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    ★ ALEXANDER | Alex | Cis male (He/him pronouns)
    ★ Homoromantic demisexual
    ★ 11 months physically | 14 months mentally | ages on 7th
    ★ Member of Blizzardclan

    ★ Does not care for physical touch from others without warning (Only exception is if character is in relationship with alex/very trusted)

    HELLHOUND | health: 97%
    — Large white hellhound. Small, nubby ebony horns poking from head. Four eyes; smaller eyes are slightly above "main pair". All four eyes are a bright blue and glowing. Golden, ichor like substance leaks from main pair of eyes and from mouth.

    ★ Hesitant, cautious, jumpy, distant, easily scared
    ★ Caring, affectionate, empathetic, basically just a big teddy bear, can be a little aggressive towards those he doesn't trust at times

    ★ Single | ½ Something | Crushing on ______
    ★ NPC X NPC
    ★ ___
    ★ No children

    ★ Medium physically | Easy mentally
    ★ No kill/maim | PM for capture or plots
    ★ Peaceful/friendly actions can be powerplayed, although Alex may not appreciate them
    ★ When attacking, tag account