Does anyone else want to play this character/looking for group recommendations

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  • Alright I'm doing this all in one thread to save time
    First I thought of a character idea that's probably pretty unoriginal but idk if there's a character like this around.
    I don't want to play this character because I know that I'll get ignored and lose interest but would anyone be interested in playing an extended game character that is just, like, a normal animal? Like, they're involved in a group and its activities but all of their personal problems are just normal animal problems? Like fleas and laser pointers and thunderstorms
    Additionally if someone makes this character, I could have a character named Owner who literally acts like their owner/caregiver (because they'd likely be seen as a little dumb) and one of their main issues is owner wants to give them flea baths and put them in a diet.

    Also: any active extended game group suggestions for a dog kangaroo hybrid with blue and gold macaw feathers who thinks he's an alien but is afraid to say it? (Preferably near water because he usually only sleeps underwater)

  • I absolutely love that idea, and I'd definitely volunteer but I can't take on another character atm. I still really hope you find someone so I can see that sort of character around!

    And for suggestions, the Skulls might be a good place! We've got plenty of weird mutant/hybrid sorts around there, but he'd still stick out quite a bit. They're also located on a ship near two islands, so they're right next to the ocean too. We've got a slow-medium pace though, its a very relaxed clan so if you're looking for something fast it might not be a great fit.

  • Does Ext. Thunderclan sound good to you?

    Also, do you have any preference on the pet cause I was kinda thinking of a bigger dog?

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