The World Is Changing Around Us (wild horse rp)

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  • The World Is Changing Around Us!

    (Lots of changes and updates are going right now, please be understand if I don't respond to you right away. Thanks)

    My Forms: Please copy this form, provide a pic of your horse and wait to be accepted, thanks,

    My name is Jael, I was born in a time where things were simple. I lived in a large herd where everyone got along, everyone was a friend, we were a family. But that all changed when my father fell beneath the hooves of a rogue stallion. The herd split...divided into three smaller herds and we went our separate ways. I followed after my mother, learning from her how to be a good leader. I never thought I would ever take her place, I never thought she could just leave. Now I stand on the brink of another change... My foals have grown and left to live their own lives... My herd shrunk to a few numbers.... The terrain around is also changing..earthquakes, floods, droughts, storms... It seems no matter where I lead my herd the land rejects us. We on always moving, always searching for a place. Will you stand with me? Will you help me to guide and protect my family? Or will you reject us like the earth has?


    There are now two herds. One is smaller then mine but we tend to keep our distance from each other.

    ** Need active herd mares, yearlings and foals for right now.

    ** Rogue Stallions and lone mares are on hold for now.

    Explanation of the ranks:
    Lead Mare: leads the band to grazing, to water, and away from danger. She eats and drinks first, decides when the herd will move and to where. Sometimes she will help protect the herd.

    Lead Stallion: Usually brings up the rear and acts as a defender of the herd against predators and outside stallions.

    Herd Mare: Mares that are a member of the herd.

    Trailing Stallion: Stallions that are trusted enough to be allowed in the herd. Like the lead stallion they help protect the herd for danger or outside stallions.

    Foals/Yearlings: Any horse under the age of two.

    Lone Mares: These are mares that don't have a herd. They may choice to join the herd or continue to roam alone.

    Rogue Stallions: These stallions don't care to join a herd, but like to make trouble for a herd. Most especially when mares are in season. (after breeding season they tend to disappear for awhile)


    No Graphic Breeding! Put * fade * in the post.
    *There are no mates.*

    A mare must be at least three years old to breed.

    *Every stallion has breeding right. However if two stallions are going for the same mare, then they must fight for the right to breed her.

    *Mares can refuse trailing stallions, but not the leading stallion.

    * The lead mare only breeds with the leading stallion.

    * Forced breeding can happen, but be prepared for punishment. (Punishment can include banishment, dismemberment to even death.)

    If a mare becomes pregnant by forced breeding, she and only she must deiced the fate of the foal.

    Jael's herd

    Lead Stallion: Alucard

    Lead Mare: Jael

    Second Stallion/Mare: Jewel/

    Herd Mares: Dove, Deianira, Ashe, Tamsin, Colette, River, Rahisi, Aspen, Camira, Mist, Kara, Nina, Crow

    Trailing Stallions: Cloud, Vermilion, Shale, Striker, Marius

    Yearlings(1 to 2 years): Bellanor, Briar, Jada, Amos, Kara, Deacon

    Foals (under a year): Lucifer, Blaze, Jagger, Wisp

    Pregnant Mares: Ashe (Yiska), Tamsin (Vermilion), Rahisi (Vermilion), Camira (Yiska)

    (Jael, by Alucard, foal to be born mid summer),

    Tempest's herd

    Lead Stallion:

    Lead Mare: Tempest

    Herd Mares: Rosaleen, Joy, Banshee, Meraki, Anahera, Storm, Aja, Shanti

    Trailing Stallions: Dillion, Titus, Taniwha

    Yearlings: Hotutu, Kahu

    Foals: Un-named twins

    Pregnant Mares: Rosaleen (Ghost),

    Rogue Stallions (0/5): On hold

    Lone Mares (0/5): On hold

  • NAME || Arrow
    GENDER|| Mare
    RANK|| Second Mare (2ic)
    PHYSICAL TRAITS|| Silver dapple black tobiano, rocky mountain horse x tennesee walking horse
    MENTAL TRAITS|| Calm and assertive, highly intelligent but happy to step back and let Jael take the lead. Motherly type, a bit of a flirt.
    SIBLINGS| She doesn't know.

    NAME || Shajae
    GENDER|| Stallion
    RANK|| Dominant stallion
    PHYSICAL TRAITS|| Flaxen chestnut with four white socks and a blaze, roaning and spots that refuse to show up in photos (this is a picture of my own horse lol), he's an appaloosa/arabian/clydesdale mix. Ignore the big bay in the pic, that's his buddy Rio.
    MENTAL TRAITS|| A little anxious, fiery and able to react to situations incredibly quickly. Possessed of a flash-pan temper and wary nature.
    SIBLINGS|| He doesn't know.

