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  • Jihun grinned, letting her lead him inside. He leaned against a nearby stool once in line, fixing his jacket and t-shirt from her earlier assault. "So whatcha been up to recently? I feel like I don't see you around as much anymore." His job as a manager for a local grocery store gave him little time off anymore, along with helping his mother out at home and caring for his younger sisters. Despite being pretty much attached to the hip, their lives had gotten in the way of plans on more than one occasion.

    Jihun couldn't help but feel sudden dread drop over him. He felt like there was an underlying theme to this visit, though he couldn't tell from her actions thus far. Of course he was excited to hang out with her again, and it seemed to be the same with Pia, but something told him there was more to this than she was letting on. He moved with the line once the two customers in front of them left the counter.

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    Pia stood still for a moment, contemplating on telling him right now about her job offer. But, she knew she'd have to wait. If Jihun got angry about it, then he could leave, and she dreaded facing the feeling of his back turning toward her and him walking away.

    "Well, I know your busy," she said, glancing over at Jihun as the line began to move. "I'm not nearly as important as your family, and I wouldn't want to take you away from them. But, I've been meaning to ask how your job's going. Being a manager must be tough, but I'm sure you're doing perfectly fine."

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  • Jihun frowned at her words, a bit troubled. "Pia, you're just as important as a job or my family. Don't discredit your worth to me, okay?" He turned to the barista and quickly rattled off his order, before turning back to their conversation. He smiled a bit to lighten the mood, not wanting to stray too far into sadder territory. "But as for my job, it's been fine and all. Money is money, I guess. The only thing i hate is dealing with organic-enthused moms and kids with a habit of 'borrowing' the merchandise." He grimaced at the thought, remembering his last run in with five empty lip sticks and Poison Control.

    He shook his head a bit and turned back to Pia, smiling softly. "But you know most of those stories, what about you? I'm sure you've been dying to tell me some things these past few weeks." He folded his arms and leaned casually on the counter, waiting for his name to be called (and mispronounced).

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    Pia's face turned a light sheen of pink, before she shook it off. She merely smiled at him and placed her order, desiring something different from her usual frappe. The brown haired beauty had decided upon a pumpkin spice tea, a drink she really only got when she was feeling nervous. Pia gave them her name and, a bit like her partner, waited for them to spell it wrong. At this point, she'd gotten used to it. In fact, she enjoyed seeing the variations people came up with.

    "Well, I've been working on an article about an endangered species of fish that was just found on the coast," she said, smiling giddily at the male as she made her way to an empty table. "It's too bad though. It's a really beautiful fish and it would be horrible to lose it." As she was speaking, she was mentally preparing herself to deliver the news to Jihun. Pia got that jittery feeling, the one that made you know that something was bound to happen. However, it was impossible to tell what.

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  • Jihun nodded excitedly, taking his seat across from her. "Yeah, that'd be awful. I wouldn't want to see any animal go extinct in my lifetime." He rested his hands in front of him, folding them neatly before fidgeting a bit. He could feel tension rising, and it wasn't pleasant in any way.

    "You know, Pia," he said somewhat softly, leaning forward in his seat, "you can talk to me about anything. Don't think I haven't noticed how hesitant you've been." His brows knit together with concern, his voice full of worry. "Did I do something wrong to you? Please tell me if I did, I want to know so I can fix it!" He gripped the edge of the table, leaning in a bit for emphasis.

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    Pia froze the stirring of her straw and looked up at Jihun, her eyes wider than saucers. She knew her friend was perceptive, but she thought she was careful this time with the way she carried herself. Maybe the tea had tipped him off. Or maybe it was the fact that she really had been hesitant today.

    "Oh, no, no, no! Of course you didn't do anything, Jihun! I just-I have something I need to tell you," she began warily, her fingers drumming lightly against the tabletop. Pia readied herself, trying to ease her pounding and troubled heart. "So... I got a job offer in New York, and I was thinking about taking it." She couldn't look him in the eye, trying to imagine how he must feel. Betrayed, maybe. Hurt, quite possibly.

