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  • //Yo yo yo, Heres this boy. I've been wanting to make a character with the name Ethan for a while. So thats his name. xP His personality is a bit in development. So he might change a bit through out the roleplay. Also, I still suck at first posts. //

    -I stood upon a battle field. The grass painted red and a sword in my hand. Shield raised against some opponent i was facing. All I could do was grit my teeth at the feeling of them slamming into my shield. Quickly sending my blade under and managing to piece flesh. I didn't even wait for the man to fall as a pulled my blade out. I was already turning as i heard feet coming my way. My sword arm lifting to parley the blow before i moved forward. Pushing my shield into the male and knocking him back. I could hear my general. He was shouting something about a retreat- Fool. The battle wasn't over yet! I moved forward after sending my blade into the gut of the fallen opponent. We had to win this battle. I was not a coward, I had no plans to retreat. Still, I heard my general scream. 'Ethan! ' I continued to ignore him, Though his voice sounded right in my ear. 'Ethan!' -

    The young dark haired male found himself jerking awake as he felt a hand on his arm. His grey eyes stretching wide and his head swung around. His heart racing and he was already moving his hands up to defend himself. But after a couple blinks he found he was very safe in his carriage. One of the princesses ladies having shook him awake. Giving a slight giggle at the sight of the man. Her voice was soft as she began. "Dreaming about fighting the world again? " She joked lightly to the young lad known as Ethan. It was no secret afterall he had dreams of becoming a knight. A soft huff came from the male as he sat up. Straightening himself out and brushing his clothes off a bit to straighten them. Stiffling a yawn, He then murmured. "Mmm.. Not the whole world, Just some of it." He joked lightly. Causing the lady to giggle a bit. "Well, You sure thrash around like its the whole world!" The girl joked gently. Causing Ethan to roll his eyes a bit. He was used to this teasing from her. For this was Susan, His cousin. Part of the reason he was able to come with as a personal servant. After all, Being one of the princesses personal ladies allowed her to make requests from time to time. That and Ethan was a bit favored by the princess. They had spoken from time to time. Though that was not his duty. He perhaps should have been silent, Still. It made the princess have a liking for him.

    "So, Did you just wake me up to tell me i was thrashing around? " Susan snickered a bit, Leaning forward. Shaking her head. "No silly! Were almost there! Look out the window! You can see the castle!" That made Ethan turn wide awake, Before he knew it. He was at the edge of the carriage. Peering out the small window with curiosity. He had never seen another castle besides the one where he had worked. Of course he would be looking! And oh, It was lovely. Ethan could never get over the size of these places. He had to resist a little ooh sound as they drew closer and closer. His cousin yammering behind him about how beautiful it was. And how the princess was so very very lucky. And how in love she was already! Something that nearly made Ethan snort. The princess hadn't even met the prince before. Yet already she was convinced he was the 'one,' Which he guessed was better then her hating the idea. She didn't have much of a choice! Still, If you were around when she oogled over a prince she had never met you'd want to gag too. It was one of the reasons Ethan was glad he wasn't a prince. He didn't have to get paired up with any random lass his father picked- Of course. That could happen. But his own father had never seemed interested in arranging a marriage for Ethan. Still, He probable expected Ethan to have been married by now. Well... His father might be waiting a long time then.

    Ethan didn't worry to much about such thoughts, No.. They were reaching the estate and Ethan nearly gasped at the sight of men walking around in armor. Images of himself dressed in such a way came to mind. But he pushed it back. Instead, He opened up the door as soon as the carriage stopped. Hoping out in delight. He could see the carriages ahead of them had already begun to unload. The princess. A lovely maiden was standing with a big hulking body guard. The girl was practically twirling in the courtyard. Her hands clasped as she squealed, A very un-princessy action. But no one seemed to mind. He found himself noticing Two of her ladies already beside her- The last lady. His cousin was quickly striding over. Waving for him to follow. Something that made him pause for a moment. He wasn't sure how it looked for a young lad to be with the princess- He clearly wasn't a knight. No. Ethan had no weapon. He was also not big or imposing. He was about average height- Maybe a little smaller. With a scrawny build, Something that might be changed if he actually tried to bulk up. But finding time was difficult. But his cousin seemed to think it was a good idea, So carefully he strode along. Adjusting his coat a bit. He cast a smile to one of the guardsmen who simply huffed at him. So Ethan was quick to speed walk past the guards. Finally reaching the princess. Who seemed completely in delight. One of the ladies was murmuring what a lucky man the prince was. For The princess was indeed considered beautiful. What with her lovely blue eyes and blond hair. Her beautiful build. There might not be a fairer princess in the land!

    Ethan wondered how odd he looked in the group of pretty ladies. He himself was rather handsome he'd say. With dark hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, -He had to say, He rocked the whole man bun style- Then with dark grey eyes that were almost a shade of blue. He was also fairly clean and well groomed. Had to be, He was a servant of the crown. They wouldn't led there staff be filthy hooligans! Now would they? Ethan wondered if all the servants here were expected to do the same. But his thoughts scurried away as he saw the massive doors of the castle open. The squire was stepping out of the building. Welcoming them with some long introduction before stating they may enter the estate. Something the princess seemed certainly pleased about. For before Ethan knew it she was rushing forward. Causing her ladies to giggle and her bodyguard to shake his head. The man quickly beginning to walk after her. Followed by the girls, And lastly Ethan. Who hung back incase it was not his place to remain. But no one seemed concerned about him. This was far better then having to unload everything after all! He was very curious to see the royal family and the inside of the place!

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  • Arthur Edward James Kahn came from a long line of winners. He was heir apparent to the throne of an ancient and noble house. As such, they've had to win many wars to retain that right. He had warriors in his blood and kings in his DNA. And of course, any good King needed a queen to share his throne so it was the duty of his parents, the current monarchs or his kingdom, to pick him the right bride, someone who would make a fine queen and produce more heirs to keep their house strong.