  • thanks for signing up. I am not sure about ranking yet, because I am still working on my story line.

    I'll let you know as soon as I get it all worked out.

    If you know of others that would like to join please send them this way. Thanks.


  • No worries, I'll point anyone this way if need be :) do you need help with ranks? I just signed up based on my knowledge of herd structure.

  • NAME ||

    AGE l l
    7 years

    GENDER ||

    RANK ||
    Tailing Stallion

    Champagne in color or a light golden tan, his mane and tail are slightly darker then this coat. Few scars from fighting other stallions over mares and helping to defend the herd.


    He tends to avoid most stallions, but shows respect to the lead stallions. He will do his duty of protecting the herd. When it comes to a mare he will fight hard to win her, protect her and his offspring. He mostly friendly and laid back, but can loose his cool if pressed hard enough.


    He has a twin brother, but other then that he doesn't know as his mother was a lone mare.

    Love is like water...

    we fall into it...

    we drown in it and...

    we can't live without it!


  • this looks really fun!!

    NAME || Jewel
    AGE l l 4 years
    GENDER|| Mare
    RANK|| Herd Mare
    PHYSICAL TRAITS|| Black coat with a black mane and tail, dark brown eyes, White mark dripping down her forehead
    MENTAL TRAITS|| Protective, Head strong, battle ready, will protect each and every foal to the death
    SIBLINGS|| probably not, but open to that

  • Shall we start, guys? :)

  • OOC: Accepted, Jade.
    Willow, I know your excited to get things started, but please be patient, some of us work or have other activities we are doing. :) Besides I was going to make the first post today anyway. So nah! LOL

    Season: Mid Summer
    Weather: Hot, dry, very very few rainstorms.

    Name: Jael Rank: Lead Mare Age: 10 years Season: In/out

    Jael stood on a cliff looking down into the vast open meadow not to far below. Slowly she looked back at her tired and weary herd. Sighing she looked back at the meadow again. The grass was greenish yellow, but it was food and if she heard things right she was sure she could hear a small brook...that meant water. With careful steps she turned away from the cliff, nickering encouragement to the herd as she began to lead them down. "The path is only big enough to go one at a time, watch your step." She called back as she carefully picked her way over the rocky dirt path. Her ear moved back and forth, listening to the sounds around her. Somewhere a bird screech it's protest of them being there before taking flight, behind her she could make out the sounds of hooves on dirt and the heavy breathing from heat and exhaustion. "Almost there..." She called back as she slide a little on some loose pebbles, but quickly regained her footing. Jael's coat appeared darker then normal with sweat and caked on dust. She snorted more dust from her muzzle as her hooves hit a more level area along the cliff side. She paused to look back, taking a mental note of each horse and where they were. As she moved forward she noticed a small group of trees still clinging to life. Shade.. She sighed with some relief as she guided the group toward it. At least they would be out of the sun for a while. Jael shook her cream hue mane, that clang to her neck as the coolness of shade moved over her body. The lead mare looked to her herd once more, again nickering softly to them. "Not much further.." She perked her ears for a moment. The water was close she could hear it and smell it. Her pace increased to a faster walk as the ground leveled out and swaying grass tickled her knees. Instantly she made her way to the water source, lowering her muzzle down to sniff at it. Fresh water... She took a small sip and waited. "It's safe!" She called out to the herd before lowering her muzzle to slowly drank more water. As her head came up she whinnied for the herd to drank. "Don't drank too fast, we don't need anyone getting sick." Slowly she moved away, again taking a head account, watching each member to make sure no one got left behind.

    Name: Dove Rank: Herd Mare Age: 3 years Season: In/out

    Silently Dove followed the herd, keeping herself in the middle. Her ears perking every time Jael spoke or nickered. Blue eyes glanced down the path that was leading them toward the meadow before flicking up the shaded area of trees. As she shook her dusty coat she sneezed from the dust kicked up by the horse in front of her. But she didn't complain. It's not like it's their fault they had to keep moving. It's not like Jael can make the earth rumble and shake. So she just kept moving, following her lead and staying out of the way. However once Jael said the water was safe, Dove went straight to it, wading in till the water was over her hooves. She drank slowly like she was told, but she drank till her throat was no longer dry and the dust had been washed out of her mouth. Moving away from the brook she began to graze some, there was no telling when they would be forced to move again.

