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  • Due to inactivity with the children selected, they are being put back for adoption. You may make changes to these characters, but stay within these guidelines:

    Okay, here are the cubs in question:

    How to Apply:

    To apply for a character, simply state which character you want and submit an RP Sample. You may change the character's personality, but as I said, if you want them to be evil, they must develop into an evil character.

  • I would like to apply for Naomi.
    She would stay as she is in the form, but her personality will likely develop as I roleplay.

    Roleplay sample:

  • stating interest in Naomi!
    i would probably keep things the same, but develop her personality icly c:

  • Track as former RPer of Naomi


    deutschland, medic of the thunderlands


    skypaw of thunderclan

    bettapaw of riverclan

    olivekit of windclan

    my discord is Felibri#1859

  • Stating interest in Naomi!

    [spoiler=RP Sample With]

    (Like original roleplay sample, also a reaction to a theoretical breakup.)

    The world seemed like it was crumbling around her. Naomi's blue eyes searched the form of the other, heart racing as she waited for something. Anything. A smile, the other saying he was joking, but there was nothing. Only the sound of the ragged breath that ripped itself from her jaws after a few moments of silence. Blinking back her tears, she swallowed heavily in an attempt to calm her breathing and her emotions. It didn't help, much. She wanted to ask why, to try and promise that she would be better, that she would try harder, but words failed her. Instead, she was silent, lowering her head as tears fell from her eyes, landing next to her paws with a thud.

    There was silence for a moment or two longer, and then the sound of someone moving away. Probably the other lion; she wanted to call out, and see him turn and come back. But all that escaped her was a soft whisper, one that barely reached her own ears. Vision blurred, Naomi turned her head, ears flattening against her head and her eyes closing a few times in an attempt to blink away the tears. Another rasping, shaking breath escaped her, and she turned away. She needed to get away. She didn't need to deal with her siblings dealing with her just yet.

    Paws carrying her away quickly, she kept her head lowered. She'd be back soon.

    [url=https://feralfront.com/index.php?topic=2458043.0]VALENTINE FAMILY[/url]