    And this was the fateful day on which he would meet said bride, a princess from another kingdom which was all well and good, he was sure she'd be beautiful, his mother would warrant nothing less, and their partnership would benefit the kingdom but he feared she might be rather dull. Would she be smart? Set his heart racing and his blood on fire like his training did? You see, he didn't want some boring trophy of a princess, he wanted someone who could keep him on his toes. He wanted to feel like he did when he was sword fighting, like he was invincible and he wanted them to make him feel that way. Arthur wasn't just a prince, he was also a knight. He'd been trained to protect his kingdom, as well as to rule it and he didn't think any princess his parents picked would be thrilled to join him, only to watch in the hopes that his shirt might be removed perhaps. A shallow thought perhaps but maybe the roundness would be shallow. And there was another problem:....princess. It wasn't that he didn't like women, he could see their merits and knew what was expected of him but...he found his attention more easily captivated by men. Not that he had ever told anyone such things. He feared it wouldn't go down well. Especially not with his parents.

    Arthur had just finished a rigorous training session and knew it was time to meet their guests. So he made his way inside, trading his armour out for a loose cream silk shirt and simple brown trousers. His cocoa skin seemed to glow and had slight beads of sweat from his work out and he wore a necklace displaying his family's emblem proudly on his chest; a golden dragon to match the flecks in his dark chocolate eyes. His hair was charmingly messy, a deep mocha with caramel highlights half from genetics and half from being out in the sun so often. His sword still hung at his side in its scabbard and made his way towards the entering party.

    He wasn't all that surprised with his parent's pick as he strode towards the princess. She was certainly a fine woman but he wasn't convinced they'd connect. He let his eyes scan her party and he did a double take at the sight of the scrawny male servant following. Well, he never. Most princesses tended to surround themselves with ladies to compliment them. Maybe she liked the opinion of a man as well? Or maybe he was simply good at his job. Whatever the case, Arthur was surprised to see an admittedly handsome boy among the princesses midst. Maybe he could talk to this boy if he found the princess boring in time? Surely he'd have stories to tell! Arthur hoped so. He decided to focus back on to what he was supposed to though and graced the princess with a pearly smile. "What a pleasure to meet you at last m'lady" he greeted and bowed slightly, kneeling to take her hand and press a soft kiss against the back before regaining his full stature. He wasn't particularly tall, he was just above average height with a fairly lithe build. "I apologise if I look dishevelled, I was in such a rush to meet my fair bride I could not help myself" he told her smoothly.

    (Yeah I only just thought of this guy so we'll see how he turns out to be. I think it's hard enough to choose a name and a look let alone a personality! But your post is great)

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  • //Same Girl, I normally like to think up a personality first. then build outwards. xP Unless I have a particular idea already in mind. And thank you! Yours is lovely as well! //

    Now, Ethan had really not been expecting what he saw when he spotted the prince. No. His vision had been of a spoiled brat or something, But as soon as he saw the male prance in. Weapon at his side, Sweat upon his face and sun kissed skin. Ethan felt himself pause. -Oh gosh he was hot. Ethan could feel his back straightening a bit. Head high. He wasn't the only one that seemed to be effected. Ethan could see the princess had the biggest smile upon her face, While two of the ladies were whispering to each other. Probable about the hunk in front of them, He could feel his cousin whisper in his ear. "She's a lucky girl, Isn't she? What I'd give to take a boy like that home. " Susan cooed. Ethan resisted a nod at her words. He could feel his eyes were burning into the man. Onto the weapon. -Oh what he'd give to have a blade like that. To be able to step up in arms like this man clearly had managed. Carefully Ethan pulled his gaze away. Choosing to glance towards the bodyguard that seemed not to care much about what was going on.

    The princess seemed so pleased and happy. Her voice soft. "The pleasure is mine, It has been such a long journey to meet you. And now I am certainly glad I undertook it. " She said, Attempting to keep her voice steady and calm. But she half wanted to leap into this mans arm. To press her own lips onto his. For the marriage to occur right then and there! But alas, She was not given a chance. One of the ladies seeing that the Princess was slightly fidgeting moved forward. Lightly stepped forward, Whispering something into the girls ear. Bringing her back a little. The Princess straightened herself out. Giving a slight curtsy. "I'm afraid our first meeting must be cut short. As we very much need to get settled in. " And hopefully play a little hard to get! Men liked that? Or well, That was what the princess assumed.

    She then turned around, Moving closer to her ladies. Though she would very well have loved to keep focused on the charming gentleman ahead of her. Ethan himself didn't understand such tactics. But knowing her, They were probable leaving so the ladies could give her tips on having a man. Which really wasn't much. They were all young girls and had been married threw arrangements. So hardly knew anything about wooing. Ethan remained still, Unsure if he should move closer and listen in. Or simply to stay out of the way. He was luckily given something to do as his cousin once more whispered. "Ethan, I heard they train proper knights here. Not just the lazy guards that we have at our palace. I won't say anything if you slip off to watch them. " The woman purred. Causing a sharp smile to grow on Ethan's face. He had often watched the guards men practice. But none were very.. Er.. In shape. No one expected no battles anytime soon so things were very relaxed there.

    Here things might be different! Judging by the prince. He'd have a chance to see some proper practicing! Maybe a guard might let him hold a sword! Ethan was willing to take the chance, So. Waiting for a few more heart beats.. Ethan then carefully began slipping away- He decided to not go out the front door as one of the other servants would probable make him help unload things. Instead, He moved off to the side and no one seemed to notice him. Ethan didn't know the castle well. But hugging the wall had quickly led him to a side exit. Something he was able to slip out of. Then, The male began moving. He was sure where the guards trained at. But guessing in the direction of where the prince had come from. He made his way along until the courtyard came into view. As well as the image of a few knights- Some were clad in armor. Two were practicing with out such on. Ethan could already feel excitement bubbling in his chest. Quickly dropping down as he moved closer. He didn't want to get in trouble after all! Luckily. Ethan figured he was pretty good at hiding! No one really paid much attention to servants after all.

