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  • gladee_by_silverlightss-dca3icu.png

    name meaning: An open space in a forest. of unknown origin; perhaps related to 'glad' or 'gleam', with reference to the comparative brightness of a clearing (obsolete senses of glade include a gleam of light’ and ‘a bright space between clouds’)

    glade → gladepaw → gladefall.

    nicknames: glade, ‘dumb fuck’, yankee, yankee doodle, hunky, candle.

    — male | [he/him]

    17 moons | NPC x NPC | september 1 [virgo]

    rougeshadowclan → riverclan

    — senior warrior

    ・゚✦ —— relationships

    — single

    — 1/2 sirenfall | 1/2 fallingcomets | 1/2 sharkfall

    — sexuality: unsure --> probably heterosexual/bicurious

    relatives: cousin of doestar

    friends: Doestar, (best friend)sharkpool, chasingpaw, ryepaw

    enemies: Bloodclan, Starclan

    unsure: sirentide, cougarstar

    apprentice: pebblepaw

    ・゚✦ —— physical
    seal point siamese | health: 80%

    scent rain-soaked vegetation, earthly frost, petrichor.
    Glade is an averagely-proportioned seal-point tom. A deep chocolate gradient accents his forearms and legs, tail, face, and ears- and is seen upon a silken alabaster base awash with darker fawn overtones which gather behind his shoulder blades. He has naturally slim shoulders and a streamlined build, but in truth he is quite powerful, lean muscles seldom seen beneath his tufted, creamy pelt. Sharp, metallic silver eyes observe from a face adorned with features that can be described as angular yet feminine. Jagged lacerations tear across his shoulder in a pinkish scar. Overall his pelt is short with occasional tufts of fur sticking out in odd places.

    major injuries: none

    minor injuries: bruising, deep cut on right paw.

    ・゚✦ —— personality

    ➤ ( ISTP | CHAOTIC NEUTRAL | RAVENCLAW ) mental stability: %80
    * = acquired/new
    reserved, observant, clever, timid, laid-back, logical, spontaneous, quick-learner, adaptable, natural affinity to the physical, shy, natural physical talent, fearless, brave, daring, perceptive, rule-breaker, individualistic, thrill-seeker, independent, unpredictable, risk-taker, non-expressive, quiet, secretive, curious, distant, inarticulate, playful, boundary-pusher, aloof, unreliable, reckless, untrustworthy, realistic, rational, immature, childish, guarded, naive, lives in the present, rebellious, commitment issues*, damaged*, apathetic, gets bored quickly, improvisational, impulsive, trust issues*.

    ・゚✦ —— interaction

    — difficulty; very hard

    fighting style → focuses heavily on evasion, accurate+deadly hits, and flexibility.

    — will start fights | will finish fights

    — won’t kill / will show mercy

    — attack in bold
    — can powerplay peaceful or nonviolent action