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  • glade:

    An open space in a forest. of unknown origin; perhaps related to 'glad' or 'gleam', with reference to the comparative brightness of a clearing (obsolete senses of glade include a gleam of light’ and ‘a bright space between clouds’).

    fall: natural physical grace, elegance, and skill in combat

    glade → gladepaw → gladefall

    — male | [he/him]

    22 moons | NPC x NPC

    rougeshadowclan → riverclan

    — senior warrior

    ・゚✦ ——— THE MOON IS CRYING

    — single | not crushing

    — sexuality: bisexual

    — 1/2 blade(beeglade)

    mentored by: doestar

    apprentice: wavepaw, juniperpaw, swanpaw

    ➤ SIAMESE MIX | health: 90%

    scent rain-soaked vegetation, frosty pine

    voice [tenor] silvery, boyish, quiet [vc; wirt, over the garden wall]
    Glade is an elegantly-proportioned seal-point tom. A brilliant chocolate misting accents his legs, tail, face, and ears- and is seen upon an almost downy alabaster base awash with darker fawn overtones which gather behind his shoulder blades. He has naturally slim shoulders and a streamlined, limber build, in truth he is very powerful, lean slabs of muscle packed tightly around his frame beneath the tufted, creamy pelt that composes the majority of his fur. He moves almost as a liquid, often using his flexible body to gain the upper hand in battle while powered muscles allow for quick, accurate bursts of speed. He dawns a soft and 'pretty' face- undoubtedly feminine features both delicate and angular formed from an alluring deep brown complexion embedded with large twin moons of a silver hue. Scars include lacerations tearing across his right shoulder and claw marks stretching across his neck.

    major injuries: none

    minor injuries: none


    ➤ ( ISTP | TRUE NEUTRAL | RAVENCLAW ) mental stability: 75%
    reserved, observant, clever, timid, laid-back, logical, chill, spontaneous, quick-learner, adaptable, competitive, action-oriented, shy, natural physical talent, confident, fearless, brave, daring, insensitive, perceptive, polite, individualistic, quiet, closed-off*, combative, independent, impish, uncooperative, unpredictable, risk-taker, confident, quiet, secretive, curious, inarticulate, playful, nonchalant, reckless, realistic, socially uncomfortable, rational, avoids crowds, immature, childish, guarded*, naive, lives in the present, rebellious, ambivalent to others feelings, commitment issues*, damaged*, mood shifts*, vengeful*, gets bored quickly, improvisational, impulsive, trust issues*, fears intimacy*, slightly nihilistic, workaholic.

    — "adrenaline junkie", “allergic to love”, “all bite and no bark”

    — cares deeply for his friends, and worries more about them than himself

    — acts dumb and childish, but is in truth quite perceptive.

    — very little emotional intelligence, often has trouble understanding and processing emotions

    — a natural physical affinity, but in return can be clumsy with his words and often presents a stutter or uneven spacing when speaking, which isn’t often.

    — can be insensitive on both the receiving and giving end due to the fact he doesn’t always know when or where to draw the line in certain situations.


    fighting style → focuses heavily on accurate+deadly hits, evasion, and flexibility. | trained by doestar and cougarstar

    — won't start fights / will finish fights
    — wont kill / will show mercy

    — can powerplay peaceful or nonviolent action

    faceclaim; jeon jungkook