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  • Here things were different. They weren't actively seeking out war but it was good to be prepared for every outcome. Besides, they might want to expand their kingdom through a little....liberating. They kept their knights trained well and in shape, the way a kingdom should. Of course, normally only the proper knight families, that have been doing this for generations rose very high but the prince thought that anyone could be worthy, they just had to prove themselves.

    He was rather glad and relieved when one of the princess' servants suggested she take her leave. He didn't really want her to jump him and he could see she'd barely been restraining herself by the glint in her eyes. There was nothing necessarily wrong with the princess. She was pretty and healthy and seemed to like him but....she didn't make his heart pound. He didn't dislike her as such, he just hadn't had as strong a reaction to her as she did to him. Maybe in time he'd learn to love her?

    Arthur nodded and bowed. "I shall see you later then" he promised her with a small smile before turning to one of his family's own servants and suggesting they show the princess her quarters, and his in case she needed anything. He was then approached by another, offering him a drink which he smiled and took with a nod. He'd been working quite hard out there. The cold water soothed his throat and he handed it back to the servant before turning to make his way back outside, not having seen Ethan slip down that way.

    It wasn't too hard to spot him once he entered the courtyard though seeing as the prince came out behind him. The prince definitely knew he was not a usual servant to hang around here, there weren't normally that many servants out here because it was probably more dangerous and they had better things to do than stand around and watch so it was normally personal servants or those tasked with cleaning swords and armour and the like. But this boy, he'd been with the princess. The prince frowned and slowly walked up to him. It was fairly difficult to walk quietly when you had a sword on your hip but the prince had been doing it for years and well, it was far easier without armour for it to clank into. Besides, the sounds of fighting were far louder than him walking.

    "I wouldn't get too close" the prince warned him, looking down at him. "You might get something sliced off" he added. Arthur didn't really look outraged to see him here, more confused. Then again, maybe he could be of no help teaching the princess how to woo the prince, himself. Maybe he'd been dismissed for that reason, he wasn't in trouble, unless he was up to no good of course, but Ethan might not know that.

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  • Ethan couldn't help but kneel there, Watching with some sort of fascination. Already, He could tell these men far outclassed the warriors back at home. Oh- If only he had his note book. He would have been writing down every little thing of this he could. Alas, He had left it in his luggage that was still in the carriage. He'd need to slip away with it so he could properly record everything. It was hard to memorize every little move he saw the men do. But Ethan tried his best to. Silently moving his hand in front of him. Balling it a bit as he slightly mimicked each swing. Of course, Ethan had only ever picked up a blade once in his life. And that had been to bring it to a guardsman! he'd never really been given a chance to practice. Maybe Ethan could beg to someone here to allow him such a thing!

    Oh, Ethan was in such delight watching that he hadn't even noticed the prince. Not until he spoke- Really, Ethan was one of the worst people to surprise. He had once punched a steward in the nose accidentally for walking up on him. Ethan had surely got a good scolding for that by his father, And the steward had to wear a big bandage on his nose until it healed. So, As soon as Ethan heard the male speak. He jumped up, Spinning around and moving his hands to try and shove the prince backwards in alarm. Luckily he managed to stop himself before he did such a thing.

    Alarm flashed across his face, His grey eyes stretched wide. He had nearly shoved the prince! His hands were still up, He could feel his heart racing hard. His face turning a shade of red in embarrassment. Oh.. He was probable in such trouble. But Ethan found himself a bit still as he stared at the handsome males face. -Gosh. Why did he have to be so handsome? No, Ethan couldn't think about that right now, He really didn't think risking a rope around his neck was good for his health! Ethan then scrambled, Dipping his form into a bow, Like he might do in the kings presence. Nerves pulsed threw him, Sure. He had been around the princess. Even spoken to her. But he had never really had royalty staring directly at him and talking to him!

    "I am so sorry Your Majesty. I was simply curious to see the knights fight. And I can be a tad jumpy at times, Please do forgive me." He said Carefully. You had to be careful with royalty. No one wanted to risk offending them! He kept his eyes on the ground, He could feel a few knights had glanced his and the princes way after hearing them rustling around. But none seemed to care too much about the situation. Ethan was a tad unsure how to hold himself around this man. Different kingdom, Different rules. But he hoped the ones he had grown up familiar with would keep him safe. And of course that the prince wasn't a aggressive man. He seemed nice enough!

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  • Oh the little mimicking moves were sweet admittedly. This boy clearly wasn't aware anyone was watching him. The Knights were far too busy practising to pay a servant much attention but the prince who knew he was out of place here found his attention drawn to him. Hit the boy's attention was elsewhere and he'd caught him unawares which really had been the intention but it seemed he gave the boy quite a fright.

    He put his hands up placatingly and took a step back as the servant jumped into motion. Good reflexes was part of what made someone a good fighter so he'd had them honed. He wasn't attacking though and the boy seemed alarmed at what he'd been about to do. Arthur smiled gently at the apology and the hasty inessential in which he presented his excuse. He lowered his hands and glanced at the Knights.

    "What's to be forgiven?" He asked. "I'm the one who snuck up on you and for that I apologise" the prince told him. "There are no Knights from your kingdom are there?" He asked, although he knew the answer, a small frown etched onto his face. "Most unusual I'd say" he said. "Then again, I'm sure your kingdom thinks the same about us" he mused. "They must think us looking for war" one corner of his mouth moved up slightly in a half smile. "That's not the case of course, it's good practice and a handy way to keep our men fit"

    He looked at the servant. He seemed uncertain and he didn't blame him. "I'll admit, I was surprised to see the princess brought along a male servant. It's the first I've heard of it happening" he confessed. "Are you close?" He questioned then raised a teasing eyebrow. "Or are you a guardsman in disguise?" If so, it was very convincing. He didn't look like he'd have the muscles to swing a sword very well although clearly he'd thought about it if those movements were any indication. "Maybe you should show me your skills?" The prince suggested with a fuller smile and glittering eyes.

