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  • <p><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""><woltlab-metacode data-name="fancypost" data-attributes="WyJiYWNrZ3JvdW5kOiB0cmFuc3BhcmVudDsgd2lkdGg6IDcwJTsgdGV4dC1hbGlnbjoganVzdGlmeTsgZm9udC1mYW1pbHk6IHRpbWVzIG5ldyByb21hbjsgZm9udC1zaXplOiAxNHB4OyBjb2xvcjogI2Y4ODM3OTsiXQ==">How could he <em>not</em> have heard about his precious boyfriend's upgrade in status? He hadn't had the chance to hear the news directly, but in BloodClan, gossip seemed to spread quickly enough, so he'd overheard through one person or another. That didn't matter. What did matter was that he was feeling a little sad that he hadn't been around to congratulate Dimitri on his handsome new status, so to make up for it, he'd made the trip out to ColouredClan. He had a surprise planned, but he wouldn't be revealing it just yet! No, that part would stay a surprise until the very last second!<br>First, though, he had to find the gorgeous kitsune he was so smitten with, and doing so in an unfamiliar land wasn't particularly easy. Swivelling his head this way and that, he prowled carelessly into the foreign territory, a pesky smile sticking to his face like glue. <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"Dimitri, babe? Oh, does anyone know where Dimitri is? I need to speak with him; it's very important!"</strong></span> He had a <em>very</em> special gift to offer, and he wouldn't stand to offer it off to anyone but him.<br><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes="">[ <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"speech"</strong></span> - actions - <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><em>thoughts</em></span> ]</woltlab-metacode></woltlab-metacode></woltlab-metacode><br><br></p>

  • [center][fancypost=bg color;border:0;width:450px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt]Normally others would be enraged that someone outside territory would come barging in, but at the mention of Dimitri they saw no reason in lecturing the other. Not that they were going to anyways, considering that was too much work and pointless. "He should be in the Leader's Den, although he is very busy so please don't disturb him too much." When did Dimitri meet this person, are they a lover? Or or they some kind of fanboy, who goes gaga over Dimitri?

    He shouldn't be asking this, but he couldn't help it.. "Are you his friend or something?" Of course he wasn't going to flat out say boyfriend because he didn't want to make a fool himself. Granted he already made a fool of himself. Nice going, now he's going to get mad at us. AHHHHH!

  • <p><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""><woltlab-metacode data-name="fancypost" data-attributes="WyJiYWNrZ3JvdW5kOiB0cmFuc3BhcmVudDsgd2lkdGg6IDcwJTsgdGV4dC1hbGlnbjoganVzdGlmeTsgZm9udC1mYW1pbHk6IHRpbWVzIG5ldyByb21hbjsgZm9udC1zaXplOiAxNHB4OyBjb2xvcjogI2Y4ODM3OTsiXQ==">Aurelien blinked at the sound of speech and turned his attention to the beautiful specimen that had revealed itself before his eyes. <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"Well, now! Look at you, handsome,"</strong></span> the cheetah purred, lowering his head and grinning up at Seasalt. Then he blinked a few times and straightened up again, shaking his head. <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"Goodness, I really shouldn't be flirting so casually. At least, not right now. To come to Dimitri's home, only to play around with other men... Oh, what would he think of me?"</strong></span> The vampire dramatically, swayed to the side, covering his eyes with one of his paws. <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"That would be horrid of me. I must refrain."</strong></span> After all, he had a duty apart from delivering his little present. He also had to win as much of Dimitri's affection as possible, and fooling around in the kitsune's land definitely wouldn't win him any favours. Wouldn't want Dimi to get jealous, after all! <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"Sorry about that. I'm Aurelien LeClair, and I'm his <em>boy</em>friend. I'm here to offer my congratulations, and a little gift to show my love. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."</strong></span> He couldn't help but cast a quick wink, though, and did so shamelessly.<br><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes="">[ <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"speech"</strong></span> - actions - <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><em>thoughts</em></span> ]</woltlab-metacode></woltlab-metacode></woltlab-metacode><br><br></p>

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    Aurelien where so similliar to himself in so many ways it was almost like looking into the mirror to found his own reflection looking back at him. His vampire friend was much indeed entertaining to hang around having nothing to complain about when it come to spend time with him. It was so easy to be around him with no real attachment that made them chained to each other. Which explained why when Dimitri appeared on the scene not seeming to mind all to much the attention Aurelien was given to when flirting with Seasalt, something normally people would get offended by if now seeing thier 'boyfriend' flirt around with someone else especially in someone else territory. That would be consider rude and show traits of cheating.

