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    [size=8]28 MOONS | FEMALE | WARRIOR

    OOC: I apologise for the inactivity in the last day or two, I've had a friend over and been out with her so I haven't been able to get online-
    IC: Relishing the feeling of being out of the camp, Harefoot spotted a sparrow flitting about near ground level. With her tail she gestured for the newcomers to stop and watch, signalling for them to be silent, before creeping up on the bird slowly and purposefully. Once she got close enough, she checked to see if the wind was blowing in her favour. Thank StarClan, it was. She quickly and precisely pushed off with her hind legs, catching the poor bird just as it saw her and attempted to fly away. Turning back with the prey in her jaws, she looked back at the patrol, pride just barely visible.

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  • // have more time to roleplay today because im sick and I have to miss school :/

    Once Ryebreeze had grown accustom to the commotion around the nursery, she made her way over to center of camp. She sat down and began to lick her paw, brushing it over her fur.

  • Sorrelpaw saw Ryebreeze sitting alone and the she-cat took her chance. "Ryebreeze! Let's go do something!"The paw whined in boredom. "Every cat is scrambling around about the kits, so let's go and do stuff!" The excitable she-cat lashed her tail and frowned. "You'll get time to groom later!"

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  • Ryebreeze smiled at her apprentice. She placed her paw back on the ground and stood up. "Well, what is it you want to do? Hunting, battle training? Exploring the forest?" The she-cat liked the idea of a nice walk in the forest right about now. She flicked her tail back and forth, waiting for Sorrelpaw to response.

  • Sorrelpaw puffed her chest and waggled her tail. "Can we hunt? I think Battlescar would really like a good fresh kill!" She nodded, eyes wide and hopeful. "It'd be nice to stretch my legs," Sorrelpaw whined. "It would be nice to just get out of camp!" She sighed. "It's too stuffy, don't you agree?"

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  • Ryebreeze did agree with Sorrelpaw. "You're right. It is too stuffy in camp. Come, let's go hunting!" The she-cat exclaimed enthusiastically. Ryebreeze had to admit, it seemed as thought she hadn't been out of camp in ages. Ryebreeze trotted over the the camp entrance, an unusual spring in her step. She glanced back at her apprentice, grinned. "Battlescar's gonna need a fresh mouse when her kits come!"

  • //yeah i agree with Tora, waiting for something to do for my charries to jump in. Lyn hasnt responded with Emmi and Oliver ye and Hazelpaw hasnt responded either... Emberburst doesnt have much do to :/

  • OOC: You could spam auto for a time skip, otherwise I don't really know.

    "So Fireblaze, did you get any sleep last night? I sure didn't, with all the excitement yesterday, I was up almost all night."Bearfang meowed, trying to fill the awkward silence.

    Hazelpaw padded in silence. He was fuming and was sure that if anybody else talked to him he would explode. They can't tell me how to feel. He could care less about hunting, and while he was sure that Bearfang and Fireblaze were scanning the area for signs of prey.

  • Fireblaze nodded " a little, did you guys sleep well?'' he asked, getting a little tired over his apprentices sour actions, he would talk to him later he decided, instead of talking to him in front of Bearfang

    Foxrunner walked alongside Harefoot, Emmi and Oliver, her ginger pelt was gleaming in the sunlight, she shifted, watching Harefoot pounce she purred.

  • Sorrelpaw's eyes lit up and she bounded to the entrance. "Last cat is a piece of fox dung!" She sped past a lot of cats but was careful that she didn't bump into anybody.

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  • Once out of camp, Ryebreeze sniffed in the smell of the forest. The leaves dazzled above her and she smiled. "Now Sorrelpaw, tell me what you smell." The she-cat then sniffed the air once more, double-checking if her guess was accurate.

  • Hazelpaw
    "No, not really."Hazelpaw replied. His anger was starting to turn into sadness, the more the thought about yesterday the worse he felt. Was it wrong for me to go after him? The apprentice had never been the best at keeping his cool, but this time was different, he shouldn't be angry at all, he tried his best to help his friend, and what happened after wasn't his fault...

  • Fireblaze touched his tail to Hazelpaws shoulder "well after this you can catch up on a some rest, okay?" he said, concern laced into his voice, he thought of Streampaw, an apprentice he once cared about, but who ran away and was discovered days later. Dead.