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  • Note: This thread is a discussion about the relations between a group of clans which have been agreed upon. If you would like your group/clan to be added to the list and be located in a position that these clans could know about it and interact with it, please send the owners of the groups (including me) a private message. I'd organise a conversation for this, but I want it to be public so others have the chance to join in and so I don't have to keep adding people to said conversation.
    vivacious || mass clan rp

    Groups Included:

    • CloveClan || owned by me || A growing clan located in a dense forest landscape which is open and welcoming to any cats willing to swear their loyalty || sign-ups
    • Jinx Group || owned by @Wolfie || A group of rogues/loners who loosely formed a clan-like society || sign-ups
    • HeathClan || owned by @shayshay56 || A clan located in floral woodland, which borders CloveClan || sign-ups
    • BrookClan || owned by @~Tora~ || A clan located in the middle of the forest - borders CloveClan and HeathClan || sign-ups
    • The Moore Nomads || owned by @Saeran Choi || A group of travelling cats || sign-ups
    • RedClan || owned by @14ScorchingBlaze57 || A clan in a redwood forest || sign-ups

    If you are the owner of a clan/group in this thread, please link this in your group so everyone can discuss here.

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  • You see the little link next to the image thing? the one that looks like a chain linked together? It's about the 9th button from the right on the bar when you write a post, click that!

    [url='']join cloveclan[/url]
  • Well, for my clan, perhaps something they consider sacred?

    For normal clans its the moonstone or moonpool.
    For one of these clans I believe its a tree..

    Maybe a certain type of bush? Maybe the first leader was named after this bush and it has a legend behind it?

    Also evening I woke up at 3am today.

  • I was thinking of putting a mountain in the north, and having a deep cavern be the meeting place for the medicine cats or leaders ahhh...I forgot which one I haven't read the books in so long. Anyway It could be glowy and stuff(Super original I konw). If you've ever seen pictures of glowworm filled caves, that's kind of what i'm thinking.

    But the Moore Nomads and the Jinx Group are different, so I don't know, maybe they found a magical fire pit or something XD

    I was also thinking that they could have gatherings in an old abandoned barn. I like old abandoned things.

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  • lol same. We have a hundred plus old haunted houses and asylums in NY.

    The medicine cats have meetings alone in a sacred area (I.e moonpool, moonstone, the glowey cavern).
    Leaders meet in a neutral area with a chosen bunch of their clan. (Typically, all high ranks must attend, and they choose a Group of warriors and their apprentices. Elders, queens and kits can't make the trek.)

    The gathering place must have some difficulty to get to it. Such as fourtrees in the lake territory, you had to go over a log and paas through other territories.

    I was personally thinking something like a dried up fertile cove. (A cave, basically, with a hole in the roof) perhaps a large stone in the center where the leaders will sit or a few tree stumps (the trees could have fallen over or been chopped).

    Perhaps the gathering is where they first meet the leader of the Nomads who I have decided to make a Female. (Reasoning being for kit stealing it'd make her that much more cruel..)

    I kind of need help with the placement and appearance of the winter territory for the Nomads. The cave they live in would be at the base of the mountain, maybe under the meeting place so the medicine cats would pass through their territory?

    And so they'd have more pine trees, spruce trees, and other evergreens plus a few aspen and birch. As you reach the end of their territory, you'd find maybe some kind of swamp or marsh where some turtles and frogs are (which could be apart of their diet there).

    Speaking of which,
    @Wolfie your jinx group layout in the first post isn't very Mobile friendly. It cuts off a lot of the post. Plus on mobile it looked like you had extra spoilers named the same thing (i.e relationships)? The extra spoiler thing may just be me

  • Wolfie's post looks like that all the time for me.

    I thought the leaders had to go to the moonpool/stone/cave when they became leaders, but I do remember the medicine cats gathering at the moonpool every so often. I just ordered the first set of books yesterday, I borrowed them from a friend the first time I read them, buuuut, i'ts been years since then.

    Anyway, I like the cove idea for the gathering place. I was thinking that the Nomads' winter territory, and the gathering place could be a little further up the mountain, like the nomads could occupy some caves up higher in the mountain, and would be harder for other clans to attack, due to the terrain, but that would also be harder on the group as far as hunting and daily activities goes, i guess whatever is a higher priority to their leader.

  • Well, I planned on using my old shecat I originally used in Bloodclan for the role of Leader.

    Her name was originally Gravedancer back then. But I have since changed it to Sundew, after a evil looking carnivorous plant. (Which I own)

    But, I have a feeling she would want a harder to reach camp. Hence why I was thinking it beingat the base of the mountain as at the base of a mountain.

    At the base of a mountain prickly plants like Blueberry and blackberry vines can grow, essentially providing a thick spread of thorns to cover the entrance. With these, plants like Roses could as well.

    These cats would be used to the plants and know how to weave through them to avoid injury but cats not use to them wouldn't be.

    But should I make the thread now or wait?

    I'm glad you like my cove idea though lol.

  • So what's this here thread about?


    back again!

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