    But no, Dimitri did not felt a such emotion not even knowing they where in a 'relationship' up to the point Aurelien had stated that out to one of his clanmates back in Bloodclan. But for sure the Lord Prism would play along not minding it and actually found it quite amusing. " First ya hold a kiss booth back in Bloodclan and now ya are hitting on one of my own all so openly. Whatever should i do to ya unfaithfulness. " His voice appeared getting out from the shadows not really caring all to much about Aurelien crossing the border line, for him he could do a exception. In the first place he didn't cared all to much unless they tried to harm this place. Dimitri faked a sour look across the features but his eyes told a different story about how amused he happend to be. Coming to a stop beside Seasalt would lift a paw up in a attempt to poke Aurelien nose. " Now ya better have a good gift to give me my love or i might have to consider to punish ya. " he said and smirked at least, that smug little one and put back the paw on the ground.



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  • [center][fancypost=bg color;border:0;width:450px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt]Out of all things he wasn't expecting to be openly flirted with. Not to mention from a guy no less, not to offend anyone who was gay of course, but he simply wasn't gay. One of his friends had shipped them with their best friend Riku and tried setting them up together, but both of them didn't like each other that way. Heck, they forced them to take classes on the attraction of men. That session was very awkward to say the least. Even after that he still didn't like men in a romantic way.

    "Uh.." WHAT DO I DO? I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS! Although the lion was getting flustered, he was practically internally screaming to no bounds. Of course he couldn't respond from the shock of being flirted with, especially when the other confirmed that they were indeed in a relationship with their leader. "Mmm, n-nice to meet you too." Oh god did his voice crack? Crud, crud, please stop flirting, I'm begging you!

    When Dimitri came over, he simply turned to the other, their face completely flushed. They were practically screaming at their leader HELP ME! However, Dimitri didn't help them at all, giving them thoughts about his and Lien's relationship. "G-guess I'll st-art heading o-out now.."

    // rip seasalt w these two

  • [center][fancypost=border-width:0px; width: 450px; text-align: justify;]Little did anyone know that Vaporwave was super into guys. At first glance, they seemed to be your average asexual aesthetic poo, but they were really freakin' ready to mingle. They had lived nearly their entire life- a measly 11 months or so, compared with others- without any romance. It was dull and painfully boring to not have anyone to spend time with. Truth be told, all Vaporwave wanted was a friend, a lover of some sort, who he could talk to and... share memories with. Time went far too fast. Before they knew it, they'd waste their whole life away without making it worthwhile. Watching Dimitri and the flirty Aurelien, they felt almost jealous of how well the two seemed to get along with each other. Without a partner, the canine felt empty. Only someone along the lines of a true friend would be able to fill the hole carved by their own loneliness.

    But perhaps that was a bit too melodramatic. Not everyone gets everything they want, so why should they themselves? You win some and lose some, they supposed. Smirking, Vaporwave trotted up to the group of Gays (minus Seasalt, who was pathetically lonely like themselves). "Kiss kiss fall in love," They commented in a sing-song voice, almost poking fun of Dimitri's relationship with the weird guy who was probably horny all the time. Wagging their tail, they paced around the duo. "You two should head back to your love nest now. We'll mind the clan when you're busy, Dimitri!"