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  • Ethan was rather surprised by the princes words and the fact he was apologizing! He was a prince! He had no need to say such things! But Ethan was pleased that he didn't seem angry. Not one bit. In fact. Maybe that was amusement in his voice? Ethan couldn't tell. Slowly Ethan then began to answer his questions. "W-We have knights. But they rarely practice. Atleast not the ones at the palace. " Ethan stumbled. He didn't know if they trained elsewhere. But the guards and knights back at home. Ethan had seen plenty had grown lazy. He'd even caught a few asleep on guard duty. Things had been peaceful for so many years, It would probable take a good while to whip there kingdom back into shape. Here.. Things were different, Everyone seemed ready. Built for war should it ever occur. His head slightly nodded in agreement at his statement of being good practice. Atleast they were prepared!

    Ethan then slowly moved up from his bow. A little unsure. Then the male was asking about his own presence with the princess. Quickly he fumbled. "O-Oh. No. My cousin is simply one of the princesses ladies. And my mother is a lady of the queen. My cousin simply wished for me to come with. " Ethan stumbled. His family was actually well devoted servants of the royal family. They did have money, They had to. Kings didn't just have any random street goer clean his estate. Ethan's mother was a lady of the queen. His cousin a lady of the princess. His father a chef that cooked right for the king! -That wasn't a little thing. Ethan had spent many years doing different jobs. -though most were boring tasks- From helping his father in the kitchen. To going back and forth bringing messages from his mother and queen. Even helping the steward with paper work. Ethan was practically raised in the castle.

    His eyes suddenly sparkled in delight at the idea of practicing with a blade. He nearly squeaked out. "Really?!" But kept his tone steady. No, Ethan needed to remain professional. He didn't really know how to use a sword beside from watching and rushing over to pick one up would simply embarrass him. So he excused lightly. "I'm afraid I do not have any skills. For I've only picked up a blade once, And that was to bring it to be cleaned. " But it had been a lovely experience for Ethan. Had he been able to practice with it. He would without fail jump to such a task.

    Ethan realized though, Now was his chance. He could perhaps get away with practicing if he played his words right! So saying. "But, I-I often watch people practice from afar and would love a shot to try my hand with a blade. It is my dream to become a knight. Like the ones here!" Okay, He felt the last part sounded cheesy. He half expected the other male to laugh. Perhaps see it as a childish dream. there was no war, There was no need for him to try such a thing. Still. For Ethan. The fascination always had been with him, He just needed one chance. He was sure he could learn and be the finest knight if he simply was given that shot!

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  • That was a sad display to have Knights but not in shape and not put to use. Arthur feared he'd be incredibly bored if he didn't have these sessions, if he wasn't always training as a knight. How could someone who'd pledged their service not want to practice almost constantly. You had to eat, sleep and breathe being a knight, you had to love it and live it. He nodded as Ethan explained his presence in this palace. So he was more on a vacation than anything else, how interesting.

    "And you? You're not in service to anyone in particular?" He asked. It seemed strange that his mother and cousin were servants to the royal family but he wasn't to a particular member. Was there a prince there? Did he prefer female servants? Or was he sort of just spare? "Well, I hope you enjoy your stay" the prince murmured, wondering if they'd impressed him. He hoped so.

    Arthur found himself unable to restrain a smile at the delight expressed by Ethan st the idea of him practicing like a knight. Oh, that was cute. He found his delight infectious. "Have you not ever been tasked to clean a blade?" He asked curiously. His dream was adorable frankly. He definitely dreamed large. Arthur scrutinised him and then smiled. "Well then, someone has to teach you" he said snd glanced around.

    " I don't think you should try your hand with a blade yet, you'll only hurt yourself" he admitted. He walked over and picked up two sticks, going to toss one to Ethan. "Everyone trains with these first. It's about technique. Best to get use to it with something that won't cleave you in half first so you're ready when you actually receive a blade" he explained. He smiled at Ethan and twirled his stick, well, staff. It was long and strong, not as heavy as a sword but gave the right impression for it.

    "If you're not busy with the princess, maybe you can come down here sometimes. I'm sure the others would appreciate the off for you to clean their blade in exchange for some tips" he told the boy. "A good knight must know how to look after their weapon" he told Ethan. " and it'll get you acquainted with a blade" it seemed the prince was perfectly happy to enabling this dreamer. Arthur smiled and tilted his head, gesturing for Ethan to follow him as he stepped towards a spare space in the courtyard. He stopped snd turned to him. "I never caught your name" he said. Was there a name as admittedly handsome as this boy's face?

    He twirled the blade again. "Try your best and we'll go from there" he needed to see how good or bad he was and then see what to improve.

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  • Ethan found his shoulders shrug a little bit at the question. "I did stand for the prince for a short period of time. But he seemed to prefer the company of young ladies- In uh.. Rather short skirts. " Ethan explained, It wasn't exactly appropriate for a boy to follow a lady everywhere. -Though that was what Ethan tended to do. Even if he got stuck from time to time doing fetch quests and carrying her things. His whole reason for being here was simply his cousin. The girl of course wouldn't want to come to a strange land alone! And her husband had property back at home to see too. Not that being apart mattered between the two. Ethan had seen his cousin plenty. The marriage she held didn't seem to be the most loving. Merely one to benefit both wife and husband in there estates.

    He paused at the mans question, Quietly shaking his head no, His mouth opening to speak. When suddenly the prince stated he needed someone to teach him! Oh, Ethan might die from delight right there and then! There was a bright sparkle in his eyes as he watched the prince stride off. Soon taking a few steps after him. Like a puppy following a owner that had a treat. But he didn't get far before Arthur was turning back to him. Tossing a stick at him which Ethan scrambled to catch- Clearly he didn't have the reflexes of Arthur. But he'd never even tried to do something like this before. The most he had ever done was rough house a bit with some of the other servant boys. -Which he was proud to say he had won all those fights! With only a few bruises. But back on topic. He'd never really done something like this before.

