happened already and which hadn’t. She had been busying writing something down when she heard the call, stuffing everything in her messenger bag before heading outside. She had expected some sort of canine or feline given those were the most common joiners in her experience, but instead there was a rabbit sitting in the middle of camp. Since rabbits / bunnies happened to be one of her favorite animals, the feline automatically hurried over, happily looking the other over as she spoke. [color=#0070BB][b]“Good morning! My name’s Alex, how about yours?”[/b][/color][/font]



  • [center][fancypost=border-width:0; width: 380px; text-align: justify; line-height: 1.5; font-family: arial; font-size: 7pt;]It seemed Jack missed out on a lot. Really, it was his own fault for holing himself up in his home. There was no good reason for it either. One could say it was due to his missing friends, but he wasn't that effected by it. It was sad, but he would get over it. Hearing the call for a meet and greet as he left his own home, he would quickly change course and bound to whoever called it. Which was an incredibly odd creature. That made it all the better. Zero materialized and barked once, racing through the air around Oliver. [b]"Hello!"[/b] Jack finally said with a wide smile. [b]"I'm Jackskellington!"[/b]
    [center][fancypost=color:#1E171F;font-family:arial;line-height:89%;height:24px;][i][b]IN THIS TOWN WE CALL HOME[/b] [color=#DA6339][b]— EVERYONE HAIL TO THE PUMPKIN SONG[/b][/fancypost] [fancypost=color:#1E171F;font-family:arial;line-height:89%;height:13px;][url='']bio[/url]