    [center][fancypost=border-width:0px; width: 500px; color: #fff; font-family:arial; font-size:10pt;][color=#DDA0DD]?[b] [color=#FFFFFF]NICE, NICE, VERY NICE.[/b][/color][/color] [url='http://goo.gl/ikBTxX']tags[/url] / played by [url='http://goo.gl/qsmEYu']fifth[/url][/fancypost]
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    DEFYING THE LAWS OF GRAVITY — tracer — colouredclan — she/her — tags

    [fancypost=border-width:0px; width: 450px; text-align: justify; font-size: 8pt; line-height: 125%]"Aww, you got a gift for your boyfriend? That's so adorable," the greyhound cooed as she speedwalked over, ditsy smile on her face. She seemed not to notice the inappropriate undertones of the conversation, that, or Tracer just chose not to comment on them. It wasn't easy to make her embarrassed after all, boys being boys wouldn't make her blush that easily! "Oooh, hey," Tracer suddenly barked in a hushed tone, aiming to teleport very close to Aurelian. "Tell me what ya got him please love. I can't wait to find out!" she whispered. Even if she would find out in just a moment or so, the greyhound wanted to get a closer look. She'd leave once her curiosity was satiated, she wasn't keen on interrupting the lovers' privacy for too long.

    tracer -- goggle wearing greyhound -- played by vexxy

  • <p><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""><woltlab-metacode data-name="fancypost" data-attributes="WyJiYWNrZ3JvdW5kOiB0cmFuc3BhcmVudDsgd2lkdGg6IDcwJTsgdGV4dC1hbGlnbjoganVzdGlmeTsgZm9udC1mYW1pbHk6IHRpbWVzIG5ldyByb21hbjsgZm9udC1zaXplOiAxNHB4OyBjb2xvcjogI2Y4ODM3OTsiXQ==">What an interesting group! A mildly terrified, but cute, 'I'm not into boys' type of kid, a playful ball of fluff whose encouragement Aurelien very much enjoyed, and then the curious female who seemed to appear at his side in the blink of an eye, prying into his precious secrets. He grinned around at all of them, but inevitably, his eyes came to land on Dimitri in the end.<br><span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"Aw, Dimitri. Words hurt, darling,"</strong></span> the cheetah said in a mildly whiny tone, ears drooping in a classic pout. Obviously (or perhaps not so obviously), the two weren't actually in a relationship, but it was a fun game to play, wasn't it? The sleek vampire very much enjoyed having Dimitri in his reservoir of friends. The kitsune was endless fun to play with, without any strings attached! It was a true blessing, but it was even more fun to act as if there was a little something more going on. After all, the way Dimitri's clanmates had reacted was glorious in every aspect, so what was there to lose?<br><span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"Punish me? Goodness, you wouldn't do <em>that</em>, would you?"</strong></span> The cheetah didn't seem all too worried, though. He flopped over onto the ground and rolled onto his back, pawing harmlessly at Dimitri's muzzle with no real attempt to make contact. <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"I hope my gift will redeem my misbehaviour."</strong></span><br>He rolled back over and sat up, gazing off into the distance as he thought. <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"I'm a free spirit, sweet, you should no that by now. I can't be held in one place for very long. I'm leaving BloodClan shortly, and then my adventure will continue into who-knows-where. As much as I love you, I could never stay here with you. Don't you worry, I'll visit lots! I'd hurt without your attention. But in the meantime, I wish to offer you something that will hopefully make you feel a little less lonely."</strong></span><br>He turned his head again to make eye contact with Dimitri. <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"I wasn't actually the one who came up with the idea. I was visiting my homeland, you see, and as I often do, I lamented my sorrows away to my thoughtful son. Oh, that boy, he's such a sweetie, I don't know where I'd be if he didn't take the time to put up with me. After I was finished complaining about how you and I could never live together, though, and how hard things must be for you with your lofty new job and all, he said something very curious to me! 'I could go there and help out,' he said! I should have taken him to be the sort to offer something like that."</strong></span><br>He grinned. <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"So, sometime soon, a small piece of me is going to be here with you. He's a smart kid. On the shy side, for sure, but very bright. I have no doubts he can help you out."</strong></span><br>Granted, the 'kid' had grown up centuries ago, but Aurelien still wasn't ready to admit that.
    <p><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes=""><woltlab-metacode data-name="fancypost" data-attributes="WyJiYWNrZ3JvdW5kOiB0cmFuc3BhcmVudDsgd2lkdGg6IDcwJTsgdGV4dC1hbGlnbjoganVzdGlmeTsgZm9udC1mYW1pbHk6IHRpbWVzIG5ldyByb21hbjsgZm9udC1zaXplOiAxNHB4OyBjb2xvcjogI2Y4ODM3OTsiXQ==">//really didn't want to rush this post but i have to leave on a trip like really shortly so i hope it's not too messy ;w;<br><woltlab-metacode data-name="center" data-attributes="">[ <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><strong>"speech"</strong></span> - actions - <span style="color: #FFB6C1"><em>thoughts</em></span> ]</woltlab-metacode></woltlab-metacode></woltlab-metacode><br><br></p>