    Then Arthur was giving him advice! Ethan was already getting a good grip on the stick. Carefully mimicking the grip he had seen many soldiers hold there weapons. But how were they fighting? The heavy two handed weapon? Sword and shield? A classic spar? Ethan was unsure and in the end decided to follow what his dreams often pictured. He didn't have a shield. So decided to use one arm to block- Of course if it was a real sword it would lop off his arm. But these were sticks. Besides, He could imagine there was a shield upon his arm.

    Smiling, Ethan prepared himself for a moment. Rough housing had taught him a little about dirty fighting. But that wasn't what he wanted to do, He wanted to fight more noble. Soon speaking. "I'm Ethan. Ethan Fir. " He introduced lightly. A simply name, He did have a middle name. Though he didn't bother to mention it as it was rarely used. No. His focus was on Arthur. Consider for a moment how to do this. Standing still, He was a tad wary about striking a prince. But Arthur seemed completely up for this. So Ethan decided not to hold himself back. He was going to show this prince what he had in him! Adjusting his stance. He had seen plenty of ways people would do such thing. But he ended up choosing to stand a bit side ways, His shield arm raised to block any attack- Not that he had anything but his arm to block with. His stick held firmly. Then he moved in.

    He didn't move his feet off the ground for one moment, Instead slid them along as to help avoid being tripped up. The weapon very easily swung in seeming more of a test. A easy block and one he knew would probable not hit. But Ethan had no intentions of letting himself go down easily. Arthur had more practice, Sure. But Ethan had this built up desire that was waiting to be released. Before he knew it, He was thinking of this as a actual fight. The weapon he swung moved swiftly to the others leg while he moved forward. Aiming to elbow and shove the other male back. Before the stick pulled back once more before plunging under his blocked arm. Constantly trying to push himself closer. -Hopefully surprise might help him a little. As this male was probable expecting him to know completely nothing. Which Ethan would admit, He probable knew next to nothing. But Watching did pay off a little.

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  • Arthur nodded slowly, of course the prince preferred that, not that Arthur really understood himself. He could see the appeal but had never really felt it. Arthur smiled at him as he introduced himself. "Well, Ethan fir, let's see what you've got" he prompted. Arthur was well aware of the Knights giving them side glances as if wondering what on earth the prince was playing at but he was still their prince so for the moment they didn't question him. Besides, his Knights were generally good people so probably wouldn't begrudge someone some amusement.

    The prince observed his stance with a smile and the way he held up his arm. He got the feeling that he imagined this a lot. How cute. Arthur himself had it in a one handed grip but he could fight with heavier swords just not as easily. He was fairly strong but he wasn't made of muscle and the swords were about as big as he was. He definitely seemed amused about the way Ethan walked closer to him.

    Yes, surprise did seem to help. Arthur hadn't really known was to expect. He easily parried the first blow, the second to the leg wasn't much harder. It wasn't a bad technique but he needed to learn speed and the proper way to do things. The elbow caught Arthur off guard and he did stumble a little backwards, narrowly missing the next attack. Arthur wasn't on the offensive, he didn't think that'd be that fair, he was probably strongest at it but well, the boy wasn't abysmal.

    Arthur smiled, seeming delighted with what he'd witnesses as he held his stick out and backed away, trying to keep him at stick's length for now. "I'm going to stop you there" he insisted. "Not bad Ethan" he murmured. "But I think we should sort out a few things first" he told him and put his stick down, walking over and smiling reassuringly. "Your grip first of all" he told him.

    You ever seen those romance movies where they're teaching someone hoe to play golf or something and they just wrap their entire body around the other person from the behind? Yeah, well that's what Arthur decided to do. Arms either side of Ethan, one hand resting on his on the staff and the other on his 'shield' arm. "Grip it a little lower" he insisted gently, going to move the boy's hand down the staff. "Otherwise you might cut your fingers off" he warned, seeming half playful. "It'll give you more swing" he told him. He then focused on his arm and went to push it up a bit. "And raise this higher, you want it to protect as much as you as it can" he explained. "Of course, the aim is to be so good you don't need a shield but it's always useful to have" he smiled, not that Ethan could really see it from where Arthur was standing.

    "So try and keep your holds like that" he suggested to Ethan. "It's a lot harder with a real sword and shield" he warned him. "And that's before you even get to all the armour" his warm chocolate eyes sparkled almost affectionately, the gold flecks catching the sunlight. Of course, Arthur hadn't put his armour back on. He didn't need it against Ethan, they weren't really swords. Arthu pulled away and walked back to his stick. "So you came here on the whim of your cousin" he reiterated. "Is there no wife or fiancé waiting for you back home?" He asked.

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  • Ethan was certainly pleased when he gained some praise. Stepping away as the short battle seemed to come to a end. Oh but Ethan wasn't done yet! He had to keep himself from fidgeting in excitement. Normally he'd simply bounce on his heels to get rid of the needless energy but he didn't want to risk changing his stance. His gaze slowly slipped to his hand at the others comment. He'd need to remem- Oh jeez! Ethan briefly flinched as he felt arms go around him, The soft breath on his neck. The way the other male held his arms. It all had Ethan flushing madly. The other was speaking. And Ethan surely was listening! But it was so very difficult with the warmth behind him.

    Ethan had never really been this close to another man- Ethan would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the feeling. Ethan briefly attempted to turn his head slightly to see if he could see the male. But he didn't want to move- He just was stiff. Hopefully his reaction wasn't too noticeable. The flustered male could only push out a. 'Mmhmmm' In agreement with the other. Then the other was stepping away and Ethan was allowed to release a breath he hadn't realize he was holding.

