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    Superlunary Imaginary-Asasinar | "Super" or "Luna"
    Born as Midnightkit(/whisperings) Imaginary-Asasinar - changed their name
    The Exiles
    Born in ScarClan
    Member of the Exiles
    Candylullabies Imaginary x Bandagedmemories Asasinar | Gen 3
    Born 4th of November | Scorpio
    ½ Angel | ¼ Demon
    Only ¼ mortal in total

    PERSONALITY | INFJ | Melancholic
    Although they are shy and soft-spoken, Super tries to be as kind and benevolent as they can to other people, sensitive to their struggles. Sometimes, when taking care of other people, they can tend to neglect their own health or situation, leading them to be overly stressed and overwhelmed, as well as quite anxious. They are an egalitarian, valuing the freedom and life of others and possessing a deep hatred for murderers, r*pists and the like. They are a pacifist and ultimately prefer to avoid conflict, but instead work towards the root of the problem and find a solution peacefully. Rather than an optimist or a pessimist, they are more of a realist, accepting reality as it is. However, this doesn't mean that they don't believe in karma. A person who does wrong will have wrong done to them, they think. They are very passionate about their beliefs and can become easily irritated when these beliefs are challenged or mocked. They are also quite curious, sometimes to the point of being plain nosy. They like to explore, despite being blind. They would like to make more friends, but because of their quiet and introverted nature has a bit of trouble doing so. When you do befriend Super, they can become one of the best people you'll ever meet.
    ↳ Positive traits: Kind, benevolent, pacifist
    Can be positive or negative: Realist, passionate
    Negative traits: Introverted, easily stressed, anxious

    Super's current body is a tall, slim caracal with smooth golden fur and tall, pointed ears. Their eyes are clouded and hazel-colored. Their birth body was a short, stout Bombay feline, also with clouded hazel-colored eyes. They are completely blind in both bodies.

    MORALITY | Neutral Good
    Super values the freedom and life of everyone except for those who wish to take that away from others. They are reliable and will keep their word, working to protect those who can't protect themselves and doing what they can for the greater good. They respect authority but do not worship or depend on it. They do not like to kill or harm others, but will do so for their own self-defense or to protect the people they care about. They absolutely will not torture anyone or harm an innocent person, especially for pleasure, unless they are physically forced to.
    Will never start fights, will work to end fights, will not kill unless they are extreme circumstances. Will not capture, maim, or torture. Will never, ever, commit rape.

    Gynesexual | Gyneromantic
    Likes girls. Just really, really likes girls
    Switch | Doesn't really matter who's on top, their partner can decide
    Quite vanilla, doesn't have any kinks (or any that they know of)

    Single as all hell | Not really worried about love, but not totally uninterested either
    Has no crushes | Has no "maybe" crushes
    Friends with Lonemelody ("Mels") and Soren
    No enemies

  • TAGS

    "Speaking" | Action | Thinking | Telepathy

    ⁃ IC opinions
    ⁃ Superpaw Imaginary-Asasinar [⚧] | They/them pronouns
    ⁃ 6 months | Ages realistically
    ⁃ Gyneromantic/sexual
    ⁃ Member of The Exiles
    ⁃ Shapeshifting [100% mastered]
    ⁃ Telepathy [45% mastered]
    ⁃ Telekinesis [Undiscovered]
    ⁃ Invisibility [Undiscovered]
    ⁃ Current body: Caracal w/ clouded hazel eyes
    ⁃ Other bodies: Black domestic feline w/ clouded hazel eyes
    ⁃ Completely blind
    — Introverted, soft-spoken, shy
    — Pacifist, kind
    — Curious, nosy, likes to explore
    — Anxious, easily stressed
    ⁃ Bandagedmemories Asasinar x Candylullabies Imaginary
    ⁃ ½ Angel | ¼ Demon
    ⁃ Single | Not totally uninterested but not worried about love either
    ⁃ No crush | No "maybe" crush
    ⁃ Formerly lived in ScarClan
    ⁃ Attack in bold #aae4ff
    ⁃ Can powerplay peaceful and nonviolent actions
    ⁃ Roleplayed by Reverie