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  • Jihun slowly sank back into his seat at her words, watching her with an unreadable expression. A job... in New York? He knew there were way more journalist opportunities on the East Coast compared to California, but his gut twisted in sadness. The thought of her leaving him had him riddled with anxiety.

    Jihun stared at his hands for a moment, unable to look up and meet his friend's eye. He then put on a fake smile, moreso a grimace, and said softly, "New York...? I mean, that's good, right? You'll get to see new culture, be exposed to new stories, it would be...." He trailed off, taking in a shaky breath before cutting himself off entirely. He instead asked in a small voice, "...When would you leave?"

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    When Jihun moved away from her, Pia's heart sank. She knew for a fact that he wasn't taking this well. Being right really sucked sometimes. She nibbled gently on her bottom lip, her foot tapping mercilessly against the floor. When the male lifted his eyes to hers, she sucked in a breath.

    "Um, yes," Pia agreed, unsure of what exactly to say. The 'smile' he'd placed on didn't reach his eyes at all. "But I would be gone two weeks from now." Her eyes were pleading him to talk her out of it, make her stay. She knew that if he gave the word, she wouldn't leave. Pia would stay right here with him, and they'd have fun like they usually did.

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  • Jihun felt his mood drop even more at her answer. Two weeks wasn't enough time for anything, barely enough for a goodbye. If he had his way, he wouldn't let her leave at all. But at the same time, he didn't want to be the one to stop her from pursuing her career. He reached out slowly, wrapping her hands in his as he tried to gether his words.

    "If you... If you want to do this," he began, meeting her gaze with his own, "I don't want to be the person to hold you back. I can't be the reason why you let this opportunity slip by you." He gripped her fingers tighter, frowning deeply. "I know full well to take opportunities when they arise, otherwise my mom would probably still be in Korea." He sighed and shook his head, his heart beating crazily in his chest. "If you want to leave, then by all means, please go. I won't stop you."

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    Pia gaped as if she'd somehow become a fish. No, no, no! He was supposed to tell her to stay! He was supposed to give her hope that maybe he had feelings for her by not wanting her to go. She didn't think that he'd be somewhat supportive of it.

    "I-I don't want to leave!" she cried desperately, squeezing his hands tightly in her own. "I want you, you idiot! I want to stay! You're supposed to... You're supposed to tell me to stay!" It was then she'd realized just what she had said. Pia slipped one of her hands out of Jihun's and covered her mouth, her eyes wide with fear.

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  • Jihun stopped immediately at her outburst, eyes comically wide and mouth snapped shut. He stared at her for a few moments, a blush creeping up his neck and dusting his cheeks with a rosy pink. Surely she'd rather take the job over staying here, right? He opened his mouth to say something, but all that came out was air. He couldn't quite wrap his mind around her words.

    He nearly fell out of his seat when his name was called for his drink. "I, uh, u-um..." he stuttered, stiffly letting go of her other hand to go and grab his drink. He felt out of his element, unable to formulate a response past two words. He walked quietly back to their table, drink in hand, but instead of sitting back down, he wrapped her in a tight hug, trembling slightly. "Please stay..." he murmured next to her ear, dropping his face into her shoulder.

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    Pia gazed down at her hands as Jihun made to stand. She could feel the tears prick at her eyes as the murmurs of people around the cafe reached her ears. The reaction of her friend made her want to die.

    When the male returned, she felt his arms wrap around her and her eyes widened in shock. Pia enclosed Jihun in an embrace as he asked her to stay and nodded into his neck, the tears running down her cheeks.

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  • Jihun pulled away after a few quiet seconds, gasping at the sight of her tears. "Ah, no no, please don't cry!" He grabbed a couple of napkins from the table and dabbed at her cheeks, frantically trying to make them stop. "It's okay, really!" He patted her shoulder gently, smiling softly despite her tears.

