Recent Bans, Long Term Disturbances, and Where We Go From Here

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  • I had hoped I would never need to make this post. But, unfortunately, here we all are.

    To start, the most recent bans of newly created accounts were those of bandodgers. A small number of unhappy people that acted in a way that got them banned. In the most recent case, and indeed almost every case of a permanently banned user, the initially banned members were banned because they were clearly displaying they wanted only to cause drama. In most cases, they also had a history of wanting nothing more than to cause drama.

    A small group of former members, mostly originating from the large kerfuffle that occurred in late 2015, continue to encourage and actively participate in whatever activities they can to create trouble for FeralFront. More specifically, for the admins of FeralFront.

    Aside from the general trolling and spamming, several attempts have been made to get FeralFront (as well as other sites run by the admins) shutdown or hindered.

    In some cases it was a complaint made to the host about how sites owned by the admins were encouraging or allowing illegal things. Fortunately (as you might imagine) we weren't, and a simple complaint to a host does nothing if the law isn't being broken. Especially when the complaint is an obvious lie.

    In other cases we had targeted reports being made to Google about very specific posts that didn't meet the criteria for Google's Ad program. This was done in a very clear and obvious attempt to get the owner of the Google Ads account blacklisted from the platform (which damages not only FeralFront, but any other site that the person in question may want to display ads on and now can't). Fortunately, Google understands how the internet works and doesn't demand 100% perfection in this regard. They demand that we respond quickly to issues as they're found, which we do.

    When attempts to shutdown sites run by the admins at the host failed, and then shutting down revenue from ads failed (even though ad revenue doesn't come close to covering FeralFront's expenses) the tactics switched to causing as much trouble for the admins as possible. Unfortunately, that means causing trouble for FeralFront.

    Every opportunity to cause trouble for staff, myself in particular, is latched on to. Any time a change is made, a ban is handed out, or anything at all that might not be universally popular occurs, a small (though apparently quite dedicated) group of former members is there to ignite what should be a very minor issue into an explosion.

    The admins have tried to keep the persistent attempts to cause drama from impacting the members of FeralFront, but we haven't been terribly successful. Personally, I'm sorry for that. I know at least some of you must legitimately fear that you'll be banned next for doing something minor, because you see another new member banned for doing something seemingly minor. Please know that the members you see banned for seemingly no reason aren't actually new members. They're part of a small group of people who are intent on causing trouble for FeralFront. Intent on trying to ruin the experience for everyone who still enjoys FeralFront because it's no longer what they want it to be. They've been unable to hurt myself or the other admins, so they're attempting to hurt the members of FeralFront.

    Most recently it has come to light that former members who created several long standing extended game groups are going to request that those groups be removed. One such request was made this morning. This, again, is certainly being done to try to ruin the FeralFront experience for as many members as possible. I declined the request that came in, and I will categorically decline any such future requests. Those groups were made by the members of FeralFront, not an individual. The members of FeralFront wrote the lives and history of those groups, and the members of FeralFront will continue to do so.

    I won't be engaging in debate about the above information. When it comes to drama, people are going to believe what they want. I only want to reassure the members of FeralFront that staff aren't out to get them. Specifically, I'm not as terrifying or as awful as I'm portrayed to be. Hell, I'm not even as terrifying or as awful as I portray me to be. But I will ruthlessly protect the things I care about. That includes FeralFront and all its members.

    I don't know you all individually, and I'm certain I never will, but I put in the work for FeralFront for all of you. As much as I'd love to turn FeralFront into something that could support me full time while I spend my life continuing to better it, making cool stuff, and RPing, it's currently a net loss every month. I do all this because I want people to have fun. Maybe while RPing a little, maybe not.

    If you're here to have fun, the chances of you being banned are very low. If you're here to cause trouble for FeralFront, the chances of you being banned are very high. It's really that simple. Like I always say, life is too short to spend it doing something that isn't fun.

    As for me, I'll be here. And Spero (the totally not-at-all-arrogant mysterious gray lion currently gathering the forces of good) will meet you all soon enough. Hopefully you're on the right side of the battle field, because Spero sure doesn't like that Ululare, or that Bill (especially not that Bill, the filthy demon).