May Character Development Challenge

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  • Staff was so excited to get this whole Character Development Challenge thing going again that we couldn't be bothered to wait for a new month. Note that this challenge can be applied anywhere on site. No matter where you RP, this CDC is for you!

    We figured we'd address three common themes from the recent discussions:
    1) Some people feel characters are OP
    2) Staff feel RPers are what make a story fun or not
    3) Good characters develop over time, and will experience unexpected things

    So, this month's CHALLENGE (yeah, we're challenging you; what are you gonna do about it?): How would your character handle a battle in which an unexpected outcome occurred? If your character generally lays waste to all comers, how would they handle getting their ass handed to them by someone they perceived to be weak? If your character generally avoids battles or constantly gets beaten, how would they handle suddenly winning a fight, or a few fights? In all cases, try to be creative. :)

    In the case of the former (a strong character getting beaten), maybe it'd be as minimal as them learning a bit of humility. Or perhaps something much more interesting happens, and they end up being nursed back to health and being befriended by someone they'd never normally have interacted with.

    In the case of the latter (a weak character being victorious), maybe they'd get arrogant about their new found strength and end up getting themselves in trouble that they needed the help of others to get out of. Maybe they even get themselves killed. For something a little lighter, maybe they simply need to overcome the fear of fighting in order to stand up for what they believe in. The possibilities are literally endless. :)

    BONUS RANDOM THOUGHT: A character that's a giant spider with electrical elemental powers. Nightmare fuel.