    The other was quickly asking another question. One perhaps a little awkward for Ethan after that little moment. He turned around, Quickly straightening himself out and attempting to rid himself of the red on his cheek. Ethan then told lightly. "I-I.. Well No. I've never met the right lady. I did have a crush on one person for a time. But it wasn't something that could work out." Ethan said a bit more vaguely. Images of a young man back at home came to mind. Frankly, Ethan had never really had much interest in ladies. He tried to find himself attracted to them. But it never worked out. Of course, This was a secret Ethan would perhaps keep to his grave. For it would certainly not just shame and perhaps get him killed, But it would perhaps shame his entire family. Still, Ethan couldn't help the feeling he got when he looked at a handsome stud. Much like the prince before him.

    Ethan then tried to move the topic away from himself. Frankly he didn't wish to give out more info of such then he had too. So instead. He decided to focus on the prince and asked. "What of you? Do you like the princess? I will tell you, She has been talking about you all month. I've never met a Lady be enchanted already by a man she has not yet met! Your a lucky man." He talked lightly. For surely the prince was just as enchanted by the princess. She was a known beauty. Men fawned over her where ever she went. Perhaps not Ethan's own interest but he could understand her beauty. One seemingly matched by the prince himself. Gosh.. The princess was just as lucky. He was handsome, Seemingly kind, A warrior! Ethan would be lying if he said he didn't feel a slight tinge of jealousy. But he pushed it back.

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  • Ethan has been a warm presence and he could feel the muscles in his back against his chest, maybe muscles not as developed as his but still tangible. Everyone did have muscles after all. He didn't notice the stiffness, for all he knew Ethan was stiff all the time! Maybe working so hard made him tense?! Arthur smiled as Ethan seemed to agree with him, although was unaware it was all he could manage. It didn't seem like Arthur was trying to be awkward or teasing or anything, just genuinely trying to help, unaware of the affect it had on Ethan.

    Arthur raised an eyebrow. Person? That was strangely vague but Arthur quickly dismissed it, he was sure Ethan had a healthy attraction towards women and was likely glad to be in the princess' presence so often. It was rude to assume he might be attracted towards a man. It was also a dangerous accusation. "Oh really?" He murmured. "I'm sorry it didn't work out for you" Arthur sympathised. "Still, there's pelt more fish in the sea" and he flashed him a reassuring smile. He didn't ask why it hadn't worked out, that too was rude and he didn't want Ethan to feel compelled to tell him personal things just because he was a prince. He'd only take what he was offered.

    Arthur's smile turned softer, it was humble and gentle and sweet. "She seems very nice" he admitted. " and I'm flattered that she thinks so highly of me" he confessed which was honestly the truth. "I will admit she's very beautiful" he told Ethan. He couldn't say he was unsure about their marriage though, that he didn't love her, wasn't sure he ever would, that he wasn't even really attracted to her. Ethan might go off and tell her that and whilst Ethan probably was nice, he seemed so, he was still her servant and he didn't wish to upset the princess before they'd even been united in marriage.

    "Of course I don't know her very well" he continued. " But I'm sure we'll get along just fine. My parents were convinced she was a good pick for me and the kingdom and I trust them" he said, voice gentle. "She'll make a great queen and a lovely wife" he said, just maybe not to Arthur. His loyalty to the kingdom always came first though so he might not be attracted to his bride but a queen and strong heirs was what they needed so it's what he'd give them. Besides, he was sure other marriages like this weren't always filled with love.... Right?

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  • The topic seemed to have moved from fighting to marriage. Ethan was a little surprised at just how polite he was upon the topic. A real gentleman! Oh, The princess was indeed lucky. And Ethan made sure to state. "She is also a lucky woman to have such a charming man at her side. I'm sure you two will be very happy together. " He expressed. Memories of the prince he had once worked for set a sour taste in his mouth. The topic of ladies when ever brought up were far more.. Profound? He didn't speak with the same mannerism as this male. Instead he had deemed things as more of a 'hunt.' A topic that quickly got annoying- Okay. Maybe he was just peeved because he had once heard the prince talking in such a manner about his cousin... Yeah. That was probable the reason.

    Speaking of cousins, Ethan had not even noticed when his cousin came looking for him. Nor when she came slinking up behind him. Having eased dropped for merely a second to ensure Ethan hadn't gotten into trouble. She then moved forward. Alerting Ethan to her presence by placing her hand on his arm. Ethan could be seen slightly jumping at the touch. Turning his head to his cousin who peered up at the prince curiously for a moment before quickly curtsying. Now, if there was one thing about his cousin. It was that she was someone that certainly loved to help her own standing among people. Much like how Ethan's mother could behave. So having seen Ethan and the prince speaking. She took the chance to seek benefits for not just Ethan. But herself. Having a relative close to a prince, and one day king bid well for her.

    So, Gently she began. "Greetings your majesty. " She perhaps shouldn't have been speaking to him. But Susan always liked to make bold moves. It was partly how she came to work under the princess. She was also aware- Being one of the princesses ladies. She had some protection. "I see you have been enjoying the company of my dear cousin. Might I suggest taking him up to work under you. If of course, You ever find yourself needing a extra servant. " She spoke lightly yet firmly. She could feel Ethan tense up beside her. Far more wary of such behavior. Still. The girl didn't budge or try to shuffle away while apologizing. She would not apologize for a suggestion.

    "He currently works under the princess. But such limits him in his work, As there is only so much a young man like himself can do for a noble lady. Perhaps he would be better in service to a prince? " She suggested, As it was true. He wasn't allowed to do plenty of the more needed chores for the girl. Ethan had yet to comment about such a suggestion. He knew better then to argue with his cousin. Besides. It would look worse if he started a fight with her. So instead he remained silent.

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  • Arthur smiled politely at his comment. "Thank you" he murmured. He would be happy to serve his kingdom and it could be worse he supposed. It's not like it was torture but it just wasn't what he'd prefer. But sacrifices must be made for strength, Arthur realised that. The prince saw her advancing on Ethan but said nothing. She was one of the princess' other servants; his cousin perhaps? That assumption turned out to be right. And Ethan jumped, Arthur tried to fight the small smile at the boy's surprise.

