Does whatever a spider can [o, SPIDERS]

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    Darth Vader is a cyborg barbary lion. An artificial lion-gorilla hybrid, robotic legs and arms allow him to walk upright and use his hands. At his full height, he is fourteen feet tall. A Dark Lord of the Sith, and former Supreme Leader of the First Order. He wears the axe of Rick Grimes, a knife from Judith, the eye patch of Bill Cipher on his belt, along with his lightsaber. Sometimes followed by Ivan (a polar bear.)

    Occasionally, he mingled with arachnids. They were scary and lonely and everyone hated them. Just like him. Vader was sitting outside his home, letting the garden spider crawl and make loops on his glove. He stared at it, reflecting the spider in his lenses, causing it to hold up its arms. He pulled back at the warning, twisting as it stared crawling again.

  • [center][fancypost=bgcolor=;border: 0px solid white; width: 455px; text-align: justify; height: auto;font-size: 8pt; line-height: 122%; margin-top: -2px;]Spiders. It wasn't something that she found she was scared of but her mother was a different story entirely. She did not enjoy her mother's presence but she supposed she had been lucky to escape her grasps for this long of a period. It was daunting though that her mother had yet to show up or make a scene in Windclan and every day the worry increased in the blue molly. Even more so now that they were in the mountains. A soft sigh left her throat as she watched Vader and the spider, eyes shifting over the large male before she moved forward with exaggerated slowness. Her tail waved through the air in greeting as she pulled her ears forward and settled down. "I see you have found a small friend. I didn't know you enjoyed spiders but then again I can't say I know too much about you, Vader."



    damarys + 4 years old and 6 months + lupurca - agrelos born - plot thread

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    At the mention of 'spider', Moth squeaked slightly and bounced onto the nearest box or rock she could find. She hated spiders, but had no idea why - it wasn't like they were actually harmful.


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  • [center]- - - - -[fancypost=bgcolor=; border:0; width:450px; text-align:justify; font-size:10px; line-height:1.5]As far as Alice was concerned, spiders were demons with eight too many legs that could burn in hell in another dimension. She hated and feared arachnids with a passion, and viewed them as useless and pointless beings existing only to scare the life out of her. Rather than running and hiding like Moth, the cub froze as she noticed the creepy-crawlie. An eye twitched comically. It was on his hand. Glove, really - but there was a spider on him and he didn't seem to mind. Approaching no closer than ten feet, the child's jaws parted to speak, but she was lacking words. She hadn't planned what she would say, as she usually did. She intended to inform her father, warn him - no, he knew of its presence. So what the girl did come up with was quite unexpected. "Kill it."

    [spoiler=it's a long way forward ☆]- updated 26/3/17 -
    ★ demisexual | homoromantic
    ★ 5 months | mentally 13 months
    ★ guardian | windclan
    ★ promoted 13 mar to honorguard
    ★ promoted 20 mar to guardian
    ★ LION [main] | health: 85%
    — light sandy fur, brown eyes, large and clumsy
    — minor injuries: none
    — major injuries: none
    ★ intelligent | mature | quiet
    ★ loyal | playful | awkward
    ★ opinionated | stubborn | prideful
    — has mild social anxiety
    — intj "the architect"
    ★ single | uninterested
    ★ parents - darth vader x padmè amidala | generation 2
    ★ siblings - pluto, almir, naomi
    ★ children - none
    ★ telekinesis - discovered - 50% mastered
    ★ mind manipulation [memory, emotion, etc] - undiscovered - 0% mastered
    ★ telepathy - undiscovered - 0% mastered
    ★ electric elementals - undiscovered - 0% mastered
    ★ awkward, shy, stubborn and wary
    ★ easy physically | medium mentally | untrained in fighting
    ★ starts fights, will back down occasionally if outmatched
    ★ powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions
    ★ attack in #d2bfff
    ★ roleplayed by alohaluna-

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    "It is nonvenomous. It cannot hurt me anyways." Vader said, the spider crawling up his arm and finding a dark place to nuzzle between his cape and robe. In a way, he really just related to spiders. He would let it crawl on his other arm, letting it run circles on his other hand.

