I'll be needing stitches (pafp, male needed, semi advanced)

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  • Julia nodded, and began to eat. The food was amazing, she hasn't had a hot meal in quite awhile. The burger was great, and she ate it quickly. When she was finished, she glanced at Nicolas. Now what? She wondered. "Thanks so much for the meal, obviously I can't repay you, but even so, thank you. " she thought about what she'd do now, after they left the restaurant. Probably pick pocket someone, if she was being honest with herself. But maybe, she'd try to get a job gain, and see how that went. She waited for his response, scuffling her feet absent mindedly.

  • Nicolas also devoured his meal, far quicker than he would normally. After all, it was his first meal of the day. "Now is to go get you some clothes that fit the season, as well as some for the winter. Maybe a bit for the spring and summer as well." He told her, smiling cheerfully. He stood up and pushed his chair in before offering his hand to Julia. His eyes lit up, and his smile became even more radiant. "Oh! Here," he said, reaching into his pocket and digging out a business card. "It has my personal number on it, so if you ever need anything, just give me a call and let me know where you're at. Any time of night or day."

  • She stared at him in amazement. "Y You really mean all that? Are you sure? I'm used to, you know, being poor by now, it's really not necessary.." But she took his hand, and his business card. She smiled a little, and look at him gratefully. "No one's ever been so kind to me before."

  • "I'm glad that I can offer that kindness, then." Nicolas said, heading towards the front of the restaurant and paying for their food. Once the two of them were outside, Nicolas gestured around them. "To any store you'd like, m'lady." He told her, playfully bowing to Julia.

  • Julia smiled, less nervously. She laughed as Nicolas playfully bowed. So, they spent a few good hours wondering from store to store, buying this and that. When they were done, Julia couldn't stop smiling. She'd never thought anything like this was possible. It seemed like a fairy tale. "I can't thank you enough, really Nicolas." She said, happier then she'd been in a long time.

  • Nicolas smiled to her, eyes crinkling from happiness. "Now, one final thing..." he told Julia, trailing off ominously, his smile fading from his face, but not his eyes. He shifted nervously, and again rubbed the back of his neck. "If this winter gets too cold, or if you ever need a place to just hang out, let me know. My place is always open to you," He told her, voice quietly serious. "And that includes for more than one night. You can stay as long as you please."

  • Julia was worried for a second, but she saw in his eyes everything was ok. When he spoke his offer, she blushed slightly. "That's very generous of you. Alright, if I ever need a place to stay, I'll call your business number?" She held up the card he had given to her.

  • Smiling, Nicolas laughed slightly. "My personal number's on there too, give me a call on that line." He noticed her blush, and his cheeks slightly reddened. Wow.. he thought to himself, she's really pretty. Prettier than I noticed at first.

  • Julia nodded. "Ok." She tentetivly stepped forward, and gave Nicolas a hug. "Thank you so much." She said, stepping back again. She tucked the card into her pants pocket, where it would be safe for later.

  • She smiled again, and turned back into the streets, disappearing into the crowd. As she walked towards her little makeshift home, she thought about the amazing day. In one arm she had shopping bags, full of clothes and little knick knacks. She put on a warm sweater Nicolas had bought her, and unpacked her things into her home. Again, it wasn't much, a small abandoned shack. But Julia had seen it, and thought it was perfect. She fixed it up, and lit a small fire with some matches Nicolas had bought. She looked around, still smiling. From her pocket she pulled out his business card, which on the back had his personal phone. If you ever need anything, call. I'm was so lucky, Julia thought, as she drifted into sleep. It had been a tiring day, but one of the best of her life.

  • Nicolas watched Julia disappear into the crowd, and sighed, a silly smile on his face. He started walking home, quickly making the journey to his studio apartment. He stretched, quickly taking off his outer layer of clothes, until he was left in just boxers. He stretched out on his bed, and whistled a small tune to himself, hoping that Julia would call and perhaps stay over for a while, maybe even make the move permanent. He curled up into his bed, and drifted into the land of sleep once more.

    // Where would you like to go with this plot, from here?

  • //Hmmmm, maybe a new thread, with another person. Or not, we could keep it private but with another plot. I was thinking of Julia possibly getting in trouble with the police, due to old habits, but I'd love suggestions from you, if you've got any

  • //Julia getting into trouble could be interesting. Maybe after Nicolas bails her out, he kinda takes her in and helps her get on her feet and romance develops? IDK, I like these characters, haha. But if you want to move on to another thread, that sounds good too :3

  • //I like the idea of that, and Julia has a hard time fitting in with society, because of her old habits and what not. Sounds great, should I make a new thread anyway, to kind of start it anew?