  • All his clanmates was quite interesting indvinduals weren't they? The Lord Prism did believed so not more amused by the other then the next over the encounter between himself and Aurelien. It was probably because of reactions such like this the vampire enjoyed to fool around so much with his fellow vampire. Enjoying this silently would smirk but let the eyes land with the most attention on Varporwave his comment standing out a little bit in compare to the rest which was why he focused attention first on him out of all the comments. A short existed laugh appeared out from the throat, that amused glimt in the eye existend for his beloved clanmate and follower. " Ya are a real amusing one aren't ya? and a very cute one too. "Not that he was one interested in a such company. It was eady to be fooled with the eye or the smoot words leaving out from his lips but the truth was this was more a fun little hobby of his that had started in Blizzardclan but somehow contunie on at times not even knowing exactly why. Probably because it was to fun to resist?.

    " Please Sally don't act shy now, Leclair is only teasing ya. No need to feel hesitant about ya sexual orientation." he now focused the words to Seasalt attempting to prevent the guy from leaving by nudging him gently with one of the tails, offering a encouraged grin but inside was just as amused over his comrate embarassment over his 'boyfriend' flirting with him. He then finall at last returned back the attention to Aurelien, listening to what he had to say while the grin turned to a more smug smirk. " Hmh, ya sure about that? Punishment are not always bad all depanding on what the person itself is refering to. " he spoke with a teasing mysterious going to let Aurelien draw the conclusion to whatever he happend to please himself with. When it come down to the gift it was not what he had assumed at the same time not been unexpected about. The spotless cheetah had never taken anything along side him which had been the first sign of a more unusual gift this one claimed to have. What he got offered though was a younger verison of Aurelien to live here under his walls which seemed to sound like his friend was trying to dump one of his own at him. Although he not really would mind actually believing this was what his clan needed right now, more members and the company of a other vampire was always quite nice. However it was a shame Aurelien not could stay around but he understood what he come from, Dimitri himself had never been good to stay at one place for all to long Bloodclan and Blizzardclan had been his longest stay this far and now to think he was leader of a other clan. That was something to be suprised over, although he saw it more like a game then anything else.

    " Leclair, ya are not only a sight for the eye but are also full of suprises aren't ya? Although ya lack of present here will be a shame indeed i will with most honor accept ya younger brother to come here and live with us. After all anyone related to ya my love is much welcomed here. I thank ya for this rare offer of ya but i do hope ya come and visit me from now and then like promised, sweetie. " he said and at the end winked but soon added." So when are ya sibling going to arrive here?. "

    // not sure why but it refuse to post if i not remove my fancypost. also sorry for alte reply.


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  • Aurelien couldn't muffle a giggle that rose in his chest at the sweet sound of that word, 'punishment'. It was one of his favourite words, harsh and smooth, just the way to send shocks racing along the spine. It was a beautiful word, and Aurelien loved it and the taboos it connoted. "Well, if you were the one doing it, maybe I wouldn't mind that much," the cheetah rumbled, ears flattening submissively as he shot Dimitri a playful wink.
    Oh, but now was no time to be thinking about such things! It would make his departure all the more sour. He'd wanted it to be painless, but Dimitri was good at making his heart ache. It was one of the things he loved about the gorgeous kitsune. "I'm glad to hear it. I hope it didn't sound like I was trying to dump a kid on you. Don't worry, he's no kid. Not by your standards, anyway. 200 years is still young in my eyes. Besides, it was his idea, so take it up with him personally if he misbehaves." He spared a cheeky grin, accompanied by a laugh, then fell quiet while he thought. "I'm not sure when he left, but he is on his way. The journey is a tad lengthy. Expect him here by the end of his week. Perhaps even tomorrow!"
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