    Arthur blinked in surprise at her forwardness but it was kind of refreshing. She wasn't really being rude, just....well, just joking a conversation he supposed. He listened to her, hearing her out curiously. His dark eyes flickered to Ethan in an evaluating way, considering it. He hadn't even thought of it, they'd only just arrived, he hadn't thought about poaching a servant to aid him in his daily life.

    He supposed Ethan would be better suited to working for a prince than a princess. Plus, he'd grown quite fond of the boy in rather a short amount of time, he didn't really want him sent home if the princess found she didn't need his help. Ethan probably wanted to learn more about Knights. Arthur knew he shouldn't make presumptions for him though. He looked at Ethan and offered him an encouraging smile. "What would you think of that?" He asked.

    As the prince he could pick his personal servants and his parents and probably the princess would prefer if he had male servants, it was more.....proper. It reassured them against infedelity not that Arthur thought they'd need to worry, the women servants didn't attract him, if anything he'd prefer male ones but no one knew that of course. It would only cause shame and anger.

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  • Well, It seemed his cousins plans were working! He still wanted to scold her, But when the prince actually looked him up and down. Actually considered it. Ethan could feel some build up in his chest. Excitement? This was a horrid idea? How could he handle being in a room every day with some one as lovely as him? But then again, Perhaps that was a reward! The more Ethan thought about it. The more he liked it. The idea.. He could work for Arthur! Perhaps it would let him be more closer to battle training. He would get to meet all kinds of knights! Perhaps even be taken on as a apprentice! As Arthur stood there, He began to realize. This was his chance. This was his chance to become a knight! To become something more then a servant!

    "I would love to work for you, Your majesty. " He said, His lips having pulled back in a bright smile at the idea. Perhaps he was getting too excited. Arthur hadn't even agreed to such yet. But it seemed he was truly considering it! Oh, Ethan would need to go and scold yet also thank his cousin if this turned out in his favor. Speaking of. The girl was standing beside him with a content smile at her work.

    He felt the need to say more. But would that seem to much like begging. He didn't want to annoy the prince by seeming like he was begging... But if he said no more, It might seem that he was not That interested in the job. Oh.. Ethan didn't know what to do. He wished his mother was here. She was great with speaking to royalty. His cousin was fairly good as well. But his mother would have given him a little more comfort.

    Ethan in the end decided to try his best to help convince the prince. "I-I would happily shine your armor and sword! And, And I've helped a prince before. Though it was for only a short time- But I know most of the duties and any i am unsure of. I am happy to learn! " Ethan said, He wasn't sure if everything was the exact same here as in his own homeland- Did Arthur need help dressing for example? The thought made Ethan briefly blush at the idea. 'No.. No. Bad Ethan. No.. No picturing him undressing' He mentally scolded himself. But the image was there and it wasn't going away.

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  • Well he was glad to hear it, Ethan sounded genuinely excited at the opportunity however he did worry slightly that it was so as not to disappoint the prince. But then he was providing his well....credentials and it was quite clear that Ethan wasn't just saying yes because he thought it was what Arthur wanted to hear. He was sure the princess wouldn't mind too much about him taking her servant, besides, if they were to be joined in matrimony, she wouldn't really be losing him now would she?

    He nodded thoughtfully and let a smile split his face. "Well, then I'm happy to hire you" he agreed. Ethan's enthusiasm has made him pleased. He glanced at Ethan's cousin. "Do you think the princess should hear it from you or should I tell her?" He asked, seeming to want to genuinely know. He didn't want to upset the princess after all and her servant would surely know which option was better.

    He was sure that there was much to teach Ethan, like how to put on armour, which he'd be required to do, how to clean said armour and blades. And actually yes, dressing. Well, Arthur could dress himself but it would be Ethan's job to provide the clothes for the day and if anything was well more difficult to make sure that it was clasped properly or tied up right and evenly. And to fetch bath water. The prince didn't have a lot of personal servants like the princess, he just had someone who was rushed off their feet at the moment as they were just a regular servant standing in as his personal servant-a married middle aged woman-had gone with her husband around the kingdom for business.

    "Providing the princess is alright with it then you can start as soon as you'd like" he told Ethan. "Personally, I'd recommend touring the palace, if this is to be where you work then you must know it" he told Ethan. "I'm not sure where you're currently scheduled to be sleeping but as my personal servant there should be a room not too distant from my own provided" he said. Of course, working for the royal family did have perks, especially when high up, you get better rooms, probably better food, more pay and anything else that came along. He moved his gaze to the palace. "Actually, how about we visit the princess now?" He suggested. "Inform her of the news and make sure she's settled"

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  • Ethan nearly squeaked in delight at the noise, Oh. As soon as he was somewhere alone he was going to start jumping for joy. He was working for Arthur! Judging how nice he was so far. What could be better? He'd get to train to be a knight! Instead he expressed his delight by saying happily. "Thank you sir, I promise I'll do my best. " He told, Before his eyes flickered to his cousin as the question was directed towards her. Now, While the princess would probable love a excuse to talk to Arthur. The girl seemed to decide it was best if she said such. She could turn it easily further into her favor if she told such. So she said lightly. "You need not worry sir, I can inform her. " Susan could simply tell her lady that it was there master plan. For Ethan to figure out some of Arthurs likes so this princess could 'woo' him with such.

    Oh yeah, Susan was so getting a raise if this worked out how she wished. She also probable got a favor out of her cousin for this. Something she planned to turn in later. Ethan then grinned brightly. "I can work as soon as possible! Though a tour would perhaps help me get my bearings. " Ethan said, For he hardly had any idea of where anything was located. He had barely found the training yard! Maybe there was a map of the castle some where.. He wondered briefly how many rooms existed in the estate? He guessed a lot. Did all the servants clean everyone of them? Or were there some old unused rooms that dust had settled in?

