My RP Characters (Thanks to Khevyel for helping me figure pictures out)

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  • Honestly this thing's a huge mess, best to look at actual tags or signatures for accurate character representation, this is mainly for my memories I guess, and to take templates of characters if I ever decide I want them active again :)


    Name: Cobra
    Gender: Female
    Type: Black Wolf
    Age: 1 1/2 years
    Kin: deceased
    Description: Cobra is a black furred, strongly built lone wolf. What happened to her pack, almost no one knows but her. She hates to talk about it, and it takes a lot to get her to open up. She is strong, wily, and has a short temper. She's rather impulsive, which can be good or bad. She always puts on a brave face, but has many insecurities hidden beneath her prickly manner. Perhaps one day she will be strong enough to face her biggest fear, but for now her biggest worry is survival.


    ALL OPINION IC| Jadefeather| Female| 50 Moons, deceased| Shadowclan| Warrior| Heterosexual| Once kitty pet, though very few actually know this| Friends are most cats| Very motherly, protective of: all kits| Level headed and even tempered if she has to be| PM for capture, major injuries, or possibly death| peaceful actions can be Power Played| A fierce fighter| PM for capture, major injuries, or possibly death|

    Image: latest?cb=20151231171204
    Name: Marlene
    Gender: female
    Age: 2 years
    Breed: Newfoundland
    Desired Rank: Guard
    Actual Rank: Guard
    Pack: grass pack
    Personality: The strong, silent type, Martha isn't close to many dogs. She's loyal, and takes the protection of her pack very seriously. She can't understand how Stone pack can live where people once did, and is very aggressive towards them. She is a good dog at heart, it's just difficult to find that dog.
    Love interest: open
    Mate & Pups: none yet
    Other: She loves water, great swimmer


    Name: Nala
    Age: 3
    Love interest: open
    Cubs: in the near future
    In [ ] out [x]

    ✫||Striker|Stallion|9 years|herd Stallion|Claimed: Ginger|Offspring: Kalani||✫

    sable2.jpg?itok=GZ6j8xHs✫||Deseray|Mare|5 years|claimed: no|season: out|Offspring: none|Lost mare|✫

    Jaspereyes| Male| 28 Moons. Ages 2 moons every month| Windclan| Senior Warrior| Bisexual| Brother of deceased Ferret| Best ability: Deep thinker, realist, slightly ADHD| Extrovert, thrives in crowds, nervous alone| Worst quality: curious about everything, doesn't like being 'cooped up'| PM for capture, major injuries, or possible death| Theme song: Who'll stop the rain.

    Jenga's Pic

    Jenga| Female| 40 moons deceased| Bisexual| PM for capture, major injuries, or possible death| best skill: Sneaking, stealing| Skyclan Ancestry| Attacks in black| Theme song

    (27 moons)
    (crush: open)
    (mate: open)
    (kin: NPC's and open)
    (personality: When he was born, he was white as a blizzard, flecked with gray and black speckles. When his family disappeared, he survived on his own, using his coat for camouflage. He's quiet and reserved, wary of strangers, but speaks up for what he thinks is right, or wrong.))

    Name: Tara
    Age: true age over 5000 years, appearance age around, 35-40 years old
    Gender: female
    Family Position: Mother
    God/Goddess/Spirit of: Mother Nature
    Powers (must show weaknesses): She's very powerful, being mother nature and all, can manipulate any sort of plant life, ecosystem, things like that. She can't stand excessive heat or fire, though it is necessary for some things. Water is usually helpful, but too much can also be bad.
    Personality: Kind, loving, stern, no nonsense mother, compassionate, good listener
    History (optional): Sorry, I suck at backstories, history, etc
    Other: Hello My Darlings smiley37.gif


    Camilla| 23 years| Huntress| Impulsive| Angers easily| Hates the royals| Extremely Loyal to AldaCruin| Great with any type of Bow|

    (More coming soon )