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  • glade: An open space in a forest. of unknown origin; perhaps related to 'glad' or 'gleam', with reference to the comparative brightness of a clearing (obsolete senses of glade include a gleam of light’ and ‘a bright space between clouds’).

    fall: natural physical grace, elegance and skill in combat

    glade → gladepaw → gladefall

    — male | [he/him]

    19 moons | NPC x NPC | september 1 [virgo]

    rougeshadowclan → riverclan

    senior warrior


    — single | not crushing

    — 1/2 sharkfall | 1/2 gladenectar | 1/2 duskfall

    — sexuality: bisexual

    relatives: cousin of doestar

    friends: Doestar(former mentor, mother figure), (best friend)sharkpool, chasingcomets, ryecatcher, dustmane, tangynectar, kestrelsong, duskoak, rootlegs

    enemies: anyone from bloodclan

    mentored by: doestar

    apprentice: larksong, wavepaw, frogpaw,

    ・゚✦ ——— PHYSICAL
    seal point siamese | health: 62%

    scent rain-soaked vegetation, earthly frost.

    voice [tenor] silvery, boyish, musical [vc; wirt, over the garden wall // tony, the incredibles ii]
    Glade is an averagely-proportioned seal-point tom. A brilliant chocolate misting accents his legs, tail, face, and ears- and is seen upon a pallid alabaster base awash with darker fawn overtones which gather behind his shoulder blades. He has naturally slim shoulders and a streamlined build, but in truth he is fairly powerful, lean muscles seldom seen beneath his tufted, creamy pelt. Molten silver eyes observe from a face blessed with features that can be described as angular yet feminine. Scars include jagged lacerations tearing across his right shoulder and claw marks stretching into his neck from his right side. Overall his pelt is short with occasional tufts of fur sticking out in odd places.

    major injuries: none

    minor injuries: healing bruising over his back and left side, healing bitten ankle, healing shallow claw marks on his shoulders, healing lacerations across the side of his neck and stretching inwards.

    ・゚✦ ——— PERSONALITY

    ➤ ( ISTP | CHAOTIC GOOD | RAVENCLAW ) mental stability: 50%
    * = acquired/new
    reserved, observant, clever, timid, laid-back, logical, chill, spontaneous, quick-learner, adaptable, competitive, action-oriented, shy, natural physical talent, confident, fearless, brave, daring, perceptive, polite, individualistic, quiet, closed-off*, combative, independent, impish, uncooperative, unpredictable, risk-taker, confident, quiet, secretive, curious, inarticulate, playful, nonchalant, unreliable, reckless, realistic, socially uncomfortable, rational, avoids crowds, immature, childish, guarded*, naive, lives in the present, rebellious, ambivalent to others feelings, commitment issues*, damaged*, unstable*, mood shifts*, vengeful*, gets bored quickly, improvisational, impulsive, trust issues*, fears intimacy*, slightly hedonistic, slightly nihilistic, workaholic.

    — "aesthete", "philocalist”, "adrenaline junkie", "workaholic"

    — suffering from trauma/stress related disorder intrusion symptoms, avoidance symptoms, and hyperarousal symptoms

    ・゚✦ ——— INTERACTION

    — difficulty; very hard

    fighting style → focuses heavily on evasion, accurate+deadly hits, and flexibility. | trained by doestar and cougarstar

    — will start fights / will finish fights
    — wont kill / will show mercy

    — can powerplay peaceful or nonviolent action

    faceclaim; jeon jungkook

    ( COME OUT UPON MY SEAS ———— ・゚✦ )

    cursed missed opportunities — tags / art / aesthetics

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