  • Name: Yiska Ranks: Tailing Stallion Age: 7 years

    The heat was almost over whelming to Yiska as he waited till the mares fell in line behind Jael. He glanced at the other stallions before moving forward, ears twitching back and forth. The ground so dirt packed, yet there was dust in the air and loose pebbles beneath him. The stallion grunted as he blinked the dust from his eyes. Ahead of him, he could hear Jael's call that water was safe. However he didn't rush to the water, let the mares drank first. So he moved off to the side away from the other stallions, but stayed close enough to keep watch over the herd. After a few mares moved away to start grazing, Yiska took a open spot and began to drank. What he really wanted to do was drop down in that water and soak himself. That won't do... So he cooled his throat and moved away to graze a bit himself. The grass was dry, little harsh but it is food. He was quick to clip some blades then lift his head to look around. The area is open, but he could see all around. He didn't like how tall the grass was, but he couldn't do anything about that. He would have to pay close attention to anything that didn't look right. He shifted slightly before snatching up another mouthful, watching the herd and everything around them.

    Love is like water...

    we fall into it...

    we drown in it and...

    we can't live without it!


  • NAME || Jewel
    AGE l l 4 years
    GENDER|| Mare
    RANK|| Herd Mare
    PHYSICAL TRAITS|| Black coat with a black mane and tail, dark brown eyes, White mark dripping down her forehead
    MENTAL TRAITS|| Protective, Head strong, battle ready, will protect each and every foal to the death
    SIBLINGS|| probably not, but open to that

    Jewel perked immediately. Water? There must be, if her lead was talking about drinking. She walked quickly, but carefully along the path leading down. She could now hear the sound of water, which excited her. When she'd reached the water, she had to use all her self control to not drink her fill immediately. She instead drank slowly, enjoying the feel of the current around her forelegs. When she'd finished, she stood and turned to graze, with the grass being much better so close to water.

  • (sorry! xD I'm just excited. Herd role-plays are fun.)

    Shajae's ears pricked up and he followed the herd down the rocky path, bringing up the rear as was his tendency. The better to keep the herd protected from all sides, no?
    The tall flaxen-maned stallion took the last steps on the stones and trotted out onto the grass, enjoying the feeling of soft grass under his hooves after hours and hours of rocks and dangerous ravines. At the call of "water" his head went up and he couldn't keep the longing expression from his face. It took all he had to wait for every herd member to drink their fill before taking his own, but that was his way and that was how he chose to manage himself.
    When he had drunk enough he ambled over to Jael and stood beside her, thinking - not for the first time - how beautiful he found her, how strong and how utterly deserving of being in charge she was. "Thankyou for leading us through the mountains today." he said simply, eyeing her steadily. "So many times when things could have gone wrong and yet nothing did. You should be proud, this herd has come a long way under your leadership."

    Arrow found herself a place at the waterhole, drinking her fill and then standing in the water with a blissful expression upon her sooty face. The cool water worked wonders upon her sore limbs, which were aching from days of travel through the rough terrain. The young mare found herself daydreaming, thinking of how wonderful it would be to lead her own herd - and yet she had to admit that she had nothing on Jael in terms of leadership skill. Sometimes she challenged the chocolate mare, always she was put in her place. And rightly so. This herd was so new and yet doing so well, most wouldn't attempt a mountain crossing such as that with so many horses. Arrow was proud just to be part of it.

  • Season: Mid Summer
    Weather: Hot, dry, very very few rainstorms.

    Name: Jael Rank: Lead Mare Age: 10 years Season: In/out

    She watched each horse as they took place by the water to drink. A soft smile spread across her muzzle as some waded into the brook. Slowly an ear turned toward the one beside her, musky smell telling her it was Shajae. Jael looked over at him, grooming some of the dust from his neck, listening to him speak. Stepping back she looked at him. "Yes, a lot could have happened, I'm glad it didn't." Slowly she looked toward Arrow, who had attempted...quiet a few take over the herd. Even through it all, they were still friends. Something that Jael held on to very closely. After all, with all the changes, having close friends again was a treasure. Listeners flicked back then forward as she looked toward Shajae. "Thank you for once again guarding the rear..." She sighed. "I hope we don't have to do that again." Her soft brown eyes looked back toward the mountain range where they came from then to the herd as they settled down. "We will stay here as long as we can. The grass is plenty and the water is good." Jael moved away from the stallion, not in a rude manner but to better see each member of the herd.

    Name: Dove Rank: Herd Mare Age: 3 years Season: In/out

    The quiet mare moved a bit closer to the trees. Though it was a small group, they cast shade and no one...not even Jael.. was standing beneath them. So she took full advantage of it with a flick of her tail she sighed deeply to have the hot sun off her back. Once more she lowered her muzzle down to graze.

  • (don't be offended by Arrow's occasional power plays xD she doesn't really mean anything by it. Just testing boundaries.)

