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    • CONSPIRACY//open + visitor

      BE A SIMPLE KINDA MAN — Blake — the cartel — she/her — tags
      As much as she hated her mother, Blake hated her father much more, at least her mother hadn't tried to kill her. However, she had no idea what she was doing here. Sighing, the Savannah came up to the border. Was she really ready for this? No, the answer was no. She was not ready. What kind of reaction would she get from visiting this clan? What about her mother. Gulping, she let a soft sigh out before calling. "Blake, searching for Katherine."she knew she was asking for a death sentence.
    • "Well. I'm not Katherine, I'm Squirrel. But it's nice to meet you. I also haven't seen katherine around, but her name has been thrown about." As he spoke, his silver eyes eyed the savannah. She was pretty, if not a bit dull and scared.
      elemental(electricity)-telepathy-super senses-ability to shrink

      Played by: Alakritous

    • She snickered as she padded up. "Oh? I know RiverClanners are dumb, but I guess I misunderstood how dumb! Haha!" Her tail lashed back and forth. "Ah. Anyway, yeah, Katherine's here. She'll be right over."
      info — updated 01/23

      ★ Male | Straight
      ★ Single | ½ [no relationship]
      ★ NPC x NPC | G1 | No Apprentice
      ★ 5 years | January 23 | Ages at roleplayer's discretion
      ★ Paragon of The Exiles
      ★ wants to be the best at pretty much everything
      ★ has a short temper
      ★ secret goal is to become leader
      ★ DOMESTIC FELINE [birth/main] | health: 100%
      — black she-cat with emerald-green eyes
      major injuries: none
      minor injuries: none
      — strong, brave, serious, stoic
      — loyal
      — is a bit of a bitch
      ★ Does not make friends easily
      ★ Medium-Hard Difficulty
      ★ Will start fights, and will finish them
      ★ Attack in bold #33FF9B
      ★ Can powerplay peaceful or nonviolent actions.
      ⋆ misery business ⋆
      roleplayed by ALPHA KRATT
    • BE A SIMPLE KINDA MAN — Blake — the rift — she/her — tags
      The Savannah almost looked like her mother. She turned to look at Roxanne. "I'm not From Riverclan. More like the rift. So piss off. I'm here to see Katherine, and that's it."
    • TOO HOT, HOT DAMN — katherine — exiles — she/her — tags
      // when you reply to your own charcter

      The larger Savannah came over as soon as she heard her daughters voice. The female smirked as she noticed her daughter came over. What exactly was she doing here? Was she going to ask if she could join the exiles? Ha, that was not going to even happen. Blake made her decision when she left when she was younger. But then again, Bill took her shortly after her girls were born. The female smirked, as she spoke. "What brings you here, Nephthys?"

    • one speed full speed, that is all i need
      they can eat my dust — tags
      Frankly, Jupiterpaw didn't know very much about Blake; she hadn't interacted much with either of her siblings during their days as kittens, though she'd been a bit more invested in Fairypaw due to her ailment. For that, she felt a bit guilty; it had hurt to see both sisters leave after failing to really form a bond with them, but Jupes had been too focused on earning the favour of her superiors to do so. She was beginning to wonder if they hated her for being a crappy sister; Blake hadn't said goodbye, and Fairypaw had left a mere note. She still loved them both, of course, but it was difficult not to wonder.

      "Blake," she exclaimed upon catching sight of her. With pricked ears, the savannah trotted over to stand beside their mother, immediately noting Katherine's cool attitude. She resented her for leaving, it seemed. Of course, Jupiterpaw had never been a fan of traitors, either, but Blake and Fae were family; she couldn't just turn on them like that. Susurro was your family, too, she reminded herself. Yeah, but not really.

      (i hope i got the story right but lmk if i should edit this!!)


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    • BE A SIMPLE KINDA MAN — Blake — the rift — she/her — tags
      //you're good.

      And here was her mother, calling her by her birth name. God, she hated it more than anything. How could she respond to her mother. Gulping, the Savannah was about to speak when Jupiterpaw came over. Oh, lord she had almost forgot about her sister. She had visited Fae, but not Jup. She had left without saying a word to her sister. And she felt awful, but she wasn't going to rejoin the exiles. She didn't feel like being beat up, again. They had already caused her enough damage. The Savannah scratched at the scabs that Bill left, from his brand. She wondered if anyone noticed it, but she hoped they didn't. "Mum, Jups. I.....I'm sorry I left. I am an awful daughter and a sister. And no, I'm not joining. But I don't care about the fact that we we are enemies. You are still my family."
    • Squirrel didn't know much about the xerxes, but he did know a lot of Katherine's son, Susurro. Ululare had explained to him a lot of what was going on, and he was also partially connected to the former asshole's brain, so he knew basically everything about the conflicts between them. He knew how Susurro left, how Katherine disowned him. "From what I know, Katherine doesn't much care about family ties if they're not in the Exiles." He spoke. He almost didn't say anything, but he was tired of being the silent one.
      elemental(electricity)-telepathy-super senses-ability to shrink

      Played by: Alakritous
    • Mels padded over, staying quiet as she listened. From what she could tell, Nephthys - or Blake - had left suddenly, or perhaps she had done something and been disgraced? There was tension, mostly between Katherine and Blake. But wait, Mels thought, if she was comprehending the situation right and Blake was Jupiterpaw's sister, then that made Blake another aunt.

      The calico already felt respect growing for this new aunt - Mel, too, felt the pull to loyalty towards her family, and she could sincerely respect one who genuinely cared about their own family. However, the kit stayed silent, recognising where it was not her place to speak.
      speech in #FFFFFF
      information — updated 20/3

      ★ 4 months
      ★ Pansexual
      ★ ½ SUCCUBUS | ¼ DEMON
      ★ The Exiles
      ★ Multiple possession
      ★ Shapeshifting
      ★ Can manipulate fire, cannot yet summon it
      ★ Joined the Exiles
      ★ Calico with yellow eyes
      ★ Domestic cat
      ★ High body temperature
      ★ Can burn people by heightening temperature (linked to power)
      — Will not start fights, may finish them
      — Healing-oriented
      — Will hold grudges
      — Willful
      ★ AYA CIPHER x NPC
      ★ Gen 3
      ★ Single
      ★ Attack in bold white
      ★ Can powerplay peaceful and nonviolent actions
      ★ Roleplayed by Raz

      OF BIG EGO
    • TOO HOT, HOT DAMN — katherine — exiles — she/her — tags
      The Savannah flicked her tail toward Squirrel, hissing. "Squirrel, Silence. You will not answer for me." but she turned to face her daughter, clearing her throat. She womdered why she was coming here in the first place. If she thought saying sorry was going to fix things, it would not. But she'd at least her what her daughter had to say. "Neph, I do accept your apology. But however, you are still an enemy to this clan. You are still my daughter. But still. You should leave, and not come back. I do not wish to see you hurt,again." she looked at her daughter with pleading eyes.