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  • "Get up." The Emperor commanded, stepping infront of Vader.

    Vader had sat there, silent, in his post. Laying and waiting, watching the camp entrance. He turned his head away from the leopard, chin rested on his paws. "Get up," the panther says again, tapping on Vader. "You must rise, Lord Vader." The lion turns his head away again. "You do no good, sitting here. You must eat and recharge."

    "I do not wish to."

    "And yet you must." The leopard says, tapping on the helmet, causing Vader to look up. "You cannot hide behind your mask, Lord Vader. Especially not from me." The lion's head whips away again. The Emperor lowers onto his stomach, on the same level as the lion, trying to seem more friendly. "She wouldn't want you to mope like this." That makes Vader look right at him, noses only inches apart.

    "You don't know what she wants. I-" He nudges forward. "I know what she wanted."

    Good. He has Vader's attention. [color=A71D1d]"And yet she left you."[/color] Vader slams his fists and snarls at the leopard, and the both stand at the same time. Vader is snarling- his anger is rising- "Stop it." The Emperor says, lifting onto his haunches to bat Vader's helmet with his paw. "Stop being mad at me. I didn't drive her away. You drove her away. You made your own children afraid of you. You have tarnished your own reputation in the clan. Not me. Not Padme. Not the homosexuals. You."

    Vader steps back, his ears folded behind his mask, head tilted down. Guilt. Regret. Submission.

    "I told you, I told you, Vader. You are the weakest member in this clan. Do you know why? Do you?"[/color] He watches Vader shake his head. "Because you and your attachments are your strength, and your, greatest weakness." Too loud. Prying ears. The Emperor, proving where he is, trying to enforce this "new look", because Vader will not listen to anyone else. "You are so afraid of being left alone that you have these... violent reactions to loss. And now, you lost your position, your wife, your children, your respect-" He sees Vader moving his hand and the Emperor's paw moves, stopping them in place. "Don't you dare try to choke me." He snarls, and Vader leans away.

    "And there is no one to blame but yourself." He watches Vader, watches the lion slowly sit back down, knuckles digging into Earth. Now Lord Vader is listening. "Now how are you going to fix this, Vader? You have a weak to fix everything before your wife returns. What are you going to do?"

    Vader is quiet, besides the constant, hollow breathing- and seconds past before he responds. "I am... going to try and fix the relationship with my children." The Emperor slowly nods. "I am... going to try and invest more time with them. Since I cannot gain a position back until May. I am going to try and help Padme."

    "And of the others?"

    Vader sat up and crossed his arms. "I am not apologizing to the homosexuals." The Emperor understands this- but Vader has already forgotten Rule One, it seems. But the Emperor makes no comment. "I will supply more food by hunting. And teach fighting to others." Another nod. "But most of the focus shall be on the cubs."

    The Emperor nods. "Good. Now go. I don't want to see you moping around here again, alright?" Vader nods, and turns, heading for the camp exit, with the Emperor's eyes on him.

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  • Henry had been settled outside the new library, quietly reading. Recently, he'd been avoiding activities that actually required him to speak due to being extremely self-conscious of his returning stutter. It was something he had struggled with for the majority of his childhood and now to have it return felt like some sort of curse. He knew it was only because his jaw was in such pain after being hit by Vader but he felt as though he should have some other way to handle it. The truth was, no matter how much of his speech therapy he tried to replicate, it would not get better until his jaw was entirely done healing and he wasn't quite sure how long that would be. It was infuriating, knowing the only thing he could do to help it was to avoid conversation, which wasn't something easily done when he tended to have to know of the matters of the clan from the various members. All this to be said, he had heard parts of the argument with Vader, when Irluuk seemed to grow louder or more upset with the lion. He still couldn't find out why the lion seemed so keen on following what the old panther said. There certainly seemed to be an unspoken hierarchy between the two of them, although he couldn't entirely understand why. Not wanting to get up and move, he would keep his gaze trained on his book, trying to filter out the words of the fight. They were far enough away that he couldn't quite make out anything, although Irluuk's raised tone of voice seemed to indicate some sort of argument. In any case, he just wanted to avoid them as much as possible. That being said, he also didn't want to move as he felt that would bring more attention to his being. So, he remained silent, trying to tune out whatever they were speaking of.

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    TEENAGERS SCARE THE LIVING SHIT OUTTA ME — vanburgh — windclan — he, him — tags

    [fancypost=border-width:0px; width: 450px; text-align: justify; font-size: 8pt; line-height: 125%]vanburgh was in the library too, but unlike his leader, he was actually trying to listen in. lord vader? that sounded scary. even the fearsome bloodclan leader did not carry that title - or did he? he hadn't been there in quite some time.

    he didn't know what was happening, yet he pressed one small ear to the wood - sound traveled better in solids! - as he listened in.

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    [fancypost=background: transparent; line-height: 15px; width: 400px; font-size: 12px; text-align: justify;]Unlike the others, Dick had actually been outside looking for his father for a while. He felt like Vader was trying to avoid him this morning, or something, and while in reality that wasn't the case, it was a bit concerning. The boy bounced around camp with a bit of nervous energy in search of the lion hybrid, when finally, he heard his name. But he heard someone else too. Ilruuk.

    His past experiences with Ilruuk weren't terrible, but the boy had heard things about him that it made him stay away. And while the kitten still listened in to the conversation, he tried to make himself look busy, distracted from what they were talking about. He couldn't hear it all that well, of course, which was saddening. But Dick heard things about children, and it got him a bit excited. When the conversation ended, he turned around and trained his bright green eyes on his dad.
    "Hullo, padre!" the child called, making his way over. He had a few questions, but tried to sort through them carefully, so it wasn't apparent that he'd been eavesdropping just the tiniest bit. "What were you talking about with Ilruuk?"
    It was a blunt question, but one he wanted to know the answer to. Oh well.

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    Vader would keep walking, tilting his head to look down at the child, and then return his attention to the exit. "Do not call me that." he commanded, slowing his pace down slightly so the child could keep up.

    "Just some personal affairs. Nothing to concern yourself with."

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    [fancypost=background: transparent; line-height: 15px; width: 400px; font-size: 12px; text-align: justify;]No padre, huh? That was unfortunate. Dick liked to show off his bilingualism (that he didn't actually have- he really only knew how to say hello and 'dad'). But, oh well.
    "Okay," the kitten responded a little reluctantly. Large green oculars remained trained on the armored lion, though. "Are you sure? He was yelling at you," Dick commented. He didn't like it when people yelled at his father, even if Vader might deserve it a little sometimes. He didn't appreciate yelling in general, not the bad kind. It was loud and negative and scary.

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