    Shajae dipped his head to Jael's retreating figure, silently agreeing with her. If they never had to make another mountain crossing again that would be fine by him.
    The tall flaxen stallion retreated to a quiet place, watching the herd as he rested - Arrow in particular - the white-marked smoky mare was now splashing around and exhibiting general high spirits, unusual really considering how tired they'd all been minutes before. Ah well. It was a new place, a good place, and everyone was entitled to high spirits now and then.
    With a sigh, Shajae lowered himself to the ground and rested with his muzzle touching the ground and his back resting against a convenient rock - the only time rocks were ever convenient, he thought wryly, was when they made good shelters.

    /something should happen? we need a plot or something xD

  • Mildew

    4 Years || Male || Tailing Stallion

    Physical Traits: Being a draft horse, Mildew exudes strength and power, but has a passive and easy-going attitude. His strength comes in use very much- both for protecting the herd and helping in transporting injured horses if an emergency leave is necessary. While Mildew is rather docile, frustrating him or threatening something of importance to him could have you trampled or kicked at.
    Personality Traits: As stated before, Mildew is quite docile and friendly. He tends to enjoy being silent, but likes staying near a crowd. He tends to get along well with mares, simply because of how easy-going he is compared to other stallions.

    [u][color=#000000][font='Georgia, serif'][size=18][url='']Bios[/url][/size][/font][/color][/u] [u][/u][u][color=#DDA0DD]Paniya Account:[/color][/u] [url='']@PA[/url][url='']NIYA[/url] [u][color=#40E0D0]Ahanu Account:[/color][/u] [url='']@AHANU[/url]
  • OOC: Silky said don't worry, one is coming. But you should also know that the every changing earth is part of it. Also she said that Mildew is accepted, but please don't over power the genders. There should be more mares then stallions. (just passing it on)

    Name: Yiska Ranks: Tailing Stallion Age: 7 years

    Yiska turned his head to watch Shajae, heading toward Jael. With a soft snort he moved to another area where he could look around. Specially after Shajae laid down...what was he thinking? However he didn't say a word only moved around some making sure the mares didn't spread out too much. He glanced over at Dove as she moved to the trees. Now that mare had the right idea of getting out of the sun. Slowly he moved around again, getting closer to her. "Afternoon, Dove. Enjoying the shade? Mind if I join you?" He asked, remaining where he was standing, waiting for her to invite him or tell him to go away.

    Love is like water...

    we fall into it...

    we drown in it and...

    we can't live without it!


  • NAME || Jewel
    AGE l l 4 years
    GENDER|| Mare
    RANK|| Herd Mare
    PHYSICAL TRAITS|| Black coat with a black mane and tail, dark brown eyes, White mark dripping down her forehead
    MENTAL TRAITS|| Protective, Head strong, battle ready, will protect each and every foal to the death
    SIBLINGS|| probably not, but open to that

    Jewel raised her head for a moment, swallowing a mouthful of the sweet grass. She surveyed the herd, flicking her tail amiably. There were a couple stallions around, though she usually dismissed them. Why not, none of them were lead stallions, and though Shajae was a bit of a herd protecter, she saw the rest of them as controlling, flirtatious males. She honestly tried to stay away from that sort of thing, and hadn't had any foals yet. She went back to grazing, snorting to herself.

    //lol, open for interaction

  • OOC:
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    "What better way to wake up and... immediately go on a gallop around the field? Especially once the large horse had gotten his fill of crisp, fresh water! Mildew had plenty of pent-up energy kept in his large body overnight, but he'd surely tire himself out soon.
    Besides, he was just as hungry as he was energetic.
    A few laps had grass and dust kick up behind his tough hooves, then he began to slow to a trot. Nostrils flared with each heavy huff of breath, until he stopped, satisfied, next to a patch of long, green grass.
    Mildew's head lowered to pull the food into his mouth, certainly having a voracious appetite.
    He might've liked being an observer; just being around the rest of the herd, but having a second to yourself was always nice. Especially since he wasn't exactly alone in the field, and didn't need to worry about the group he's come to trust.

    [u][color=#000000][font='Georgia, serif'][size=18][url='']Bios[/url][/size][/font][/color][/u] [u][/u][u][color=#DDA0DD]Paniya Account:[/color][/u] [url='']@PA[/url][url='']NIYA[/url] [u][color=#40E0D0]Ahanu Account:[/color][/u] [url='']@AHANU[/url]

  • NAME || Daisy
    AGE l l 4 years
    GENDER|| Mare
    RANK|| Herd mare
    PHYSICAL TRAITS|| Has a silky honey colored coat. Her Mane and tail are snow white and she has a white marking down the middle of her face
    MENTAL TRAITS|| Over protective, ambitious, adventurous, playful, immature, neutral, and flirty