    Then he was suggesting going to see the princess. Something that Susan quickly jumped in to inform. "I can lead the way. I know where her room is. Beware. You may have to wait a few minutes outside as she is currently getting changed. " She said, Of course after such a long trip she would wish to have something more lovely on instead. Susan wasn't going to lie. It took a good while for her lady to change, That wasn't even counting the time it took for her and her ladies decide what was best to wear. Susan perhaps should have been with them. But she had requested a short leave to check on her cousin. Not that anyone cared to much. They were to busy questioning what necklace went best with what dress.

    Ethan took note they were leaving, And with the chance to get rid of some of the energy fluttering in his chest he hurried towards the door. Susan more slowly after. For she was a tad unsure. Now, Susan would never speak badly of the princess. But the girl was a bit- Treated highly in her own kingdom. While Susan had no doubt she'd be a lovely bride to Arthur. She had never been refused anything in her life. She also could be rather demanding. Two things that didn't work well together and Arthur would need to adjust to the princesses behavior. But hopefully things would be fine. As long as Arthur never used the dreaded 'no' word.. Well, Hopefully nothing would go wrong.

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  • Arthur's smile didn't leave his lips as Ethan seemed pleased with how this had all turned out for him. It seemed that his cousin rather liked to have some favours in her bag that she could redeem at whatever time she chose. Arthur nodded at Ethan. " I'll see if I can find someone to show you everything" Arthur told him, he'd show him around himself for some bits maybe but he didn't know all the intricate workings of a servants life, it was better for someone else to show him frankly.

    He was mildly surprised at the news that she was getting change but he supposed he shouldn't have been. He hadn't really spent too much time around princesses as there were none in his own kingdom. He nodded. "?That's perfectly acceptable" he agreed. He was still wearing the same clothes as when they'd met, he didn't plan on changing either, not yet, later he would for the feast being thrown tonight. After all, they had to celebrate the princess' arrival.

    Well, so far it seemed like Arthur was an enabler but him and the princess might clash. It seemed that Arthur was perhaps a bit more humble than she was. He had been given most things in his life rather easily although his father did sometimes make him work for things-okay...well, not actually work! But earn them, through fighting or training or whatever he suggested. They'd have to see but Arthur might not like her attitude, he probably wasn't used to it and yeah, actually, the princess might not be willing to compromise.

    Arthur strode after them both. His meeting with the princess earlier had only been short, he hadn't gotten s true feel for her. He'd spent more time with her servant! Well, his servant now he supposed. "What's the princess like?" He questioned, more directed at Susan as she was probably more likely to know but Ethan could jump in there if he wanted to. "Any advice you can give?" He wondered, he didn't want to ruin this marriage, his parents would be nightly upset and angry.

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  • Susan frowned briefly at the males question, Seeming to be thinking for a moment at what was best to say. After a moment she seemed to deem it best to give warning. Her voice soft. "She is lovely, Though is used to a certain kind of treatment. " Susan said, Figuring that was enough information to share. Oh, Arthur was going to be in for some interesting times. Susan briefly wondered of the girls allowance, She had been rather er.. Spoiled? By her father. Every dress she had was lovely and new, Once it was worn once it was gotten rid of. Replaced by more new and elegant and lovely gowns. This also applied to all her clothing.-Which she had to change for each time of day, With the assistance of two of her maids. Then after, Her hair had to be done up. Makeup retouched. It was a long process.

    Susan then swallowed, She then warned. "I should warn you.. She may wish to erm.. 'move' to another estate. This palace is beautiful. But I do not know if it is what she prefers." Susan had certainly heard the princess mentioning such. The girl hadn't liked how far out the castle was, She wanted something closer to the bigger lovely cities instead of near trees. From a wealthy family, Her family had plenty of different palaces. Sure, They could be spending that money on something else. But nah- The more bigger and grander castles the better. They also surely had to have a summer and winter home!

    Susan imagined the princess wanted access to the town for shopping. Something the girl rather adored oddly.. It was strange considering she could just wave her fingers and get what ever she wanted. But that was the princess. Susan then cast a glance towards Ethan. Who's smile had dropped a little bit at the topic of the princess. Though she was unsure why. The male had his hands behind his back quietly as he walked. Following his cousin along. He then decided after a moment to put in his own words.

    "Don't worry, Your majesty. Your parents picked right, She will be a lovely queen for you. Customs may simply be slightly different where we are from then here. " He informed gently. For it was true. But things would work out in the end. Ethan was confident. Though Arthur was a bit different then perhaps what everyone was expecting. He seemed nice, He seemed actually interested in the princess. Not just looking for a pretty doll to sit beside him. Things would be fine,

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  • Ah, well, he wasn't sure that was good news. Did she mean to say that the princess was spoiled? He wasn't overly bothered, he was the prince, he was held certain that he was at least s little spoiled. But throwing away a dress after she'd only worn it once? Arthur might have to tackle that, she couldn't just be so frivolous with money, it was a waste and he probably wouldn't stand for it.

    And moving? That did make sense, he just hadn't considered it. How would he train then?! Yes they did have other estates although not that many, they had better things to spend their money on. He hoped everything sorted itself out. He supposed they could go touring their other estates, see which one the princess liked best. Of course, none were as big as the palace but they weren't really small, probably having about 19 or 23 rooms.

    Arthur nodded at Ethan's reassurance. He hoped that Ethan was right. He doubted it though because he wasn't sure anyone would make a lovely queen for him. They soon arrived at her room. He glanced at Susan. "Could you please infirm the princess of my presence" he instructed rather politely. He didn't wish to knock and disturb the princess changing or in case she was sleeping or something. He didn't want to intrude.

    He looked at Ethan again. Maybe he wouldn't need a tour of the palace so much as the estate they were going to live at. Arthur got the feeling it might be difficult to live with a princess. He'd never experienced if before and he wasn't too sure what to expect, however she didn't seem horrible, he hoped it stayed that way. He wanted to get on with his wife after all. They'd probably have a few rows about money though.

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