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    Pia covered her mouth as she sobbed, feeling Jihun dab at her cheeks. "I-I'm sorry," she choked, her shoulders wracking with each breath. She tried her best to stop crying, noticing the people around them begin to stare. However, one thought prodded at her mind. The final word Jihun would say decided her fate.

    "J-Jihun... Do you-How do you feel a-about me?" she asked, shrinking away from him slightly.

  • Jihun slowed at her words, feeling even more vulnerable as she pulled away from him. He set the napkin down and wrung his hands together, looking at his fingers, her fingers, and finally her tear-streaked face. "I..." he began, biting his lip as a sudden wave of anxiety came over him. He wasn't used to confessing to girls, having only done it once before in high school, only to get rejected and made fun of in the same breath. He rubbed at his face and chin, taking another breath before simply blurting the truth.

    "I like you. Like a lot. So much so that it kinda physically hurts in my chest when I see you. And for the longest time, I was almost positive that you didn't feel the same, that I was 'the good ole guy friend', but I guess I was kinda wrong about that." He smiled sheepishly at her before continuing. "You have no idea how scared I was when I first realized it. I was convinced I would somehow mess up what we had going, and then I.... I would've lost the only friend I've ever had." His voice trembled by the end of it, her crying making him wanting to shed tears of his own, but he held them in for her sake. He glanced around at the other customers, noticing their stares, and then murmured, "We should finish this somewhere less public, yeah?"

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    Jihun's confession had Pia's heart doing flips, and her tears falling faster. She honestly had no idea of the way her best friend/crush actually felt about her and thought that she'd be shot down as soon as her own declaration of love left her mouth. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

    She was aware of his old flame and thought that she'd home in second place. After all, Pia didn't see herself as anything special. She didn't think she was the most beautiful girl out there, nor the one who was exactly like all of the other girls out there. Isn't that what everyone wanted? A woman with a perfect body, perfect flowing locks which were always styled to perfection, a perfect smile. Y'know, that stuff.

    "Y-Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," Pia said, her voice a bit of a mumble due to her tears. However, she was smiling. She was smiling so wide it made her eyes crinkle.

  • Pia's smile made Jihun return one of his own, matching it in brightness and joy. He shed his hoodie and carefully wrapped it around her shoulders, moving to grab his and Pia's drinks before returning to take her to the door. He shot back a few glares to those who were looking, and then guided her out into the open air of the mall building.

    Jihun was quiet for a few minutes of walking, though many questions were swirling in his mind. How long had they been dancing around each other like this? What did this mean for their relationship? He voiced one to her, asking softly, "So... How long have you liked me for? I'll tell you when you tell me."

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    Pia laughed nervously, looking down at her hands. She didn't want to tell him how long she'd liked him. It was embarrassing! She stared at him for a bit, unsure of if he were serious or not. When she decided he was, she cleared her throat. "A pretty long time. A year-and-a-half maybe? I-I don't really know when exactly, I guess it just happened, y'know? I always felt so...happy around you. And, suddenly, I started getting butterflies, and my palms would sweat..."

    Pia trailed off, wrapping her arms around herself as they continued their walk. Her face was on fire, and she hoped that Jihun couldn't see her. Honestly, she couldn't believe she'd just admitted something like that out loud. She did want to know how long Jihun had liked her for though. "Um, you're turn," she mumbled, sending a sheepish his way.

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  • Jihun breathed out before looking ahead, finding it hard to meet her gaze. "Well, I don't really remember the exact day, but it was sometime a couple of summers ago. I think we had went down to the ocean for a day trip, and we were goofing off, building sand castles, you know." He suddenly had a fond smile on his face, the memory coming back to him with surprising clarity. "And I'll never forget it - you turned to me, smiling and laughing the way you do, and I just felt my heart stop. It was like something out of a movie, it felt surreal. I went home with the realization that I liked you more than a friend that day."

    Jihun felt sort of embarrassed by his confession, sounding cheesy to him, but it felt good to get off his chest. The lack of other close friends to tell his feelings to took a toll on him. He felt like he could breathe again.