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    Darth Vader is a cyborg barbary lion. An artificial lion-gorilla hybrid, robotic legs and arms allow him to walk upright and use his hands. At his full height, he is fourteen feet tall. A Dark Lord of the Sith, and former Supreme Leader of the First Order. He wears the axe of Rick Grimes, a knife from Judith, the eye patch of Bill Cipher on his belt, along with his lightsaber. Sometimes followed by Ivan (a polar bear.)

    So, he had found the local subspecies of hog. This brought him both anger and joy- boar was his favorite species to hunt. Slaughter. Hm... Both worked. This had some reasoning to it, too. Boars were related to the species of hog that he had once feared in the desert of his cubhood- the Sandpeople. They looked like the common creature- but the sandpeople were monsters. Savages and without consciousness.

    It was the boars, that kidnapped and killed his mother. For that, Vader had routinely farmed the boars in the old territory. Vader would kill select members of the hog herd- mothers, but males, mostly. But this was his first time with this group, so he would take more than needed.

    Vader dragged in the prey clutching a rope that tied them together by their legs- a massive bull, two females, and three piglets. The piglets were about two feet in length, and weighed only fifteen pounds. The adults were between four and six feet long, and weighed up to 440 pounds each- the second female was only two hundred pounds, however. Vader had to use a bit of his super strength to drag them all.

    They still had their facial expressions. The male's face was still curled in a scream of anger- the piglets were in fear and the females were crying out, too. Vader took them to the prey pile, detaching the piglets and the females, throwing them on. He looked at the male boar, standing infront of it, and crossing his arms.

    He had and idea of what he wanted to do with it. It would possibly repulse his children- but what a trophy this boar would be!

  • [center][fancypost=border-width:0; width: 428px; padding: 0px; text-align: justify; line-height: 12px; font-size: 8pt]Mercy detested violence, or at least she had thought she had. Sometimes it was a blur, between who she was and had been. Stumbling over, the albino would frown at Vader, a contrast to her usual sullen silence. "You kill for food, not for sport. If you have a grudge, do it somewhere that isn't public," the pup would rasp.
    [spoiler= ➢ her real life is tragic]
    all opinions ic / main character / speaking
    ➢ Mercy Hacksaw
    ➢ Reincarnation of an unknown entity known as "ANGEL"
    ➢ Physically 3 months | Ages on the 25th
    ➢ Pup of Windclan
    ➢ COYOTE [birth] | health: 100%
    — Mercy is scrawny, and malnourished, as she doesn't eat meat a lot. She's a runt albino coyote, with blood-red eyes.
    Pacifistic, gentle, and terribly shy, Mercy doesn't get out very often. She prefers to sleep, or nose around in books, rather than socialize. She appears to be very submissive, and seemingly antisocial.
    She likes anything that's either pretty, broken, or a flower of some sort. Likes to hoard things almost unknowingly.
    ➢ Unknown sexuality
    ➢ ½ of no
    ➢ Adopted by Henry & Atticus Hacksaw
    ➢ Runt sister to Peter, Harley, Ark, & Roman

    blackheart rogues | pract. student | information

  • Negan eyed the boar that he had placed in the freshkill pile. While he did not need to eat meat or regular food thanks to the fact he was a vampire and blood was his only way of staying alive, he still ate other things occassioanlly. Simply for the taste. So he couldn't help but wonder what it would taste like if he tried any of it. Then his gaze drifted to the largest of the prey he'd caught, noticing he had not put it in the pile. What the hell was he planning to do with it, anyways? With a bored look in his eyes, he looked up from it and listened to Mercy speak to Vader, raising an imaginary eyebrow to himself as he waited to see what Vader would do or say in response to this.

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  • [fancypost=border-width:0; width: 300px; text-align: justify; line-height: 12px][center]DARTH VADER

    Vader's head slowly turned to look at the child, a nonexistent brow raised behind his mask. What? Is everyone suddenly my preacher now? He wondered, his hand moving, and resting on his belt.

    "It is food." He said, gesturing to it. Did your parents fail to teach you that food does not come cooked? He was aware that the Hacksaws cooked their meat- and it frankly annoyed him. The only creatures that cook their meat were animals that couldn't tell when it was bad food, and humans. "Besides, there are more of them in the territory. I have not damaged the population."

    Vader would gesture to the large hog he had claimed for himself. "I am going to use this one. The rest are generously donated to the pile." Vader had to be cautious- turning meat into his nutrients, and the remainders were used to feed Ivan.

    Vader's head would remain turned on the hog as she mentioned a grudge, but the hand resting on his belt would tighten.

    What was her problem?

  • "I'm going to use this one". The way Vader had worded this gave the implication that he did not plan to eat it. This seemed to cause him to smirk in amusement, his baritone voice finally ringing out at this. "Yikes. What kinda sick things you got planned for that poor dead boar, Vader?" He jokes, giving an almost dirty implication. Which... Yeah that was pretty much a typical comment and joke coming from Negan. No filter on this man. At all.

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  • Actually, The Hacksaw kids probably wouldn't have ever had pork unless Henry prepared it because Attie refused to handle the meat often. It wasn't Kosher and therefore the dalmatian did not feast upon the flesh of pigs or anything of the family even if it was cooked. So, when he caught the scent concentrated heavily in the air the male was able to identify it and he grimaced slightly.
    He hated pork.
    He never tasted it, of course, it was probably biased to despise the meat due to religious dietary restrictions, but... The smell was intoxicating. Inching closer to Mercy, Atticus would let his olive eyes fall over the frame of the dark lord in an almost assertive manner, but he wouldn't address the Skywalker. He instead looked down at his daughter, pressed himself closer to her to try and act as a comforting presence before turning to face Vader.
    He refused to speak to the man, for now, he'd just be a lingering presence.


    Roleplayed by: Number 1

  • [fancypost=border-width:0; width: 300px; text-align: justify; line-height: 12px][center]DARTH VADER

    "I have to process my food. Remove all the waste and so on." It was shameful. The hole in his abdomen that went straight to his stomach was hidden and he never spoke of it- but it pained his mouth to eat and his throat to swallow. He couldn't remember the last time he tasted something.

    "The rest of the meat is distributed to Ivan and my children." He answered, his mask lingering to Atticus.

    "You should eat. Your spawn will require nutrient."

  • Atticus would stay silent and watch as Vader would treat the slab of meat which he held before himself. The Dalmatian sighed and picked himself up, about to turn and walk away until he was finally spoken to and with that the freckled canine froze to turn and stare. He hated this man. He did not want to speak with him, let alone feast upon bad flesh for him.
    "I'd rather not." he'd simply say, his reasoning vague.


    Roleplayed by: Number 1

  • As Vader questioned his decisions Atticus would only wince at his voice as if the words themselves spoke of a threat. The green eyes deputy would frown and then sigh, shaking his cranium along with his answer:
    "'m not a vegetarian, Vader." He'd say with a light shrug of his shoulders before simply stating: "[color=#46823b4]I don't eat pork."


    Roleplayed by: Number 1