    "If I wanted to, I would have done so by now, Alice."

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    [size=10]Pyrite, for one, quite liked spiders and anything else creepy or crawly. She had always enjoyed strange things like this, then again though, she was a strange child. She watched as some of the others froze or ran just at the mention of the word "spider" and the hybrid giggled, sitting down to watch from afar and ruffing her blue wings. To be afraid of something so small, it was odd and to her it made no sense, why couldn't they save their worrying for the real problems? It seemed that whoever this person was with the cool mask though didn't mind spider's either, she liked him already.
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    ★ Strait
    ★ 5 moons old | Oct 11th | Ages realistically
    — Joined March 26th | Libra
    ★ Windclan
    ★ Health can never reach 100%
    ★ Joined
    ★ HYBRID [main] | health: 80%
    — Fox peacock hybrid, fox body with peacock wings and a peacock tail even though she's female, patches of blue feathers within fur
    -- Skinny, fur is matted in places and most of the time looks dingy and ragged despite pretty feathers
    major injuries: none
    minor injuries: various scars and scratches along body
    ★ extroverted but trusts no one
    ★ smart & calculating & cunning
    ★ bipolar & changes personality often
    — often masks personality or uses a fake one to the point that she has developed split personalities in the form of voices
    — extremely vengeful once she's angered
    — easily angered but assesses situations before fighting
    — doesn't like fighting but would rather fight than run or talk
    ★ Single | to young to mingle
    ★ npc x npc | Generation ? | soon to need mentor
    ★ conjuration - undiscovered - unmastered
    ★ super scent - discovered - mastered
    ★ invisibility - undiscovered - unmastered
    ★ telepathy - undiscovered - unmastered
    ★ Message awesome or Pyri?e to plot
    ★ Talks in bolded yellow
    ★ Voices speak in [color=teal]italicized teal

    ★ Hard to make friends with
    ★ Hard Physically | Medium Mentally
    ★ Won't start fights unprovoked | Will finish them
    ★ Attack in [color=#FFD700]bolded yellow

    ★ Can powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions.

    [font=impact][color=#EE9A4D][quote=awesomekitten] "I would [i]let[/i] crayola rule the world if it wanted, I'm only here for the crayons." [/quote][color=#FF8C00][/color]
  • Henry, while accustomed to spiders, was not much of a fan of them. There had been frequent infestations of them in rooms that went unused for long periods of time and he didn't find their bites very appealing at all. Even those that weren't venomous hurt quite a bit and he didn't really care for them. However, he did find their structure rather appealing and would gladly watch one spin a web or crawl about from a distance. When he was a child, he had enjoyed sketching various contraptions based on the model of a spider, finding their movement rather entertaining. The small webs they build were rather beautiful as well, especially before any prey was caught in them. Still, despite his interest, he would approach and, when realizing what Vader was holding, he would stop and look on from a distance. It wasn't necessarily that he was afraid of spiders, he just preferred to keep his relationship with them strictly from a far enough distance away that he could be sure they wouldn't climb on him. "I didn't know you cared for spiders, Vader."

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    "Can we, um, get rid of it?" the wolverine squeaked loudly, still shaking on top of the box. "Not kill it, but, just, bye bye."


    [color=#5DBCD2][/color] [align=center][font='georgia'][color=#5DBCD2][size=15][color=#FFA07A]I CAN'T HELP MYSELF BUT STARE[color=#FFA07A].[/size][/color][/color][/color][/font][font='georgia'][color=#FFA07A][/color] [size=15][color=#FFA07A]DOUBLE CHECK FOR DOUBLE MEANINGS[/color][color=#FFA07A].[/size][/color][/font] [color=white][url='']tags[/url] — roleplayed by galahad[/color][/align]